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Fish salvage $et Sunday — B 1 Drought aid probable ^ 

By The Associated press 
_ andjrhe_Ti mes-News 

BOISE — Much of the Snake River in the 1 
Magic Valley pained interim protection from 
development Friday ns the state Water-Re- 
sources Board adopted emergency rules imple- 
menting the landmark ?988 Comprehensive 
State W«tcr Plan legislation. 

II is one of five reaches of Idaho’s most see- 
—nio-tmd— popular— rivers-now-covered-by-lhe- 
emerg ene y rul es 

The bfmrd’s action’, only hours afterthe law 

became effective, made Idahtf the 30th state in 
the-nation with a system to protect rivers and 
streams from development. 

“This is the biggest thing to happen in Idaho 
in regard to water in the history of the state," 
Bonrd Chairman Gene Gray said, “We have 
just made history.” 

The resolution adopted by the board 
granted maximum protection for two years to 
the rivers state lawmakers, demanded be pre- 
sented, .... 

... No construciton or expansion of dams or im- 
poundments,; hydropower projects, water di- - 

version works, dredge or placer mining, 
stream. bcd_altemntions or mineral, .sand or_ 
gravel extraction from stream beds will he al- 
lowed while the board conducts studies and 
hearings to' determine whether the rivers 
should be permanently protected. 

“The door slams shut on anything until we 
get ourselves in order, “Gray said/ 

In the Magic Valley, the resolution will af- 
fect a hydroelectric dam. proposed by Tacoma 
City Light near Bliss and hydro projects pro- 
posed for Star Fal ls. K anak a-Rapids and Au- 
ger Falls. The Milner Hy3 rtf-project proposed - 

by the Twin Falls Canal Co. wus exempted 
fro m_the_resolutio n . 

Developers of those projects may appeal the 

Other stretches of river gaining protection 
in the first official act under the new low are:-, ~ 

• The Priest River from the Canadian bor- 
der to Priest Lake. , 

• The South Forkof the Boise RiverfiWv 
Anderson Ranch Dam to Neal Bridge. _ • 

• The Henry’s Fork of the Snake River from 

its origin.aLllcnrv‘5 Lake to the backwnters.of . 
■Ashton Reservoir.- - * 

► The Payette River from Cabnrton Bridge 
to Banks on the North Fork.' from the\S:nv- 
tooth Wilderness boundary to Banks. on the 
South Fork and from Banks to Black ('any on ' 
Dam on the main river. 

— Thoomergency-rulesrwhich do-nbt-«llew-f<»r — 

uny exemptions from the protected status, will < 
remain in effect up to six months while the 
board fiuts permanent rules in place. 

Thc_ legislation culminated years of unsur-' 
cessful flittcippts by various interests to win a 
scheme, for Protecting the state’s water ways. 

• Sec RrVERS on Page A2 

care bill 

Los Angeles Times — 

“Washington - “presidl-n'r'Re 

million Medicare beneficiaries imlim- 
a cap on spending for doctor-bills.^ — _ 
The law, he declared, would replace 

The catastrophic-coverage law, the 
-bi ggcst'exp nn si on _ of 'M e d i CuVeTi At 1 uT“ 
program’s 23-year-history, is the inn- 

Celebration firepamtidh 

Harold Peterson gives a couple ofpaasen- ■ the Twin Fall*Coxmty Faii^unds! Peter- ^ horses a wo rkout in preparation for Sun - t he fairgrounds whore free rides wi ll be 
gersrides in hisI.B. Pcrrino stagecodch’at aohf'-wafl also givfng tK^l^in^of ' J diy's "Idaho C""*-'"'- 1 '' 1 «»•»<•*»* iw «* wmsktw 

“^fveffuflBe restored coach. 

acted during the Reagan presidency. 

■ — TheMedicnre changes “w-illhelp-ri*-- 
move a terrible threat from the lives 
: * of: the"eldt?rly - nnd~dlsflbled“AnTcrrr' 
"cans, a threat of on illness requiring 
-acute-carerone-so-deva s tuting- it-eoultl— 
wipe out the savings ofaFentire 1 1 IF' - 
time," Reagan saidllurThg a liiH'-sign-'l 
ing ceremony in the White House 
Rose Garden. 

. ..The . ceiling Tor-hospital -a nd doc tor- - 
bills that Ren pan origina lly proposer * 

Pentagon halts SlFbillion in payments 

. The. Associated Press 


• 1- - beginning suspension procedures ngainsLthrec — has been appropria te! v-ve rifu-d-fomccuranF thc— 

"dtvidunls nnd a company named in the documents. Navy said in a statement. 

D efense- Secretary ‘Frank ■ He sriid the Defense Department was reviewing Th i^J usUcc-i3aparljncnu^uHht-off-HuarA-l>y-i- 
>e do not need' to I mLUori . existing-contracto-willi fuui iiiiplluitted 1-biiipffiiHB the disclosures in Dallas, took steps to unsure that 

convictions, or even triuls," in the Pentagon pro- 
curement affair, on Friday suspended payment on 

eluded in search-warrant ^affidavits that were un- “The Navy has initiated suspension procedures 
sealed by a federal 'magistrate in Dallas oh TKurs- with respect to George Stone", Mark Saunders, Joe 

day. In -the documents, the FBI said it eaves- Bradley and the Continental Electronics division 

_d rqpped _ji£_t?Dc_cunsiillanl— obtained. and-passed— af-Varia n Associatflfi I nc," 

along inside information on nine contracts worth " The Navy said it would be unable to give full de- 

more than $522 million. They heard n Navy pro- tails on the contracts for which payment_wns sus-' 

curcmcnt official rend ofTIO sealed' bids in*ir$120 pended until Tuesday' “ " " v 

mil I ion contract. ' ■ •■-“NnmosT.fthose'compnnlCa and: status of those. 

Carlucci also announced that the Pentagon was _ con true ts'wlU be provided when the information 

und freezing new contracts on nine weapons sys- - no additional affidavits or se arch 
terns. •■ • ‘ - discloscdlrTthe probe. "T 

idence concerning indiv i duals and ■compjn’r'ii'' h “ . m fiiiirl t hoJlentagon-wo uld, inkgJurther. actions .us .. 

TCttfTeporiers. evidence in the case bec mnes-public. — 

“The Navy has initiated suspension procedures ' He said thecurrent nclions did ant gravely im- 

on the job 

■ ThirAssociatcd Press 

pair national security, hut that additional suspen- 
sions might. “Clearly, anything that slows down 
-the-piDcess^if-productng defense equipment or re- 
quires us to reopen contracts has an impact on our 
abilitylo get equipment in t he field." he said. . . 

' Carlucci suid the Pentagon was reviewing exist- 
ing contracts with four companies namedTn the 
• See PENTAGON on Page A2 - 

SffTOral t T 'Jik f tllfclS ■ ■M OT! 

The Associated Press 

- . WASHINGTON*— "‘UiS. imd Soviet teams were 
beginning inspection visits Friday to verify com- 
pliance with the treaty which requires the de- 
struction of superpower medium-range missiles, 

— offic i a l s sa id , ; _i 

The Soviet government notified the United 
-States earl y-Pri day that five teams were landing 
_in_San Francisco, said Kendal l Pease, spokesman 
— foFt he-lLS, -On-Si te -I n spool ion - Age ncy . ■ cren t ed 
lust. January to monitor compliance with the In- 
ter m Ed 1 a le^range NuduurT orcSTfreatyT “ 

- Under the- treaty, signed last Dec. 9 at the_ 
Washingt on s ummit, the Soviets need not list the 

sues they wain lo visit uniu.iney nave occii in 
United States -18 hours, Pease said. 

Other Soviet teams will inspect sites inThe east- 
"’ern'Uh'iied Sta'ics^but their arrival time has not 
been relayed toth'e United States, Pease soldi 
The- teams have 60 days to curry' out the 
. “base I spect ions," designed .to verify the exact 
number of missiles nnd related components to be 

■^HleoH^^eFunder treaty. ; . ----- -■ - — — ■... . __ -r^ 

In Frankfurt, West Germany, two U.S. inspec- 
tion teams, consisting of 10 experts each, met with 

(light to Moscow. • 

' “ We all feel thi s is n his toric ni i ssio n,“ j he_heud_ 
of the inspection agency, Army Brig. Gen. Roland • 
'Lajoie, told reporters 

. One U.S. team was headed from Moscow in the, the site of a p! ant. 1 bat. for- 
merly built the SS-20 missiles, the most important 

Soviet weapon to be eliminated under the treaty. 

The United States has the rightTo keep a team 
at' Votkinsk for up to 13 years, and TliiT'Sttviots"' 
may station inspectors for the snni* period at. Ma- 
gna, Utah, site of Hercules Plimt No. I. where 
U.S. missiles were produced. 

• Inspection teams will verily deslhiclion of 1 ,800 
missiles and check on about 3,200 related compo- 
nents. including storage and transport, missile 
leontainers und.speciul hauling vehicles. Lajoie 
told reporters. 

“We’re going in with the attitude,' 'Trust every- 
body, but always cut the cards,"' Lajoie said; 

Over the next -60 ditvs, the U.S. team will in- 

spect 126jdtes. in the. Soviet Union, including 33 in. 
eastern Siberia, he said. “ 


quarter" century on the job, the 
. ZIP code — liko most of us — - 
has gained a little weight. But it 
. still helps smooth the flow of 
' nearly half the world’s mail.' 

Friday marked the 25th a nm- 
versary~of _ thnt _ 5tring _ or mTnF - 

h ers bringing u p tbe ren^nf-AV^... 

e. ciyAiher'con address, d system , 
-ordered into use by by then- 
— j _ Ed *"Brd — - 

Day, who saysvhe simply got 

to finish studying the idea. 

An expanded version. was in- 
i' “lfS^£^l’ni?®®^r^' n 8“r°V r I" 

— -more numbers la bring the-totol— 
•to nine — a voluntary addition 
officially calledlZIEPlus 4” but- 
- referred to. in postal -circles- as- 

. .“Son of ZIE.!! ^ 

'•*■ Thebasicsj'stcmrsays senior- 
assistant postmaster, general 
John G. Mulligan, had bben a 

"roaringsiiccess.”- ~ 

_ Thp_Uiii u:d_StntPs with only- 
about 6 percent of tho world's 
. population, ~has_5Q-porcent- of--' 
the world’s mail volume, Mu 1 1 i- 

erly themselves. So we must control 
'Uie. costs '"Of ■these^heyr-benefits;-^^ 
we’ll harm the very people woVe- try- 
ing to help.” — • • •• . 

Medicare . beneficiaries themselves 
— 29 million persons over 65 and the 
disabled of nil ages — will pay for the 
new_prpgram. through higher monthly- 
premiums and a special surtax. The 
current ntontlrty .premium,-, now 
$24.80, would rise by $4 next. year, in- 
creasing by- lOnothor-S 10.20 a month 

percent m 
population over 65, will bear the 
henviesCfinaricial burden, in the form 
—of-a specia) new- tax-beginning in-April—' 
— 1990-for income earned during 1989. 
The newl levy would be.u surcharge of 
15 percent on the person’s federal tax 
liability. For example, a person over 
-65 who-owod $1,000 in taxes would 
pay nnothcr*$ 150“ for" Hie new Medi- 
care program. The maximum surtax 
payme nt would be $800 for an imlivitl- 
ual. The surtax rute rises lo 2S per- • 

_ cent-by.1993. — — — 

Major features of the.cntastrophic- 
. coverage act are: . 

• Unlimited days of hospital cure, 1 

-•See CARE on Page“A2 

Mainstream handicapped students, Idaho high court rules 

~ :I ~ ' -R01 ^E—— A:d i vided-ldnho Snprenier 

— -Gourt-hns-njlcd that-per-anve use of. 
segregated special education class es- 
to teach handicapped children vio- 
• lates'the legal mandate that those 
students receive a “free and appropri— 

"I ate putilic cducaiiun. 

“ ' Thtrhlgh “rmin “sriid r t-veh- i F^el««»r— 

district officials disagree with so- 
called mainstream ing" for handi- 

• capped c!i i Id n*n . t hey tmi ist ha v e ju stir. 

y-iirntioniirthnlcssrestrlct .1 vc- c-iivirvF 
ment of norm a! ; el ass rooms asthegov-- 
--ernnien t lia»- d i rocUid-whonovor- {uiwii - 

- The cuurt. in the 3-2 decision issued 
’ un Friday, .also ordered the Boise. 

~ School— Di s tr ic t . - T o~Teimhiirsc3li£: 
-Titot bar- of-1 StyanrinldiGahrie ti'horn 
nock some $7,001) to $8.0(<0 for the tu- 
ition and special teacher's aide she 

..paid. for. in.sending het son to a paro?.. Shepard_^ttnd Justice- Robert. Bakes ...would noLreach-.the levehoCajiormal-- 

ci i iu i ■se fma l ufu , rTl n rd istrict iluc ii iii‘t l ~~ : li vear-olti: — — — 

to oiler an alternative to segregated Gabriel, who has been attending J The cnnrt majority held that.the_ 

*claKSes: ; >' ‘ some nonhnndicapped classes since school district, for both the 1983-1984 

— Somc-ofllcials^aid-the n i li ng co uld — Uu»- 1985-1986 school-vear^-ivatr-l*orn--at>d--1984-1986 school years; failed to 
huve a major impact on the way dis- with part of his brain missing und draft an appropriate individual edu- 
tricts throughout the state serve with multiple other -handicaps. In cation plan for Gnhriel as the law re- 
handicappcd students.. - -H>82, when he -.was 9 years old, tests quires. Without such a plan, Huntley 

-fasti cc~ Roberr~H u mtey~wi o le the biuiw t.-d1it5~iitt(:llige nce' u uotiont at' 37 - * wrn b-irn iifiripT denied . n—«n— 

laiijurffy "opinion, wfiiHi-waa. add'ptcHFin -the -trainable- mo nialiy-ro larded - ' “apprifpriale public-education.'' 

by Justices Byron Johnson and category. Officials said there was evi- The district offered only to admit • 
Stephen Bistline. Chief Justice Alan donee his int ellectual achiev e ment t ho h oy to -i sol ated s pecial edti cat \ oh 

services"not'irie!uding'n - Sjiw-i:ii“i7dir" 
-whilc-he .attcndedlu-privaui-xchool, — 
The court pointed out that the district 
provided- no evidence disputing tho 
demand of Gabriel’s mother that tho 
boy be mainstreamed, or allowed to’ 
attend classes with nonhandicapped 

children!- " - - ■ • .'-V”. ". . - 

— Si nCe-lhe-sehoo!- d is trict— had— no — 
ccpted federal funds fo^ implementing 
— Sec COUKE-oiiRagtuAii-x - 


Timos-Nows. Twin Falls, Idaho Saturday. July 2. lOfife 

Shuttle will mov< 

to pad on Monday 

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fin. (API — • Mijte Lounge and Dave Hilmers, will 
Space workers-will- hold a' specikl .„ take the book into space with them on 

— move Discovery to the launch pod to 
be readied-for-the-first space shuttle 
mission since the Challenger tragedy.»> fiv e as tronauts slated to 

• fly the_ early September mission and . 
NA$A“bfiicidls will watch from u flag- 
bedecked grandstand, as the space- 
ship is rolled out of an assembly build: 
~ing -into -the glare- of spotlights-at-;- 
12:01 n.m. EDT (10:01 p.m. MDT) 

Discovery will be perched upright 
t tracked transporter fo T the 

to be here for the rollout ceremony. 

After Disco very - i6-on the -pad (-em- 
ployees and th’eiKfomilies will be iible* 
to drive by between 8 a.m. and 1 1 n.m. 
Monday to get -ac!oselook-before-a 
service structure encloses the Space- 

.T im HAnin{^on,_sjiuttIo_oj»rntions 
director here.-said delays in preparing- 
Discovcry placed the rollout dntc on 
the Fourth of July.. 

"We didn’t plan it that way,” he 
said. *‘Wc had hoped to earlier." 


course to Luuncti Fad 33B.. } birthday might have un emotionul imv 

The. move is timed to avoid thun- pact, Harrington replied, “No doubt il8|tj 
derstorms and lightning, which often will have an effect. The biggest effect 
occur during the daytime this time of and the biggest morale booster we can 
year. jr. give ourselves is to move the shuttle 

- — In-a i -out U)-.tho-pad, bocaufio that’s.whcrc it — 
gins, Forrest S. McCartney, director belongs. The name of the game here is 
of the^Kcnnedy Space Center, will to get the vehicle ready to fly, and 

~ pre5ent~the aslronaul -with-a- book — tha t-’s whaLwalre.going to do.” 

containing signatures of the 15,240 He said checks of systems will be- 
workers here who have labored to re- gin as soon ns Discovery is on the pad, 
turn the shuttle fleet to space. and workers will begin preparing the 

— Commander Rick Houck and his spaceship for critical firing of its three 
..crew. Dick Covey, George. Nelson, main engines on July 24. 

The burning roof of a car dealer- 
ship collapsed onto, firefighters.. 
“Frldii^WlltngTivjroftheTTr ' 
shower-of- fiery— debris, - 
;;th o ri ties said. ~~ ~ ' 

The fire, which destroyed the 
building and contents of Hack- 
ensucKT ord, 'apparently started 
shortly after 3 p.m. in' the. ceil- 
ing space above the afar- service - 
section of ttio building, said Fire 
Chief Anthony Aiellos; 

Aiellos said the roof collapsed 
as the firefighters inside the 
building were cutting a hole, in 

and the roof. 

' “All of a sudden the entire 60 
foot square inside ceiling fell on 
thcrrg“ he said, adding that four- 
other firefighters inside qt the 
' time escaped injury.'" ' ' 

Aiellos said the men were 
spraying the space between the 

• create a "fog” to decrease the 
heat of the fire. "They did what 
they were supposed to' do,” he 

indict men ts target porn 

dealers, allege illegal use of mails 

States News Service 

er, ongoing federal anti-pornography 

WASHINGTON — The Justice Do- bution of pornography through U.S. 
-purtment-and-tho LLS^PoataLInspec - mails , United Parcel Service and in- 

dian government counterparts m an- 
othe r task feree dubbed “Project P .” : 
The international law enforcement- 
initiative is focusing on pornography 

tion Service. Friday unveiled over terstate transportation services in 
three— 'dozen - federal- indictmcnLs ..New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, .Tex- 
— listributors of pornography as, Tennessee, Utah, Washington; 

for alleged-illegal useaf the mails. Flordia, Iowa, California, ..Connccti- 

-'-The- ind ictmerits- culminate nearly cut, -and Illinois- *■ 

two years of undercover work by a SeveraTother states also have ongo- 
joint federal and state task forc e tha t ing investigation fl', according to fed- 
coll ed itself "Project Post pom.”~ l rh~e era! enforcement -officials — from 
investigation targeted porn distr ibu- both a federal level and state level. 
TtoirTn-'Npw^YprirCjfir^^rlslinidr^ - '' High-level officials~ot thtr~Ju£tico 
| ' Chicago j:; Los : Angelos, -North. Holy-.. Department. an d . Postal Service con- 
wood, and a hnndfulof other ritics. firmed that federal and state police 
The investigation.— part of a lnrg- agents- also are working with Cana- 

operntions between Untario and at 
least nine U.S. .states: Now York, Con- 

Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Penn- 
sylvania, Ohio,. amLIllinois. .... 

At a' Washington press conference,— 
Justice Department officialsjsaid the 
' in d Ictm e n t5^-“which-wcre^ealed. UB" 

til June 30. jn some cases under-tho 

classification— sccret!k -— .arE_the;first_ 

nationwide effort to identify and pros-_ 


iting use of the mails to advertise. 

• Continucd//rom Page A1 
Dallas affidavits — ’ Litton Indus- 
tries Inc., Norden Systems Inc., Ha- 
zettine'and Emhnrt. 

Norden is a division of United Tech- 
nologies Corp., the eighth largest de- 
fense contractor in 1987 with deals to- 
talling $3.3 billion. Litton was the 

TUI rlslpgest^wl t lrcoTltract5~wort IrS f 
billion. United Technologies is based 
in Hartford, Conn. Litton has offices 
in Van Nuys, Calif. 

The largest single weapons, system 

lucci, Bradley, has.beCtt'ploced'on ad* 
ministrative leave from his johns^nce 
president for marketing of Varian 
Continental, of Polo Alto, Calif, oc- 
'cording to a company spokesman. 

The FBI said that on Sept. 30, 1987,' 
its agents intercepted a conversation 
at Saunders' home between Stone and 
1— Snunderth— 

called the Anti-Submarine Warfare 
Operating Center, known “as'ASWOCr 
a $712 million system of shore-based 
command anicanuoLcenters to.coor-. 
dinnto efforts to locate, and in time of 
war, destroy enemy submarines. , , 

- Car lucci said that the contracts pro-, 
vided for suspension of payment, and 
possibly recouping profits from the Carlucci-said. 
companies, but did not spell out Sahnders is a former Navy procure- 
whether work would continue on the ment officer convicted of and fired for 
affected weapons systems. - stock trading on insider Navy infor- 

The Dallas affidavits disclosed -that — matioirin-1982. The FBI said Saun- 
FBI-agenls 'eovesdropped-as-Stone, a— dera^as- receiving-inside-contract. 


Not waiting for trials 

Meanwhile Friday, Norden Sys- 
tems Inc., one of those that had bid on 
the ATACC contract, announced it 
had withdrawn f rom co mpetition. The 

subsidiary -of United Technologias 
.Corp., had been-considcred a top con- 
tender for the project. 

The other weapons systems on 

which the Pentagon announced action ■ 
art: ' V. 

• The Tactical Environmenta l Su p- 

port System! a $58' million ‘Navy pro- 
gram. . 

• A $5Lmillion fiber optical project. 

• The Digital Wideband Radio set, 
being developed at a cost of $49 mil- 


1 Navy procurcmenL.ofljci^l,_J'eod_to. - data-from-Stone, JiisAIavyjuccessor._warfare.clectrqnic8_disp!ay_ unit_ — 

Saunders, a consultant, the secret and it “believes that Saunders is pay- • The $30 million Bancroft radio for 

. pny^ 

hids'from lO'companies competing for -ing Stone for this information.” 
a $120 million Advanced Tactical Air Stone is . one of six Pentagon offi- 
Command and Control system. Pay- cials transferred to other duiies.after 

wrtHH --k no w n — aa ^-^hei i- » ffi e g 9 were searc h e d. 

tanks and Marine Corps light ar- 
mored vehicles. 

• A $6.3 million project to develop 

i l o w f »aqu«* n o y an d l ow fr t ft uafto y . ■ 

ATACL^T-rolsn^tRpcnded'Fridny; niTThira individual humed by Car- ‘commumcafioris gear. ' 


• Continued from Page "AT 
ittwnakers-finally-V ' 

accept able bill under pressure created 

' ‘"'.7 

Regulatory ;.- 1 Commission =rand~ tho- 
Nort Invest Power- Planning Council 
would take control of the rivers 
through their own plans. 

Officials say the plan means Idaho, 
not nutional or regional interests, will 
continue, to c “ ' ‘ 

■ stales water; 

The board also began the lengthy 


• hearing only Wendy Wilson of the 
Friends of tne Pnvette urge it to keep 
access - to -initiuting-prikected-stelus- 
for additional rivers ns open os p^ssi- 
ble to the public. : 

The emergency- rules allow only a 
state agency to initiate protected-sta- 
tus consideration for additional riv- 

“board sla ITls sliirputling into - final 

this year on the draft rule's that the Court.” 

The action on Friday took consider-^ 
able time ha the~board reworked the “ 

tcction to the five rivers.' Some mem- 
bers suggested the entire scheme will 
be challenged. 

“Everything we do today is going to 
be looked at very carefully by some 
people, ” member J.D. Williams said; 


• Continu ed from Pa ge Al 
first d a y, starting in .1989. Undercur- 
rent taw n a An roll nr 

paid the first" $60D'ih‘a~year. The gov- iO(T3ays. Ajdoctor must certify that 

errifnent'snfart'' will rise to 80 per- med^ cnrelsTi'ceded;- — ; 7 — 

cent by 1993.- with the deductible in- However, the bil) does not cover 

days free, and then pays $.130 a day. 

• A new "respite-care ' benetil, with 

„ . . the government paying for the costs of 

, ...An " M ui .coiling of Si .370 for -- „ hours - 0 yi„ r m nurse or n health 

lhe-beneficii"- 1 "-' 0 '’'**'" » r .. * • • 

al! the J^n: ‘y •.;oH»Sine off r^m.'carinc. 

, tonmnUharBes^Unde'Oeurrenl-lawi . y n |, m u cd J„ y , o rrare'CnrHii: 

the heueficiari' pays 20 percent of doc-. _^ C(? for „ u , rm i n a||y-m“pnliOnirTht' 
lor Clinrees, w,th no linnl on totnl pay- currcnt boncfi[ is , imltod 210 days, 
n.onlsdurine he year. (The patient is . Covorogo of roulinc mamm0 . 
still responsible for chorees in excess ^ m in , portilnl screening pno- 
oMhC-Toos . rccomnieniledJiy-Medls. d ure for breast cancm-m.-TOmen, 

■ starting' in. 1990, with o payment up 
• A Mediiairiteoveruge. of prescription . to $50. Thisjs anew* benefit:---- — 
drugs fuc the first lime! with the gov- • An expansion of skilled nursing 
ern me ul paying 50 percent of the care following an illness, to 150 days. 

mg tinancial ourden to tne elderly,' 
the. p.wspgfit.of An^xtended-Stay.ih a 
nursing home for custodial- care. The- 
•c ost • u yerages~322,1)OOTrTearp~and~ 
isn't cove red by.M edicare or most pri- 
-vateThsur anco poliei es." ' 

Custodial care typically i s for the 
chronically ill who cannot care for 
themselves, such as a patient ren- 
dered helpless by strokes, or victims 
of Alzheimer's disease, who suffer pro- , 
gressive mental and physical deterio- 

M h ' e 'p o tw w r h ws' to 



the congressional laW.'on educational 
opportunities . for the handicapped, 
the -court- majority .said the ..district 
could not ignore the federal law’s 
mandate to mainstream handicapped 
sfu'deii Is tathemnximum extent pos- 
sibly jiist because it did not agree with 

idiooniislric lTrgucd'tjiul"ils* 

. tivc.tQ segregated classrooms justified . 
the decision to leave Gabriel in the 
private school. 

—Shepard; tn-his dtssentrcluimed tlie 
majority provided ho clear reasoning/ 
for why it ruled in Gabriel’s favor. *' 
- But in any wentr Shepard wrote, ’‘'I 
disagree with- and dissent fromthe 
conclusions of th majority which over- 

appropruile GaUCStioniif spec i a 
- an argument that is entirely irrclc- and t state level, as to what is an ap 
vant and stiperflouous to any discus- propriutc public education for this 
sion of the real issue in this case," particular child.” 

Magic Valley's 

;L-owest-Priee — - 


Fin est Sleep S ets 

Before ^ou Buy, Come-Let - 
Us Show You Ihe Difference 

HU T ft lr pvmn _ 

- "The -school district, in accepting 
federu 1- fund ha*4ega Illy, obligated 

itself to accept mainstreaming,” he 
wrote. • " 

"The perception that a segregated 

thc.mainst reaming concept,” the opin- 

of enurser any bags for not following 
rlu-vactlv-macriatp " 

The court also rejected the district’s 
contention that it was relieved of its 
responsibility 1 to provide a free and 
appropriate public education when 
Gabriel's -motiiec.placed-lhc. boy. in a . 
priva te school. T he majority said, the 
district slsulure to provide an aileron- • 


Thei sen Motors Se rvice Department 
will be open Saturday July 2 

■ from 7:00 :00 p.m. 


For Over, 34 Years, The Easiest PlaceJnJhe.WoM To BuyJiCat 

701 Main AveE. Twin Falls i 733-7700 

“TV ■" J .TV TV T 

— ! VV' vt 


— s - — 

__VWT “■*' "W -V"-"' ' " ‘ r 

'■ , V.V’ 

Saturday. July 2. 1988 

■nmos ; N6ws. Twtn Falls, tdahp A-3 

Family remembers 
victim of Vietnam 

rd staff seeks ways 

■ — - SAI iT-LAKE-G ITY-t-AP (-a^-.-Ther 
— name of Pat-Wiggins-wonlLbe anting I 
• the 364 -inscribed on Utah’s momo- 
. .rial to its Vietnam War dead. Aflof 
— ai lr he-made4tr4totne-ali ve.and-died- 
_in Derive-}; not the Mekong Delta. . . 

But' his family secs him as no less 

. versity. -a- political- scienct^graduate— - 
he wasun jiccompl i sh ed . debater, a 
reader, a thinker. More pacifist than 
warrior^ he envisioned a political ca- 

* -With his spit-and-polifth back- - 
■ ound. WictrinV- took- his -military 

Charlotte Wilson holds scrapbook about her son 

mother, Charlotte Wilson. 'We’ve al- 

. ways suid. ‘Cod first and country 
‘ second.'" 

. On Monduy she will attend 
groundbreaking ceremonies for the 
Vietnam memorial, much as she 
1 Honors her ancestors who fought in 
the Revolutionary War. But she feels 
. a nagging pain for her son and oth- 
/ ers- like him. 

“They we recovery bit as much a 
A .victim of the war and they ought to 
Jf be recognized.” she said. “It seems 
y__ __Ji ke_tiiey .safrered.cvcn.. more-thait- 

¥ those who dnRr7U7>'rcftercT" 

L Ferrel Blaine Wiggins Jr., nick- 

. nnmed.Pnt,. 
reer Army master sergeant. At the 
£*•<* ' relatively advanced age ‘of 27 '~tOO“ 

• 7 old to be drafted — he volunteered 

for reasons of patrio tism and family 

■■"tradition 1 for' a' war he diduTVealty 

. believe in. 

Fresh out of Brigham Young" Uni- 

'of 1969, Wiggins returned 

uy that aion t. Know ntmr my ut»v 
-thought-when-l-aaw-him-wtts tot a l- . 
shock - the weight he had lost and 
the look in his eyes," said his sister, 
Nedrn Riley. 

He couldn't sit still and aimlessly 
walked the streets of Prom He 
didn't talk much about the war, but 
when he did it was evident ho fell 
g uilLv_tn iiojilivo. 

She urged him to come to Denver 
and meet her best friend, JelincUc. 
They were married a year later in 
~lS7H'a fe w m¥nthsliftenre*dinit^»r~~ ‘ 
her an'fdd newspaper clipping about " 
a bloody operation he'd been part of 
in the Delta on Dec.- 18r 1968. — 

For a while things went well. Wig- 
gins was a reserve Denver police offi- 
cer und sold Jife insurance, a job he 
hated because he knew many of his 
customers couldn’t afford the poli- 
cies he pitched them. 

Richard Spurring this spring and the Wednesday that the board would con- 
appointment ol an interim' '(iireclor, iVder'hTsViUggostions, the board did - " 
the governor and others , have said 1 not take any formal action oh the mat- 
nowis the lime to make any sigmfi- ter until just before the 3-day meeting 
cunt changes. ' . ended Thursday. 

U.S. arms negotiator wants 
to return to Idaho, teaching 

IDAHO FALLS (AP). - A native 
Idahoan who has headed the U.S. dis- 
.ttcniunicnt.negoliiiting.effort.ff in S wit-. 

trntion. is contemplating a return to 
the state to teach when his job runs 

uu i nextyoar. ■ - 

- -Lynn Hansen, 52, current the assis- 
tant director of the State Depart- 
ment's Arms Control Agency, says he 
has made no decisions about his fu- 
ture once President Reagan leaves of- 
fice next January, but the retired Air 
Force officer is interested in returning 

“Students may be taught the theory of * 
negotiations, but what I would be able 

And to Hansen, the Reogon odmin- 
istration has blazetTa traffin arms re- 
duction that will be followed- by the 
■next administration, whether it -is— 
headed by Democratic Gov. Michael... 
Dukakis or Republican Vice President 
George Bush. 

."This administration ih the lust.two 

to three years has invested so much, . 
the next president will have no choice 
but to continue bn course," Hansen 

Waste cleanup plan to cost $2 billion 

IDAHO FALLS (AP) - It will cost hundreds -of- millions of dollars. I material, heavy elements that remain "does not refied. a' 'lack of pro' 

up to $2 billion just to determine how would soy $500 million is a good num- radioactive for thousands of- years, - 
to clean up buried radioactive waste • her for now, but ,1 wouldn’t , be sur- have been found in sediment beds be- 
at the Idaho National Engineering- prised to see it eo.up.” low the site. 

Laboratory, a Department ot Energy About $528- million ' neeas to be Liz Paul 
reportsoys. . spenl'on INEL cleanup by 1995. the ance said the INEL is getting “the 

The* report,' released Friday by U’S. report said. Afterward, an other -$515 short end uf the stick" in the cleanup • 

—Senate-Governmental— Affairs— eottP mill tomo'i$2n _ b 1 1 1 fOVt may be spent on budget. . 

mittee Chairman ~Jolin‘ Glenn, D- — ! the Radioactive Waste Management “The 1 DOE is responding to public, 

— :-Ohlor5nld1t-could-cosreven'more^oz!zCoinplDxalonc“ — rr • legal nnd"politicn l-pressure7yery-littie- 

_=_jictunLclean .up vynste buried from But -an environmental critic of -of -which is coming- from Idaho,” she 
1952 to 1070. ‘ waste management at INEL main- said. “It is only when production is 

More than 2Ynillion'cubic feetjif_nu - mi ned that is not enough. t hreatened that t he DOE starts to 

— clear-contaminate d n i at c n nl-wasimt^ AccprdlngTtr tlro - rep<)rrr3b' 1 kilo- spendlnoney Tor" jmuVon mental clcnn- 

icd at the Radioactive Waste Manuge- 1 grams - brii , ani?urflnlc - nniterln|-Tmd— uprThe-Ftnte- of Idaho hhs'not-beeh 

mentComplcxbeforc thc practice was — 8S,400-gaHons-of_poiwnous-organic —forcofuUpouglC 

. -stopped-and-temporary-ahovo-ground— _cheinicalscomprise.the.waste.JEhe.ori_ Ihc T governm.ent_may_spend over 

disposal began in 18 years ago. - gnnic chemicals have been detected in $2.5 billion on cleanup at the INEL 

"We don’t really have a hard esti- the Snake River Plain Aquifer more while it spends $1 10 billion national- 
mate bn that yet," INEL manager than 300 feet below the site and in the she said. 

IN EL cites engineers for storage process 

— — FDAH Q - FAL LS-4AP) - Wh tle-the — nighly-radioaeliver-fission— produ ct s on vireniaentak-om-ammwtion. . ■ . ■- 

— - gm-ernm cnrstruggle d~wfth~thtJ Tniilrt-" , nndTTCtHl5~lwltqtini lorm. along wnh . * Bui'lNE L r ' scie tU ists'and managers ' 
— billion-dollar-costs-of-cleaning-up-ra— aci ds used to diss olve the ro ds . ■ - . decided to leave the waste in an acidic 

.dioactivc wastes, official? honored the. :: ■ At other DOE-sitcs, including_Lhe. .Htate_and .st ore it in stainless steel 

up with-fln_effcclive alternative t o Washington and the Savannah River ini'. It also allowed them_to_d ev.clop. 

... handling liquid radioactive wastes. Plunt in South Carolina, similar the wastecalcining process. . 

‘V 'They were recognized Friday on the waste was neutralized und placed in When the"INEI~ made those, key ,~ 

irig Facility that has turned liquid, steel. These tanks eventually cor- were not popular in many sections of 

• • - _ hfeh-IEvel radioactive waste at the rodeiLuodJenked_causrni;.signifi — * -* “ ^ ; •--■ ■■ 

muonw anginoering r-auora- 
tory’s Chemical Processing Plant into 
eosy-fo-storc solid granules. 

“The farsighted people wo had here 
in the late ’50s and early ’60s recog- 
nized we had to do something with 
the liquid waste other than hold it in 
tanks,", said Donald .Qfte.-INEL man- 

to Idaho where his family still lives. said. 

| *11 •. “What I think I’d. like to. do. is -go. He called the Intermediate-range 

■ 1 1 I 1 1 • back inur academics, maybe Idaho Nuclear Forces Treaty the beginning 

r — Stntc-or-Bofte-Slate, "-said Hansen, of things-to como in negotiations be- 

__ wh o is spending the holiday weeke nd tween the^United States and Soviet 

’does net reflect u luck of prablums buT with his fnmily. in Idaho Kails- union. ~ . ' - 

a*lack-of'public-prcssurc from Idaho, - T , t \ tj. r . , ,* ' 

Ms, Paul said. ",md what the doe Utah seeks Hi Fi case death warrant 

thinks it enneel awav with;" 

By comparison, she said, political ney general s oDice on Friday deliv- • gj ogren sa jd that once the warrant 
' and legal pressure in Washington eru< * 11 P et,l, ® n scc "8 f j nr t " is issued and an execution date sot 
"^K'lnR'lod'nnrlnrgc-rTlennup'hxid^^fJ^ for_ “ n , mnod '~ iu ( j ^drbws^ttorncyB-probnbly-will-ra — 
Ret for the Hunford Nuclear Reserva- William Andrews to 2nd District . quMl n 8l?y . And^ws has 

-tion near Richland court he re. — T . .——...--exhaustod-his-avenues-of-direct-ap--- 

But— Encrdit-tPeptir lmeni -afio lttfS. .bMp for theWment 1 ; the 

lilcJ “"^-the'UtehsSnremcCoui 

by the field offices. pOE headquarters ^ ^Assistant Attofney Gencrul_Sandrn Andrews, 33, was sentenced - to— 
had iiol evaluated me informalion'nor “LrSjbgretr s’bid'the petUiorTwill be deaih in in 1975 murder of the tor- 
plactd-any-prioritiea-on-lht?-t'emediul — fiicd-w'ith-JudgtrJohn-FrAVahlquistr-ture-slayings-of-three-people during^a— 
projects. who. will set a date for, a. hearing. on_ro v bbery_of.the.Ogden Hi Fi Shop. . 

A-4 Uiiqs-NflWs/TwIn Falls. Idaho Saturday. July 2. 1 

Cleanup at nuclear plants 
could cost up to $ 70 billion 

! WASHINGTON (AP) - Cleaning 
ronfnental -co n ta minaUon-and- 
correcting existing problems at the 
nation’s nuclear weapons plants could 
cost between $40 billion and $70 bil- 
lion. according to a govern ment report 
released Friday. 

And Hie Department of Energy re-' 
port snid the price ‘.tag could be as 
high as SI 10 billion in order to main- 
' tain the environmental, safety and - 
health standards at the plants 
through the year 2045. 

• The report was released^ bv Sen. 

.lo hn Glenn . D-Oido^whu-Jutdllre--- 

meet "more stringent'interpretotions 

filin g- la “'g.-rcgidfltions.nnd.ppH- 

cies that could reasonably be imposed 
on the defense plants, 

. “Within those bounds, the cleanup 
of contaminate d site s an d corrective 
actions could require between $40 bil- 
lion and $70' billion in addition to an 
ongoing base program of $700 million 
per year," the department-concluded—* 
— However, GlcMTsaid-thorcstimote- 
does not include the cost of high-level 
waste disposal, long-term monitoring, 
the decommissioning of 'abandoned 
nucloar roa ctors-and modernlzl ng"thc- 

E nv i roh mental -corrdctive . . actions 
cou ld include such things as improve- 

ments in stack' exhaust, construction - — 

of radioactive waste treatment facjli- ■“ 
ties, upgrading drinking water sup- 
plies an d other activities. ■ 

• The deportment cautioned that the 
cost projections do not represent pro- 
posed action by the Reagan adminis- 

e-repo >44ddrxtillaii 

"needs ,r nnd will be usod'to'fornnilatc 
long-range pluis, but that a decision 
•to adopt tlteactions has not been 
mode. - 

mm i 

Virginia farmers load hay onto a truck bound for Ohio 

Drought deals major blow 
to North Dakota's economy 

Governmental AfTnirs Committee. '“The figure or $110 billion is ft-'" nally admitted Ihe'size and the scope 

Glenn said the report puts a price beled a ’high' estimate by DOE, but I of the defense waste cleanup prob- 
ing on the department’s "shameful pe- believe it is more likely to be a floor lems at Hanford, said Sen. Brock Ad- 
glect” toward the health and sbfely of rather than a ceiling," Glenp said, ams, D-Wash.. adding that when esti- 
.the public. ‘^'Thc department's ertiluation in- mated cos^ of other projects not in- . 

“Wo have a choi ce of pav ing the clufeTT8-d«iens£LPla nts\ It said mo st eluded in the report are flddcchtne tov 
price with money or frith thtTheiilth— -ofithe remedial cleabupmctii^ns couTd taUpn'ce^ag for Tfap ford cotrfaTcacn 

and safety of our children arid g'rnnd- be completed within 20 years $6 4 bil l ion. ; — : 

children,"' Giehri said, “Those who _ . .. , . ■ . , 

would choose to poison our own people KfiSQAIl pfOClciimS SpGClclI Ilt6r3Cy 0«Eiy 
in order to make nuclear weapons ' 

should be oskefcWhat the weapons WASHINGTON (AP) - President "Fortunutely, '"dedicated citizens , 
frp rn/’ Reagan has proclaimed Saturday as have been working hard to help their. 
Th'e department issued^ two sets of national literacy. day, saying that “the n eighbor s Jeorn Jo ^r cad Qn ^ wr ’ ^’J.^_ 

representing the most likely require- from taking full- advantage of all our of the volunteers and the. public-pri- — _ 
ments for each site; and a “high" pro-' country has-to-offer and from contrib- vote partners who are carrying Amer- 
jeetion- of what could be utingall we can " * ica’s p romise to their follow citizens." 

By Tho Associated Press wave, a cold front pushed tem- 

peratures to record lows in the 30s 

The drought could.deal_North_Da- and 4Qa around the Gr eat Lakes and 

kola’s economy a.$3 billion-blow this from New England to North Carolina, 

year, an. economist snid Friday, and the Notional Weather' Service said, 
hay arrived in parched Indi nnn fro m Elkins, W.Vn.. got down to a brisk 32 
Southern farmers repaying a 2-year- degrees. 

old debt. In Washington, Agriculture Secre- 

Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste issued tary RichnrdErLyhg said the federal - 
an executive order Friday that he said -government likely will support finon- 

would... speed.. .delivery — of- -ha y to - cial -aid-to-far mers on ce . l osses.. am. 

‘doughi-stricken" formers and- ban more fully known, adding that, lore- 
mnat-fwiMnnr-hiirninp. and he urged cast s indicate th e drought "has no t 
mandatory water use restrictions BFORcit nnd'ls OJIllluulllg Ulld Is sfilH 
statewide. " vc|y. very serious." 

news conference. 

Leholm estimated North Dakota’s 
totu I .financial loss as $2.4 billion to $3 
biIlioK 3 h?lptl>h^tHin'mpflct_ of lost 
farm income that would have “turned 
over" several times in the state. 

The drought and its economic im- 
pact will undoubtedly drive people out 
■-of- tlie' -state, ,but it is too- early to tell 
how muny will leave, he snid. • 

A bi ll to guarantee up to $35 piil- 
~TI5^^1oariirr()'hcl'p farmer s' su fla ring 
through t he drmmht ^vn-L-passcd ■ 
Thursday by the Wisconsin Legisla- 
ture and sent to_ the governor. It 

— Welcome to — 
Statehood Day 

.in Twin Falls County 

12:15 pm - Old Fashioned Church Service Jllly j 
w Circuit Ridih' Preacher 


— 1:00 PM--'KcynoleSpccch 

-Governor Cecil Andrus " 

100 Years of Change - George Laltimer 

“If you look at the 3U-dny forecast whether aid money might be available 
--V or the 6-' to 10-dfty forecast.' the' pros- from the roughly $17 billioh in the 
,TpeEts , 'rire’blLriill.^Lj1iy‘fi5Id'W'pdlTer5'‘reommodity»]price--fiHp|«)rt--payiiientj;_ 
after briefing President ReimmuiLlhc — thc-adminiatraljoirTequesfeil lor the 

WHTte House. IT ' new budget year starting Oct. 1. 

"We did have some showers in the There had been indications that be- 
last-few days that helped income cause of the drought. -not all of the $17 
places and the weather’s Cooley so' billion would be needed for subsidies 
~ ■ t ho?.e~aro',gon d si g ns : " ~ b yng said; - “but' and that the excess money might be 
jhe weather forecasts indicate that it ' used for aid purposes. 

Jins not broken and is continuing and “I think it would he premature to 

iirstril very, very serious." start dollars up there, he 

f/VriK. who heads n drought-relief .^aid-. 


• lot -emu ii iusr'likv0y''C ; ;ui;i'rtlia'COl li:- 
sion- of two Army -helicopters that 
killed .17 soldiers during night train? 
ing at Fort Campbell Iasi March, uc- 
.cording to u report released Friday. 

“Pilot error, to' wit. a reasonable’ 
able explanation for the cause of this 
nccident." said tin- report, compiled by 
an investigation hoard of six Fort 
CaiiipHell pincers, alt aviators. • 

gence can he established. The acci- 
~'denrwns not due'roiaclrofdilige'ntp. 
nor unreasonable or unprofessional. . 

"Up to the point of impact, the mis- 
sions were formed just as briefed," 
snid MajrRahdy School, public affairs 

officer; it .1 h e_A rmyjiii s.e_ 

The report said there was no evi- 
dence of a mechanical malfunction in 
the two l’H-60 Black Hawks involved . 
"""in the Marcji d crash. ' 

shoul d be no act i on takl-n ag ainst were any procedural errors on th 

— imvo ne as nu-foi i nri ntion_-|ur ne eli- -.? • par t of irither.c rew.^Selnwd tnhL 

U.S. warship returns home 

MANAMA. Bahrain tAPj - The ' Tn..,. u .v ,mc .,. , ur .-ooui.-n, ^ Ul 

U.S. missile frigate Samuel H. Rob- was a surprise because U.S. 
erls headed for home Friday, riding* -.officials hud.indicated earlier tin:. Hot 
mi l of the Pe rsia ui.iillf _qtt jbe back J if erts w ould. pass 1 h rough t in- n arrnv 

nian mine nearly sahk it. . hsisTiris: 

_ -in n ?/ . P IM fl MRIW R AT 

.. ..—The 3.ti(J0rton_ warship rude in a 
special cradle atop the Mighty Ser- 
r O vanC 2. - if h mi vy-I ifl ■ .ca rgu vessel t he 
Navy chartered from a Dutch salvage 

As the .Mighty Servant -2 antkjl 
piggyback cargo approached tin 
strait, the The U.S* missile cruise 
Vincennes fired an artillery salute 
Tlie Vincennes was on patrol nea 

{„ij ,-gr'n ry. re pa i rs t n the JngntUs; shipp i n gw i th gun boats '.and' 'miss i I, 
^ ivw fprsMiippcd ' ^ui I lr-TW! ry-. made-ai - tjat teric-s -s i rice" en rly ’ in i i s H-y e a r-< > l< 
; piihjrr--i ts. "ehrl v irriaig ■ departuh war with Traci • 

- -i- Saturday. July 2. 198B .Ttmos-Nows. Twin Falls. Idaho A-5 

Company to bring 

Times-News writer 

■_ TWIN FALLS - When Jim 
Miller was asked Vo leach a jour- 
nalism class next fall, he was 

dumbfounded; ' - 

-1 ’v o ' al w a y e-bee n-T«-sciei 

— o rie nled-personrHhe-Min idok a- 
High School biology and phys- 
ical science teacher said. , 
Miller agreed to - teach the 

To prepare himself, he en- 
rolled in The Times-News Mass 
Communications Seminar. 

The seminar, held June 20- 
_July-l^was-de6igned to dispel 
moss, media mystery. The 24 
— hi gh^choohstudents - and teach-" 
era participating in the seminar 
became familiar- with the nuts 
and bolts of newspaper produc- 

“We want them to walk away 
with a better understan ding of 
-world of journal ism," said -Mary 
Lu Barry, a Twin Falls High 
_ School journalism teacher who 
organized t^e seminar. 
"Hopefully, it’s been a real eye- 
opening experience.” 


students and teachers learned 
about photojournalism, page 
-layout, -writing, the -Associated 
Press and journalism career op- 

“We wanted to offer a smat- 
tering of ideas and activities," 
said Barry... “We .gaye_them_a 

Seminar ■ participants also- 
had some hands-on newspaper 
experience. Thbv created advert 
Using campaigns and presented 

they wrote news stories and ex- 
perimented with page layout. 

..“Working .in-- the. newsroom 

was a wonderful opportunity,” 
said Barry: ' “They were right 
ing and people “ 

around. ... They got valuable, 
tips from professionals. You 
can't pick that Kind" of thing Up 
from a textbook.” 

Seventeen students, ages IS- 
IS, attended the two .week semi- 
• See SEMINAR on Pago AG 

Times-News writer 

TWIN . FALLS - The handicraft -Bosh said he wus impressed with 
manufacturing company, Mario Jason, the willingness to help, from the 
Opgimils. has confirmed it is defi- Idaho Department of Commerce nil 
ri i I i-iy m oving to Tw in Falls and. will thc_wny^oJbeJI^wi.n -KpHs city_ylli- " 
bring 30 jobs with it. cials.' 

jThe ^company is purchu^ng the Qqv Cecil Andrus, whojssued a 

Wplvcrto n_Parts buddin g _«fo Third nwcg ra ip n5C-0 ^b C-m nw Friday, nl s,j_ 

s summer. ‘ j ' " "the path for the com pnliyV relocation. 

The company has been in business Addilionnl n 99isU , nC e 0 f n very 
for 15 'yeurs producing art pieces m* p rnct j cn j sort j 9 com ing from a rather 
eluding brass products, sculptures unconven ti ona l 'source. Austin Hall., 
and collectibles forN^h custo.mers^ owner oCJWstin * s Express, a Twiri 
Hallmark and J.C. PeV. a >’- ft 1S als0 ' F n ||s trucking company, is donating 
developing a product 4trib to be nmr- [he usG of three sem i-t r uiler trucks"" 
keted exclusively .through catalog und driverg tQ bring the Mflrio j Jwon ’ 

-aale9: : ■■ — ^Originals equipment from California. 

“We recognizpd the growth and ex- - 

' punsion opportunities . that Idaho Hall explained that 21 years ago I 
“•"holds;" said “Wnync "Bosh; the pre- wonted to move-back to Idaho from 
sident and chief executive officer, who California and I was on my own all 

is-originally-from-VVendell.-The-ar—the-way— 1-think if- anyone-can help— 

ea’s artisits. and craftsmen compli- the Department of Commerce bring 
businesses — into - Idaho^they— 

, people initially and expects to grow to 
a workforce of 45 or 50. within the 

ment the expansion we ore secKing."' 

The company plaris to employ 30 should do whatever is necessary. 

Environmental groups 
form in Magic Valley 

Times-News writer 

TWIN FALLS - The Magic -Valley, 
is sprouting homegrown environmen- 
tal groups following hearings last 
spring on plans to start a federal spe- 
cial - isotope— separation-plutonium - 
plant in eastern Idaho. 

The nevvlv.nnmed.-C.. - - - -- 
Radiuactive Environment with about 
30 members from the Twin Falls area 
mcLsexeraU i mes in Twin Foils City 


Tark since the hearings. 

— ^ 
pand beyond SIS,’ says Kathy. Surse- 
ly. CARE spokeswoman. CARE has 
ink en P.O . Box 2772 in Twin Fulls. ..... 
_ FOCUS, w ith ab out 40 members 
from tiie Burley area, also sfurtCtl'in' 
■March alter the SIS hearings, says' 

Assistant News Editor Skye Savcson, left, explains computer pagination system to Twin 
-Falls-High School students Scott Crawford, right. Andrea Kadlec and Travis Gndsby 

“Spokeswoman farin' Sliockuy or'Buri 

-I — ^CARE and FOCUS members held a 
1. joint meeting at City Park on Wednes- 
day night. 

The meeting attracted local politi- 
cal leaders — state Rep. Ron. Black, 
R-Twin Falls; Twin Falla County 
' Commission candidate Gary. Nielscifi - 
a Democrat; and Democrat organizer 
Don McMurrian. 

Black. says he attended because he 
-was interested-ih ieanung.more nbaut_ 
environmental problems at the Idaho 

where tile bib plain would be bulled. 

Lately. INEL’s plans to inject low 
level radioactive waste into the Snake 
"BlverTllilTrAqtiifor-on an emergcncy 

.basis have been grabbing headlines, j 

... .The aquifer,* flowing beneath the 
lob and stretching west to Bliss, is al- 
ready contaminated with low levels of 
radioactive tritium from INEL opera- 

rtern-endr- — - '"** 

The aquifer is part of a water sys- 
‘tern that provides the Magic Valleys 
“drinking, stock and irrigation water. — 
“1 am definitely against the injec- 
tion well. That's' foolhardy." Black 
• See GROUPS ‘on Page AO 

Times-News writer. .... ... 

1- -TWIN FALLS — June, was a scorcher. 

Board discusses effects of drought on 

same number of: violations will" be 
found to. have- occurred in the West 
Cassia and Twin Falla areas when 
!~thev areinventoried.- 

. Times-News correspondent , 1 

People living in homes without air-conditioning stood in front of 
open refrigerators for rclief.'Childrea-sprnycd each other with hoses, 

- and dogs panted intheshade. — ' • — — -- 

’ : Although June temperatures sizzled thc'Mngic Valley, “no extreme 
! records were broken," said Bill Galkin of the National Weather Ser- 
vice in Kimberly. The average monthly temperature was 67.6 dc- 
. grees, only 3.7 degrees above normal. 

• “The really strange thing about June was that nighUimfMem- 
. peraturcs were extremely warm during the last two weeks of the 
-—monthi^said-Galkinr^Usunllyrthemightacool down.pretty good aften_ 

Twin 'Fairs' relatively high elevation, approximately 4,000 feet, 
usually keeps June’s nighttime temperatures-in the high*40s. In con- ^ 

BtJ.fll,E. Y - Election o fazificereund ;. .q orrp .al 

ble the first pan ol Augustand area,' where cattle 'numbers are ui- 
Worsen further on south, KPtter-snid: .ready down 50-percent, he said. 

— WjlirHing^7ft“m“Piillr'ahcnd-of- n • -Jn .other action, the hoard discussed 
Hotter - n red jets -the a continuing-problem of the unBUtho^ 

dumping in unauthorized arcus is 
ciuising problems in Minidoka County 

daily-near German Lake, board mem- 
ber Henry Etchcverry said. The hoard 
ogreed that to avoid illegal dumping, 
n designated area needs to be estab- 
lished and penalties enforced if people” 
continue to i^se ; thc unauthorized 
dumpsites but “it did not specify tho - 
designating areas. 

' Because of recent changes in grnz- 

discussion of the drought were among herds' will come off thq * summer rized use of public lands. 1 respassing 
the items discussed at the Burley Dis- . ranges two weeks to afnonth early be- cun include powerlines, roads, rights 
-trirrCrazinfptrtri-annrfinnrd-meeting- — cauwofscahtgrowth : -- ■■■' • -of way ,- homos or-other b uildings. on 

Tuesday . >. The tiLM said it would refund un- public lands. 

Newly elected officers to head the used portions of licenses for those 1 Unauthorized use can result in 
board are Dale Pierce, chairman, and whose slock some off the range early. damaged resources and lost- money 
Dale Thomas,' vice Chairman. The The Twin Fulls aren was helped by from rent had' the land been used I e- 
-olection-coincided -with -rechortering— the foot-ofknow thatrfcll in' early May, - ~^ally, BLM’s Karl Simonson snid. 
the advisory hoard. The new charter Wilson told the board. Conditions are —Simonson said Idaho has the Jargr- 
guanmtees thc~continunnce- of- the — dose-to-nonnaTunlil -nw*r-tho~Goose — est.nuroher of tres pass Cases on fil e 
Burley district group untiLMay 1990. Creek Areu but -from there to across computed with other western states. 

Bilrequ.of Land Management- con- llte'Snnke River plain and up to the Last y 

ir'B45 cases of unauthorized 

precipitation fell below normal levels. The total precipitation at the 
• Kimberly Weather Service amounted to only .09 inches, ^g6 inches 
- below normal. 

— rScc-WEATHERon PageAG-;-— ■ . 

Hotter told the hoard a bo ut thCeflects worsen because / 

fo l tnge-r 

springs are either ,, uvoroged.360 or less. Near Burley. 63 

the BLM recommend the board i 


ter supply from now until the end of uncertain whether the summer gniz- 
thp grazing scuson. ing will end prematurely in this nrda. 

Conditions in the Deep Creek Re- Livestock may also have to be 
source Area i h Oneida County" F Sfiii““ T TKdUfihT'^-'eH rtjT’ ‘ i n ‘ ' t he — nort h si de 

Resource Area and 60 in the Snake 
River Resource Aren, according to a 
survey by the Burley district. 

- - Simonson said-hecxpcctS-about the: 

by the due date. New changes specify 
thnt after 30 days, unpaid fees will re- 
sult in n,canccllntion of grazing privi- 
-leges,. . 

Buhl may need more space 
for growing vo-ag program 


'Tithes-News'cor respondent " 

heed another classroom, more storage 
apace and an additional teacher if en- 
rollment in the vocationul-ngriculture 
program continues to increase, vo-ag 
teacher Dave Krueger told, the.boflrd , 
“There are .75 freshmen and sopho- 
more students enrolled in the intro- 

.. ues, there . will probably be a need for 
an additional teacher by the 1989-90 
school year," Krueger said. 

He also asked the trustees to con- 
sider updating the current green- 
house and a livestock building and 

Alsa-at-the-meel i ngrtht-lmu rd- ten- — ball-wad ie»;— P« tty ~U»nC« to,— volloy— 

■" tatlvely nahTdl^ extra-curricular "as* ' halirMIetziier. wrestling; and Marvin 
signments for the coming year. High Bartosovsky, girls’basketbalir' 

a r c— K o;t h ■ ' —— The ■■ b o y s ’ - - b a s ketball— an d- track s 
Meitzner, football, • coaches have not been named. 

’ with Gene Clemens, Clark Muscat, In other action: 

Rick McNurlin hnd' Ralph Frcide- •. • The. trustees approved a roquet 
mann ns assistants; Tom Chivers. to trade in three typewriter? and pur* 
boys’ basketball, with Mike Gcmnr chase three replacemenLs, 
und Ed*ilichards_as a ssistants : Joe •• Three days before the end of the 
Shepard, girts’ basketball, wjth Clark ' fiscal year, the budget was reported to 
Muscat ns assistant:- E d~ Richnrdsrvol- — bc-9rrl-pcrcent expended. — 

TlPTboard-dccided- to talk- almut. 
possible expansion and other building- 
• pr o j ects atn special meeting; July 18. 

ieyball, with R obert Cha p ton 1 __ 

taut; Gene Clemens, wrestling, with 
Pat Milligan as assistant. . 

The board named no head track 
coach, but named' Joe Grcif and Rick 
McNurlin as assistants. Greif was 

— • Ilarbafa Weaver, outgoing school- 
trustee, wiis thanked by Spiropolus 
.und the other trustees for her efforts 
and commitment to the district dur- 
, ing her tenure on the board. 

Th is was the Inst meeting Spiropo- 

Shepard, basebqll. 

— rAt— the-middlc-rchool, the board 
named Gemarand Boli Sparks as- Pont- 

ius attended. In May he accepted the 
superintendent position in St. Helens. 
Ore., and left thisweek. 

Kissinger to give lecture at CSL 

The Times-News 

TWIN FALLS - Former U.S. 
Secretary of State Henn,' Kissinger 
ern Idaho orf Oct. 20. 

One of the most notable 'se- 

wjnner of. the - Nobel. Peace Prize, 
Kissinger will lecture m> in- 
icrnaiional geo- political conditions 
and their afTccts on American do- 
mestic and international affairs. 

The event- is- part of a continuing - 
education series at the college that 
-hcought-Tom- L‘n ip r.s . hare, last De- 


Kissinger's visit is being cospon- 
sored by the Greater Twin Falls 
Area Chamber of Commerce. The 
chamber a hosting a Success 
Breakfast at the college for its mem- 
rbeforc - Kissinger’s— address r 
^ which is tentative iv’ scheduled for 9- 

nounced next week and tickets will 
go on' sale then. Seating will be lim- 
ited. • • 

Jercv Beck, the dean of continu-. 
[■;ing"educiition:i'hopes to bnng in yiu 
high school seniors from around the 

v for the , 

vill bo 

(acting businesses arid asking them 
"to sponsor one or more students'. 

He also expects to draw a number 
p of people from Boise and Pocatello. 
The estimated . cost- of bringing 

_ Kissinger here is in excess of 

$20,000. Ticket sales arc antici* 
puled to cover the cost. - 


Will visit Twin Falls 

Kissinger served usfsecretarv.of- 
state .u n der Preside ril "Nixon" a iid" 
President Ford, and was a consult- 
ant to the White House during tin*' 
-Kennedy and Johnsori-udminislnt- 
He will arrive by jot the afternoon tions. «, * ' . ‘ - 

Ilk— PlBntt-f«>r-U>wU-ov«u*iitg - * He* has most recently-served-ns- 

liave not yet- iteen doferm.irw'd chnirman - of-the^Bipnrtisnn -Com- ■ 

The cost of the event 1 will bt an- mission on Central Arnj;r,icn. ’ .' 

A-6 Tlpios Nows, Twin Falls. Mnlio Saturday. July 2. 1988 


Water Resource Board bids 

' YELLOWPINE, Idaho CAP) - No 

operated by Savage f rucking Co. 

rious environmental damage occurred spilled through a fist-sized hole in the 
as a rcsult.of a small spill of ammo- trailer before the driver was able to 
nium nitrate - hear Ycllowpmer »u- sltifThis shirt in-the hole-nnd slop the 
th prities reported . leak- Th c Lrni ler was carryin g 1 2 tom 

"'trucking company and mine person- 

_nel will s upervise remov al o f-the 

on slice of revenue surplus 

trailer and any spilled material,” Ri- 
chardson said. 

- -The ammonium nitrate was being., 
haule d to a mining site to be used in 

Stnte N Law Enforcement Director 
Mack Richardson said the trailer of a 

of t he substa nce. 

. "There were no injuries, and' 'the 

blasting. When mixed with diesel oil 
it procJu ceslih ex plosive. 

BOISE (AP) - The Idaho Water is .called to spend the’ money or next 
Resources Board has drawn down. its. _wintecjwhenJawmai£ra.convene. the. 
water nianagement loan nccountto al- ~ 1 989 regulur session. ■ 
Tnostrnothing-andhasputnts-bid-iirfor 1 — ! Thi3-is-the-kjha-of-year-the-people- 

Association to complete work. on its. 
new well .and consolidate loans ob- 

'GfihedTo lino ncc'JU 

— Wedon’t-puUaJoLoflmoney-Up.inJ 

n ul irp nf the mnltin 

- Car accident claims one-life- 

ln tlolliir lf)Rft nf Idaho should make this kind of in- that area so I think we should do a 
state revenue surplus. vestment,” Higginson told the board, much os we can w'help them, boaW 

-In-a series of actions, Friday, tho But the leader of the state Senate, Re- member J.D. Williams said. 

- v • ... . - ■ ’• * ’ T ho -'mfnnt-well i n s erve t he^Q.os^ 

• bourd ’ g r anu.'d lu;uis ft uwnih t r ac co unt — p 


left tlie Stibnite road' "Friday after- 
noon and straddled the Sugar Creek 
bridge. Ric hardsonsni d the truck 

JEROME — A Twin Falls yyoman jng south on U.S. Highway 93 when 
w mrkilled Friday night in-a - one-vehi— he lost eon t'rol-of-the-CBr-at-around- 

Accident victim’s east of Jerome. 

ide ntification^? i ven 

to _ thc _ clty‘ of -Downey aifd-thc Ttow- said the bulk of tiny 6urplus-will.go-to-_.sociation members i was _ required by 

Creek Water Association at Porthill education. The actual amount of the - state to meet public drinking water 
for completion- of water system mi- surplus will be determined in the next system regulations. The ® 

provementit, — week.oi.tu 

- -p~iid tinctrove rTO-years atr6 perc erU— 

cle roll »'vi*r roughly five miles north- 7:45 p.m., sa[d*Cerald Brant, corporal 1 p u t, w hile the loans will eventually Higginson and the board, however, interest. 

withUic Jerome County ShenfTs -Of- ^ - d back with iflleros t, the fund, bolstered their case for a share of the • The only condition placed on the. 

■tortod-wilh $1. million.. now windfall-painling out that. lawmakers — liHin was the . assqciation clehr up 
• ■ ’ for a dispute with one of tts„members 


fice. The car, a 1982 DnLsun Stanza, 



Pollar4 was apparently ejected 

-f.-llon.iiini-aupiDriticssiiid. FulIsIwTicre-hc was .sriieduIOT uTu 

“Crum was Working in- Little. Loon dergo surgery. 

has n hnlnnce of under $20.0 00.' raided __thc_ account in 1983 — r r -- ----- --- - ~ *r~ 

The board instructed Water Re- $500,000 to help- erase a huge.budget _oycj_t ha wa jerjjgnt^^~wellrwem 
sources Director Keith Higginson to deficit and never restored that money, her Lonnie Watkins challenged the 

CHALLfS (AP) — Roy Wnyne 1 Medical Center in Jeromo. Au- 

m nn C who ' wa^ W ^Tod ' \V o d'no^l ay jfodX from the 'velii i cle, B^ nt^ojLsl«gv^^ vrmer right. nib ;^.P^ pin ^ t m ^ 

’ {^WrwH.flhtr treorhe-fltasicjatjii^ Center in Twjn_ haVC bcen woanne her ' estimnt«d to be as much as 820 mil- Friday was the board s apjirovaUf a _ well would _..negfltiitlx affect 

* lion, either in a special ijess ion if one $ 25,000 loan to thc-Trow Creek Water springs! 

Creek when the accident happened. 

Pollard. 19. of Twin Falls, was driv- Ration. 


Heber L Hansen 

T\YJH.FALI.S - Heber L. Htmiwn. 

88. ofTwin Fulls, died Th’uindny. June 
311, 15188. nt MtiKic Valley ReKimml 

.Medical Ceriter. .. .. ; : 

Horn Feb. 10. 1900, in Shelley, the 
non of Hann Peter and Anna A.-Frnnd- 
■RerrHanncn, he-mnrried Myrtle-Jane. 
Simmons on Dec. 20, 1915). in Burley. 

Terri Spring anil Kathy Wheeler, all of 
Portland: one Hti'pnon, Stunrt Prone!) : 
iwo MtepdmiKhter», Mr». Jrrrv (Niinryi 
Williams iifPortland and Delon-* Top- 
hfT of Canada: one hrolher, llenuan __ 
VilhmnT'of Hnm-it; four wi nterit . Hultla 
krnuH i*r Pocal« , lbK Mrs. Dave i Agnesi 
Kraus of -Paul. Mr*. - Don I Irene) • 
Milbcri (Darien 

pony mnT was owner of McBride Lum- 
tier Company in Rupert. 

He wan married to Myrtle Bowen for 
fi7 yearn. Sho died in 197fL-He-Jiiter 
married Wanda' Woodbury. They 
I^ig anr Utah in 1988. She 

died in 15)b7. 

-He v 


Salt Lake City LDS Temple 

15)207. - 

11c wub a gniduntc of Oakley Acnd- 

-einy in Oakley, and had ntMint inoMt of- 

hin earTy married life fiinninK in the 
upper Snake River Valloy area, near 
Shelley. Ho moved to the Filer area in 
19-I0. whore ho fnrmod and rnnehed. 
Tn'hi»nKloFycnmlie also worked aC 
Oein State Oil and nt the Twin Fulln 
County Weed Department. 

. He nerved an chairman on the Isiurd 
of. director* for the Idaho Irrigation 
Dintrict, and also nerved on_a school 
board. He was n member of “the I.DS 
Church and had nerved in muny poni- 
tionn during bin life, time', un well an 
being a branch president. 

• Surviving arc: one daughter. 'Myrtle 

-doy-StnpIco-of-Twin-FjUla;. fivo'. «on».- 

Mux I InnKon of Twi n Falls, 1 'Glrrm 

loser, both of Rupert: utaTF 

The funeral will be conducted nt to 
n.m. Tuesday at tlie Caldwell Colonial 
Mortuury in Portland, with Chaplin 
- Fred David, of tha-Vuuiranii.Admiius* - 
trillion Hospital, ofliciulihg. Burial 
will be Th the Willamette National 
Cemetery in Portland. 

The f amily MUggcst* memorial con- 
iribuiiohs niiiylie iliiide lirthO-T)lnbe-'" 
ten Foundation or, a charity of their 
choice. i 

Dean Daniels 

TWIN FA 1.1 -S - Dean Daniels, fill. 
ofTwin Falls, died Thursday evening, 
June '30, 15)88. ill St. Luke’s Regional 
Medical Center in Hein'.’. 

A graves i tie service will be conducted 
- -al i L.u.m. Tuesday at Sunact-Mcmu-.. 

rill 1 P ork Arra nge nieiit s are uiidcr 

the .direction of While Slurtunry. in 

I’tnry to all the priesthomla of 
H uo rums to which he wus ordained. 
He wns also secretary to the Southern 
Idaho .Regional Welfare Center- .. . 

Surviving are: three soon, Verl E. 
McBride of Apache Junction, Ariz., 
CSIcn O. McBride of Rupert and Ken- 
"il'c’llfL. McBride of Bountiful,. Utah; 
'twif da ughierifrEIvn-Mctktny-of- Lay- 
ton. Utah and Bonnie Bartlett of Boi- 
hc; three Ktepcliildren, Lnel Woodhury 
of Provo, Utah. IgiVar Woodbury of 
Logan. Utah und Delmn Baldridge of 
Lain. Hawaii; two brothers. Ray Me-. 
Bride of View and Clarence McBride of 
Area; and onu sister. Dortlia Stephens 
of Soda Springs. 

Tlie funeral will be conducted at 1 1 
a. in. Tuesday at McCulloch's Funeral 
I lama- in- Uurlny, with • Bishop Paul 
Young officiating. Burial wil l he in 

LcBARON, Mexico (API - Ervil 
LcBarons bloody doctrine' of vi*n-‘ 
gennee haunts hisYriuljvts in this po-. 
lygnmous community. 

Only hours after three former mem- 
bers of LeBaron's The Church of the- 
Lam b of God cult_ond a child were 
murdered in Houston and "Ditlla’s 
Moriday, the news reached this re- 

the people here alone if they truly 
want to follow their leader’s last wish- 

Invcstigators b elieve' tho sla yings 

LcBoron said he visited his brother 
in a Salt Lake City prison shortly be- 
forc hc died in 1981 while serving -a- 
lifc sentence for murder, nnd Ervil 
calledTor on end to the killing. “ 

“Ervil told me he wanted no mor e 
trouble^He-didn : Hvant-iHkilling)-tb--at4)nement, 

trol of the Church of the First Born of 
-the FullncsaofTimes. ; 

Joel LeBartm was slai n durin g .that’ . 
struggle, but his sect and its followers 
did not accept the leadership of Ervil. 

The Lambs of God left Mexico, but., 
their memory remains the neph- 
“OWf-of-Ervil-rcmember well their un- • 
cle and his deadly teaching of ‘‘blood 

were carried out by members of the 
sect, perhaps in retaliation for the vie? 
tim’s breaking from the group. Three 
of Ervil UcBnfon’ii“sc)nl) ' are rbeing" 
sought for questioning in the case. 

"People felt pretty bad the thing 
was still being, i.carrie.4_ out. Thev_ 
thought things had died out nnd peo- 
ple had started living their normal 
lives,” Brent LcBaron, Ervil’s neph- 
ew, told the Houston Post in a copy- ' 
right story' published Friday. 

■ . Alma LcBaron, 70, Ervil’s brother, 
believes the Lambs of God will leave 

continue. H e wanted it stopped. He 
wonted peace,” said LcBaron, now a 

bishop for the Economic Government 
of God, one of three separate religious 
sects- in - LcBaron that -follow- the 
teachings of Ervil’s brother, Joel. 

, But others have said ^hat before he 
diedj Ervil Lc Boron penned a blue- 
print for revenge, a death list For- 
those he believed had betrayed him. 

Monday showed the faithful here 
that The Church of the Lamb of God 
.was' spilling ’blood again, "as it HOT" 
more than 15 years ago when Ervil 
fought with his brother’ Joel for con- 

‘We arc on guard. We are looking 
over our sliouldery. We're utTCasrbC 1 
ing. careful beqausc we- don't ; know 
their minds, what they might do," 
said Brent LeBaron. __ 

Brent has memories of bloodshed 
that gohack a long way. 

He said he was in Los. Molinos the 
night his uncle’s followers-raided the- 
sottlement of Joel's followers. He was ' 
13 when the raiders firebombed most- 
of the homes in the colony, killed two 

“My older brother Stepbenwas only 
M^i years old," he said. 


Continued from Page A5 

iron - Some— ttspire-to-lH*"joflrnali*it8. 

Joni Lawrence, Filer High' School’s Ingeditor. 




.Utah: one *i»lcr. Irene Wagner of Bur- 
Icy; 38 grandchildren; 81 irrcal-griunl. 

Siiinluy'n Tin* Timfia’.Nfw*. 

Tuesday prior to tin* s 


iliiUlrell. He whs preceded in ilennn>.v 
daughters; Miiry Reed 


1 lansnn and Anna Mane linnsen7 >> . 
The funeral will be conducted at II 
Wednesday at the 8lh Ward LDS 
Harrison Street. Intel 


UOODtNt; - Del In D. Lewis. SH. nf 

tXoo<lin‘»^ died-Eci ilav^luly-L-1988. at 
tlreen Acres Care (’enter in Hooding. — 
Burn March 23, 185M. in Upton, 
Ken., she later moved to Shoshi: 

will follow at SuDBCt Alemurjalihu-k 

Friepils may cull nt White Mortuary 
i Twin Falls Tiicutlnv from 3 to H 

-she worked .for.. SeniOor ‘ 

■ Godding a ill iVrlltOTmT Trrlr Ranch:— 
Kiie itiarried. Elmer Edgar 

Ralph Bogar. 

TWIN FALI-S - Ralph Bogar, 83. of 
--Twin- Fhllh.-BiodliniursdajVevening” 
June 31). li)88. al his home. 

Funeral nrrmigement- are pending 
ill he announced by Reynolds 

more abbut Vhe business. . (jon’t write The play is cast nnd this is in a good deal of flux,” said Hart- 

"riike'Wrltlng'nndnhoughtrit-wmild — is-who’s-in-it^ — _ — — genr^Wimt-evolved-wa^afcelingTodo— 

be a fun thitig 'tb" (ld”"siiid _ Cr»iig While two students were from Mup- somcthing in the valley to-expose 

— Nebeker.-rtrMurituigliJligh School-sc. — uugliilighSchoo!,.the.rcmalndetlive„. young peop!^_l 

nior. Tt'gjive me something In' RitAT in'Twi ffFal ls7“ I was disappqlnted ’ve— exciting carccr field communications . 
forward to in the summer." didn’t, have kids from other schools in con be.” ’ ... n 

T needed help with my writing." tlie valley.” said Barry, who sent in- On the basis of their writing and 
^jId’GcH-Lyt!era ''ht'tn- FalH--Htgh'-- -format ive-lelterH-to e very-high -school — partieipalion-during the-seminarrtwo- 

iclil— U'. 

to the service on Wednesday. 




- Dorothy-Mz-Goleman — 

Clifford B. Vilhauer 

RUPERT - Clifford B. Vilhauer. r.S), 
of Portland, Ore., jmd formerly of Ru-^ 
■pert, 'died' Wi'dnOfldny.-'Jtino-'JO. 15)837 
in Portland. 

Dorn May 33, .19 29. in McIntosh. 

S.D.. the son of ~ August .und Udsihn 
Clreger Vilhauer, he moved with liis 
family to R uperfin*t997T where h«-r«- 
i-i'ived his education, lie served in the 

they moved to ( owsling, win 
einploved at the Idaho State Tubercu- 
losis Hospital for II years. He. died in 

There are’ no immediate surviving 
relatives. She was preceded in death 
'■ hv ime « islet - and five brother*,- — • 

A graveside servire will Is* ciinilurteil 
. ■j4_n..ut.. Tuesday -at the El mwoo d 

(Vineteri- in ('Joikling ' ■ — 

Friends may call at Demuray's Good. 
-ing-Gh»ipel-Atunilay_lruiiL:l-tl.'..'Lp. in 

and T ' ” '* 

_ HURLEY : Donitf^Iarrol.munir 
82 . of Burley, died Th'jrsdui'—JimuJlO... 
15188, at fhissia Memorial Hospital. 

Born Aug. 28. 1005. in Knoxville, 
Tenn.', the daughter of Roherl mill 
Peiirl Lett Gibbs, she married E/.rii W. 
Culcniun .on -Jan 0,. .19.38, ip Arco. 
Their .marriage was solemnized on 
June 8, 15)77. in. the Ogden. Utah LDS 

-Temple. — I — ' 

the Darlington. 

^.ilci . . . .. m , 

School junior who plans lo write for_in Times. News’.eight count>-fU’cular.-studenU .werc.. Kolocted-ns->Time8 

the school 'paper nciit year. "Mrs. lion area. . News summer interns. Rachel Hor- | 

“Barry told us about u and pyslied us "1'n" Ike' future, Barry mny visit rcll, who graduated in June from- 
along ... politely but sternly." schools that do not have journalism' Twin Falls High' School,' will he as- 

...... fn rated ... .... 

Salmon and Ruperv areas before m«v- 

-Ul gl j.d’Tl ii'rliiy' -TK—iireU" 

^1 H.'iO 1 i! i ey- w e ro 

. .AluinM jdcBnde 

Seven teachers also attended the programs or school papers to promote signed to the newsroom. Scott Craw- 
seminar. Upon completing the course, the seminar. “We get hit with the ford, also a Twin Falls High School 
•they received two' graduate credits mass media every dny,” said Barry, graduate, will work in the advertising 

'from- Idaho State University. JiiktUhe, ..rll!s„para mount . for. kids_.who go to_^epurtmenL .. . . 

students, the teachers had a variety schools without these outlets to hove • The iftternships “will give them n 

of motives- for- part ifi pa ting in (he an understanding of whul goes on.” chunce to hang around tlie paper on a 

“mimi'r" 1 — - ■■ T-hxrsrminar wns -the-idea of - Bill -puid-bflfiis and-get additional-expo-— 

■I’m hoping to teach my students Howard., publisher of_Ih a-Iimes_sur c to the n ewflndus ityrsaid Harr- 
more about publicizing plays." said News, and Stephen Hartgen. ma nag- gen. “It gives you a worm, furry fc'el- 

in^To liolp someone younger and _ 

- ID workci t f u l 

vix7il _ Grnili'ri» in Riipert, 

J nrtlnml iie 198H, wbcro.hc bud nincc- 
citidfd. He married Etlicl I’rosclriin 
Aug. 30. 1975. iii PortluiuUUi: worked 

‘fur w; 


Burley, died Tburnluy.’ Jimi '3071 
at CaSKin Mimiorinl llospilal. 
...Burn April 17. 1899. in Aincr 
■Fork. Utah, the son »f Wi|Iiimi_.-' 


n |ir 


-'I'heTu nern I 'wilfbe conducted nt 1.30 
|i.ih. Tuesday at the Burley 3rd Ward 
LDS !( ’linind. 2200 Oakley A ve.. with 
BedHtfi David GibhuMH nlTii'inting. . 

Weather- ^ 

ConHmrod from Piige Al» benefit, and tlie farmers had to irri- 

"Tlie precipitation was_reiilliLspuL5_. gaUuntwealUn. 

tv." Galkin said. 'It came mainly from The ’National Weather Service 


Utility Cart 

RuirS 1-59^5- ^ 

Now - Only $n9.95j 




;i.K li 


"f 1 by McBride, hi 

DAY a nd Wfl 8 a member nf the Amc 

.cart Lcgiou-Po»t Nu. 
three dnughtr 

in Portland. 
wilV* of Cortland: 
'herri Vi lb nun r. 

den)’. , 

Fi! lends may.TVil[.n' 

McGulloch’iiFu. -\ 

thunderstorms. If you got under ihost 
cloudsryou'd getwet^- 

. anil al tlie church Tueuclny 

no hour prior lo the Hen-ice. 


I1EYUURN - The funeral for Alla 
lovclte Krttlricy, 7 1 . of I leytiiiro^uho- 
li.'d hist TucKduy. will he conducted ;/t.' 
1 1 a. ill. Tuewdav »t the Rupert Went 

MAL’l A Th e t 

died ,Wi:iIiii!mI>i.V. w 

-al will be com) in 

“Junes JoWTaiaiiirdia not signtft- 
cantly harm farmers' craps, according 
to Galkin. “As long as they have ade- 
quate irrigation water, and most 
farmers in the Magic Valloy do, the 
crops grew pretty well." 

„ .Thc-hol weather, however, did have 
L’gativtr effect by pushing! he evap- 
i than ll incliei-. 

Boise predicts that lemperaiure5~will' 
bel nea r norm n l during J uly. Hig h 
“temperatures will range"from the up- 

•pef SOs lo mid 90s. Ixiw temperatures 
will be in the 50s! 

Precipitation levels are also ex- 
pected to be near normal this month, 
with totals of one-tenth inch to one- 
third inch. ! ” 

-Ttfl ■ .734-8954- 

oration level to it 
"A good portion of-the irrigation v 
-tlio n BTvofltjiliaror- 

Galkin. "The plants didn’t .get the 







BURI.EY - H m Vm ■■Bert" John 
l ■, _x*» ., m-li.'V_ilied -Tiiur.-uhi.v 

id fnrtnrrly - i’f— F.ib’n, — wt>u — died — 
Wed 111-1 liny, will Ih’ conducted nt 1 
ji.iii. today at the Hilli n "a_(_‘i'inetcr>' 
in Aren.' Service arranKetiients : afr trp — 
iter the direct tun nf Xlnrve! Nteniliriui 

: Cm 

i Mel 


Friends may cull at the Payne Min 
tuirry in Hurley Monday from 8 to ; 
] i ni , und at the church uni* hour prin 

to tin* funeral on Tiu^idn_v_ 

- A co in |) let e obituary will uppeur u 
Sundiiv’s Tlllt Tlllics-News. 




Scli ell, 72. of Burt 
.Wednesday, will !»■ c< inducted at I* 
ii.m. the Burley. ,LI*S Stuki 
C cutcr^2U0UJSuruii'i_A v '-'. Hnfiiil wit 

The fiiMural’iind burial Wilt )«• held 
nt 10 u in Tuesday at the Paul Pi tie 
(.'hnpid.iit the i'liul Cetnelery. ivitli the. 
Rev. Darnel M. Uixsoti ull'iciat ititf- 
Frii'llib' 'tii.iy cull .U the Payne Mar- 
tuary m Burley' Monday from 8 to 8 

BURLEY -- Ai'lel G Andemnn. 7:t. 
if ‘ Burley, tlied Thurntlay June 3(1. 
1188. at the Vetera n' 1 ' Ad mini si ration 
{ospitnl in H<> 


vi 1 1 1> 

in- i'ieiisaiil 

Friends miiy call at the 
7iiif“ hour prior to the 

rch tod ni 

w Rurlev 

Tuesday at Pleasant Vie 
Ce mete rv." with military rites by tl 
VF\V; ] )A V. Aniencim l.e K mn a’i: 
\Varld War t and II veti 

Continued from Pit go- AS -j 

said, ; 

Whilr-thc- pnlitirai-leadcrs- looked- 
on. Sursul.v spoke of plans to have a 
CARE booth at the Twin F-nlls ("minty 

Thi* .booth will provide anti -SIS in- 
form at ion “and educate people on the 
dangers of plutonium nnd tritium. 
FOCUS. wilL participate in the July 

in Hurley Mmidin 

— M— t 

•WV ; w 

^ We inv ite our se nio r friends to join for.. 
. a star-spangled meal 

^ — 

■ ; 5" MONDAY, JULY 4 

$ , " 

7 Lunch ll:0()a.m. -1:30p.m. 
Dinner 4:30 -6:00 p.m. 

The groups are not affiliated with 
the Snake River Alliance, n statewide 
mljtl . gnmp^thaC 


Hospit als 

h cading-Slfi - opposition , snys Janict- 
Bi*rndl7a!!iahce spokeswoman . 

However, the alliance works with 
local groups. 

Menu includes: 

Kb^st B^f-with salad, fresh whipped ^ 

^ potatoes, vegetable, dinner roll, 

% assorted pies and beverage 

Mp- torj rriiyen. T’JiTI'Oi'iI.i -- .liiiflj'ster 
■.iII-."Riilph"rnx'ot ’Kimherly . tViIlir' Hjirh] 

. ! : ■. Ant h any Pra tl u f Jeron 1 1 ■ 

Hendrix ^Mrn <»■<> 
nnd Jmighl.- f.~St. 
U ("ernun Itubcj 

lien, all uf Burley. Ada 
■ ChriKtennon. both of 
Imw ifttslu-i* nf Miiftn; 

-ivntiililei *.f-l j Jllili ' . ' li -t _ 

■ -r Wcniti’Hi-Mm • Roa Smith ufJ' 
diiiuiiiti-riin.Ji'llefiird. nnd 5* i s f 

p; Ruir ofMimdiik.'t, . 



Now Priced at Only . $23, 000 

ALSO Large assumable loans artHabtc 
Call Bob or Betty Veoh 
'733-Z355 " 



Commit let! lo Excellence in Oualitv<4Sl)lritidii 

for Your Good Healili •Yjk 

if Magic' Valley 

nh.- y rfffl Reg ional Med ical Cente r ^ 

* 1 3%^% 

Ministry vresents proqram j Rebel circhbishop h3S StflUIlD I Support 

. .J - f • -M- —*m* | v - nl , m T,», im a : r_l Piittnnl hicrh eeKnnl nnd tam.v(inr-ml. nnti- hiehnnn tn Ttertwtllflte Kin rftVrtll 

TWIN FALLS - — ~’N,‘W C re- 
ation, a three-member ministry 

NEW YORK ( AP)_r-'. American job. truth.! ' school, high school and two-vearco l- new bishops to perpetuate Hia revolt *■ 

rebel Archbishop Marcel Other ' American udherenta of the lege at St. Marys, Kan. ,- ^ beyond his lifetime formalizes the 

T Lefebvre say they are sticking- with Lef ebvre revolt, org anized - in - “There’s no dissenion in our ranks," breach with Rome, m arking failure of 
^pgTmny fi'TTyip t r<i jAHj^g~Pnrnnr> £atE <irnintinnn'ny ns t he Priestly Society of"~said Ja son Huvnr- of Victoritv',L’pxus, recent Vatican negotiations lor recbii- 

olic reforms despite his break with St. Pius X. expressed the same deter- one -of atom - 15-scminarinns refur- ciliation. > • . - 

minntion. ' bishing new quarters for their St. Th- "He is taking measures to insure , 

New Creation ministry 

Church, Twin Falls. _ 

This year there are four 
■ teams trnvelmg-as-part- o£-the_- 
annual Summer-Ministry ‘Team 
program sponsored by - North- 
west College ofthe -Assemblies, 

of God. 

"New Creation's p resentation - 

includes a variety of music de- 
signed to. appeal to oil age 
. groups. . . 

Admission is free. 

this so-called cxcommumcatjon;- "^.— — — - - — - . __ 

tho KevT Charles War^oLSC Louis. CHurcK'in Kansas City, Mo^Jinmncii- ■ KsEopsTo piduin.mcm. bishops to maintain the' ;TaiUiTMflBt 

^administrator of the movement'si^^: — late Concoptioirehurch^nd'o. gram- Lefebvre, 82, , under suspension of us have been openly for it." 

district. mar school at Post Falls, Idaho: since* 197G'fononrieinninirkey re- ■ -He^nd-othcTs-fellmvers-echoed 

.“We’re holding fast to- the faith, Queen of Angels Church and. printing., forms of the 1962-65 Second Vatican-charges-by Lefebvre that Romo’s cm- 
which 'is whatia true Catholic does, press for its magazine, Angclus. at. Council, has continued (« ordain brace of religious liberty, ecumenical 
— ■ • - 1 ‘ --- 1 - — j --aUWa nthor— mcra. -jA-.lftriotw-wUh-other-churphea^and the 

Pope appoints new cardinal to highest tribunal 

isecniling"- trndition and were “democratizing" it. 

' “VATICAN CITY CAP) - Pope John 
Paul II on Friday .appointed Cardinal 
Achille Silvestrini to head the Holy 
See’s- highest tribunal, in a small 
shuffle of the church'6 central admin- 

Silvestrini, an Italian' elevated to 
cardinal on-Tuesday^wos one 1 ^ ofJbur. 

new appointments to the Curia. He 
• will head t he Su preme Tribunal of the 
Apostolic- Signature, whose jurisdic- 
tion includes cases involving concor- 
dats between various nations and the 

Holy See. : _ 

Until recently, Silvestrini served as ' 
: the -Va tica n's foreign minister 

•— In*’ other appointments, Cardinal Jnvierre Ortas, another Spaniard. 
Angelo Felici, on Italian, was named was made hbiid of the Vatican ur- 

’ prefect "of the Congfeghtiorf for " the chives. “ ' ’ 

Causes of Saints; Cardinal Eduardo 

.Martinez Somnlo, n Spaniard, wa s ap- They succeeded cardin als who hud 
pointed prefect of, the Congregation nli ternc(l 75. th’e uge at whlcITVflfi- 
for the Sacraments and Divine Wor- can officials are expected to turn-in--- - 
-Rhip, -and-(hirdinHl -Ahtbnio-Maria- 1 their resignations. - - - - 

Concert open to public 

TWIN FALLS — Reflection, n group from Azusa Pacific UniV&rsi- 
ty,- will present a program of music at 8:16 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday at 
— the-Twjn-Fnlls Church of Hie Nnzurene, 401 6th Ave; N.-The program 
. will include traditionul music'as'well ns nouVrfiolectlnns: * 

jiQic concerUsapen-to.Ujc public, — ■ — — - 


KIMBERLY - The Fox Family will perform in Valley Baptist Fellowship,' will begin a new 
concert at ‘7 p.m. Wednesday at Kimberly schedule of services, Sunday school will begin at 

ChurchbfthcNazdreric'.' ~~ ; ~~ 9:45 a.m. Sunday services are held at 11 a.m. and 

The Fox Family lives in Nashville, Tennessee 7 pirn. A midweek service will begin at 7 p.m. on 
and travels throughout the United States pro- Wednesday. 

seating programs of gospel music" . So rvlcc3'£u - e’held“ur492 Washington S 17171 

• The public is invited to attend: A freewill offer- B u HL _ The West End Ministerial Associn- 
ing will be received. tionwill sponsor a non-denominntionnl service on 

„ • . „. Sunday at 11 a.m. in tho Buhl Middle School gym. 

7 — ?V H '■ ~ P ^S el ^ "k r ^' S ^l^V Thc -P ublic is invited to .attend. 

Celebration of Liberty at 10.5Oiun. SundayTit 

Calvary Assembly of God Church in Buhl, A JEROME - Reflection, a singing group fjpm- 
potluck dinner will be held after the service. Azusa Pacific University in California, will pre- 

Former pastor Keith Butler will speak pt the 6 sent a program of, music 'ut 7 p.m. Tuesday at 

p.m. evening service. Fellowship time will Be held ' First C hur ch of God, Jerome. ~ 

_ nfi/ir the torvire ~Tho g rou p tra ve ls thro ughoutlne-northwesL 

presenting concerts in loc al churches. Admission 
TWIN-FALLS"— ' ~B cginning Sun davvthc -Magic isfretrnnd'OpTn'tJrtlftrfJUblic. 

BELLEVUE — Wood River Volley’s first Gos- 
pel Music Celebration wijl be held July 9 at the 
Bollovuo City Park. L - 

Sponsored by the Coalition for Christian Edu- 
. .cation, '.th e_ act Lvit ic s _wi 1L beJield fn>mJ,l.a.m._to_ 
9:30 p.m. Gospel music performances will include 
many well-known Idaho musicians. Guest 
speaker for the event is Bob Forrey. a former 
Idaho State Representative who willspenk about • 
Christian education. 

There will also be a perfoTmancc liy~'a "clown 
ministry from twin Falls, as well as skits by local 
youth groups. • 

_^A^ chic ken dinne r 

For information, call Kay Fo rbis, 788 -3582 or 
"Sher Br6d6ski7788-311-1 evenings. 


'Silver* will speak on "A" Celebration of CALVARY CHAPEL 

Lilierty'-nt 10:50 a.m. Formnr poster Keith TWIN FALLS - The moral ti|l service and 
Butler will «jxmk nt 0 p-m. • , children VSuildny nchool will lx>uin nt 11 n.m. 

’ JEROME — Sunday nchool for all nflei, will Koinonla will bo held ut7 p.m. nt City Pork. 
•britm - nl - 9;45 a.m. nt Faith Cha|>ol. The Youth fejlownhip will not be held -on Mon-. 

-7 rnornin u s rrvice-wiHbc-hrld nt II a.m. The day. 

. ovo'ninReervictfvrill not be hptdto n!!c7W7itten-— • Women'n-frllownhip nnd- men's- prayer-will— 
dunce nt the 2:30 nnd 7 p.m. nervier* nlBelle- bruin “t 7:30 p.m. Tuendoy. 
vue Camp. , On Wrdneedny. tho hluh echool Bible study 

"* : Adiilf LiiBlc eludy nnoT^iily.nclMU^WlinilHiouii'will meet nt 7:30 p.mrutlhp ft'-L. fttkuiV: 
l>e held nt 7:30 p m. Wrdneedny, j- Homo fctlownhipn will Ik- held on Thurndny 

.will bruin nt 9:45 n.m. nt Faith Aaectnft^f Kevin Nrwbry; for informution call 733-3133 * 

;lO'p'in“Yoath jrmnpe-will 
■ The juninrhiuhyuftthyjll not merlon Mon- 

diiyi ~ 

On Wrdnr*diVy. adult nnd ymith Bible nlud- 

— I^Tirf-niSldtirTpm- 

N ; FAl;Cs.r-r.^^ n "rt|i^rh.nol^rtl » T be — 
held nt 9.45, n.m. ut Vnlli-y Chrietlnn. Tin- 
niominu nervier will liefcin nt 1 1 n.m. 

■A.f«rewell picnic for Pnetor John and Gloria 
Dewey will be held at 11:30 p.m. Wrdneedny. 

Mnry Martini Circle will meet nt 9:30 n.m. 
Thurrdny nt Bernice Huwklnn home. 

TWIN FALLS - Sundny echool will bruin 
nt 9:45 «y Pnetor Jim Evuna will epenk oik • 
-Tile IM.fieee ofCod. purl 2‘ nt 11 n.m. nnd \ 
-- ■h* wilk^pesk from llebrrwn ot-7 p.n^ — — Xa-1 — Jg 
Aj/ilt-ch'urch picnic will Ik- held on Monday; £ 
C^/fll uroupe meet Wrdneedny nnd Thitrndnyri 

— call 7 33- 3 . 1 . 10fbrtnfnmintiiin on locatione: 

/ Tliticliurch-inJociileiUijiiile.iiouUi-uCKim. — - 
-■-brrty-Hotid -on-Blue- la kim-Blvdrtinvth.— ^ 

r-m nuTi AN rFNTKII ; 

TWIN FALLS - Suiiiiny eclmolToFull liuee t 
wriL-lwum nl 9:30 jlm. Pnetor Fred Brodm 

will-ep^uknt-loW&ii •m-Childrrn , ii--churcH"" “ 

ivULhciaimlJ.I -t ff ii m fnr rliiii l rr u.ii r iac l iool.^. 

Ihrouuh Tirol ifciide* Prayer will Ik- held.nt 
... 5:30 p.m. - ‘f u — . — - . 

On Wnlneedliy. joutli felluwehip will he 
held nt 7 p m. nnd home fcllowehlp will l>eum 
nt 7:30 p.m. nt Glenn Do»«utl ' « l ioiuJ. 

TWIN FALI/S - Hie leeeon errmon will lie 
"God.' Sundny echool nnd church will lieRin nt 

n niT 1 1 ir T7l ri ft sjii) p’w 1 1 1 o^pe i, ii t III n.m, «nd~ fiiiveu work dny ut the church nt 0 n.m Fri: 
the Country Slnrp-Wnfkeh«p-wdl-li*,.|M»lil-at tiny— — 

— J^ffrEC<)S TAL^ 

WKNDKU. - Suiidnv echool will be held (hrI T rmp | c will hnve u epecinl erre-ice nt 
lit 9.30 a.m. Pnelor Mueeer will epenk on ivnetnmon Ciimpground in the SouiTf Hille 
"Freedom" nt I I'lim. Ihe evcllillU eenice will with Krv n,, r j Slovene, m from K1 Cnjon. Ca- 
bruin nt 7 p.m. Ilf. - 

Adult Bible etiid.v nnd prayer will be held n( o n Tueedny. Iiuliee 1 prayer niretinu will lie- 
7 p.m. Wrdneedny. - •• _ K ; n „i 9.30 n.m. 11 ml Rev. Herl Sleveneon will 

Melj’n prayer felloweliip will lie held lit' » in ,| lr ntudy nl 7:3ft p. 

J1UIIL— Pray*! will lie held nlUn.m. Bible 
clnsee" for nil ‘'(tce wiM lie held nl 9-30 n.m. nl 

Home Bible fellowehipe will In- held nl 7:30 
p m. Thureduy. For mfoin^itliin, cull .734- 
3554. . . . 

at -nini-l.i iie Ch urcirTell6weh ln~Pnntnr ----- P ltESUyiT.lUAN^- 

fcelly Miller will -peak nl 10 n.m'. A cum mu- BUJIL - Aui-TOmpnl^|-ecrrTcr-ml|-t^ 

•„i(y inlerdemiminnlionul een ice will 1>e held held «t Buhl Middlr School «l 1 1 11 . in, No eer- 

ut 1 1-mmrat-Uuhl-Middle School- An-evcninK-: — vic»«JI,hftWljI.tttJ/VCjht>Jt'h — s— 1— . 

^»julca-of-f«llow»lup-uud praytr.u:»H la- held HA /.EI.TON - Rev, la.rry Vdordo will 
■nl H p m bcfnrr u niii'u In n u -i- 1 r- n— rl nl "oenk n l llie 10 3I> n m^rervice ii^Vnllgy^ 
Buhl Middle School Oym nr 7 p m. PrcahyteHnn t: u .nee lumi 1 . will lie held allor 

. Womcni, BibleT-Vllnweliip kill Ik- brill nt 10 thc f l , ,| ..Hlmheld 

n.m.ehoeednv nt Anne Millrr'e bnme. | ~ , - moUJAI Ell ^SuilJny 

■oiiTvednr.dny.Tfible M U dy*witl be held nt nt «« “ m - "'«*"""»!*• will lie You Mum Be 

7:30' nl' F-fiilik Znnibic’e home and. the Born Ariuii iilllu.m • 

youth jkntinu pnrty will Ik- held nt 7:30p..m, ; • JKROMK - Dr. Lawrence * ^Rue he 1 wi» 
Sundny eervicee ore held in the Seventh "l ir,,k 0,1 ^ n " - American Dream nt 10. JO 
Dnv Advrlitiet Buildiuu. li --nille enet ofjlnhl, ".m. J. 

lion dill 543-4334 »-||l*epeak-on ' Heel J'Ood^idJtcaLJJrJIiKZJlL. 

■ee rvlc e o f f ellotvehi p m il l p r a y e r . w ill, l a- h ull 

Buhl Middle School Oym nt 7 p.m. 

Wnnien'e BibleTpllnwehin will In* lipid nt II 
. njll.ehoeedny nt Anne Millrr'e bnme. j ~ 
oiiWednredny, Bible eliidyw-ill be held n 

7:30 p.m.' at' F-fnlik Zanibic’e home and. the 
.youth skutintf pnrty will l«- held lit 7:30 p.m_. 
Sundny eervicee nre held in the Seventh 
Dny Advrntjet Biiildinu. ''"- mile euel of. Buhl, 
- Knii i i rr 'ilnche-onHiuKway.3th_konnfoemA" 

Hon. dill 543-4334. 

n .|5 ii m Sundny eehool -will bruin nt 10 n.m- . — 
Elder Jim Wntkinn will epdakon TTlc Hope ol' 
P-nri." ut the 11 n.m. cmmmmiim eervice. 


^^OTLRR-wr T h fm grniniraamrouniPO eei -vicg — 
will Ik- held nt 1 1 a.m. 

Tile United Methodiel Women will meet nl 
9 n.m. Thuredny. 

An all-church picnic wilj lie hrld nl ft p.m. 
July 10 In Filer City Park. ! 

JEROME - Sundny echool will be held nt 
9:50 n.m. Rev. Sue Netenii wilt epenk. nt 1 1 
n.m. .. i I' 

Bible ntudy will lie held nt 10 n.m Tueedny. 
KJMBEItLY/MUltTAUGH - Pnetor Dnte 

'MrUuer will ep^nk on Tlifee Tcniptntioiie of 
the Aniencnrrl'rople" nt V-n.m: in Murtauuh, - 

Gn-3 : ue»dny^Bibl c ntu d y rr i ll lKrhnldriitr?— 

p.m. nt Lnvilln Leuu'e lion)" nnd the Friendn 
in Fnith ynunu w^imon'e uroiip will meet nt 7 
- p.m. ut the Kiiiiiwriy Church - “ - 

Oil We dlleedny. Hnnnni Circle will meet ut 
' 1 p.m. nt the Golden Griddle Rretnurnnl in 
Twin Full* nlld tho pnriehlyouUi uroup for 7- 
12th urndp* wilt meet nl 7;il) p m. ohUieKiih- 

~"On Tliu nutayT^Tiirtnoulf Unitnl Mrtliodint 

TWIN FALLS — 'Hie^ ninvuiue will Ik- 
"Moure. Pnrt 2“nl II n.m 
The United Mrthodiet Men will meet for 
brenkfnel nt 7 n in, Wedneedey nt the Golden 

. FILER — Sunday echool unil Bible ntudy 
. will beuiu ut.9>10 n.m.. lit Clover Trinity. In- 
cuted 3W mile* eouth nnd 4 roilee went of Fib 
er. The nieeenue will he "Crlrbrnlr I'rmlom" 10:45)11.111. 

KIMBERLY — Die nuiminu eerviee will Ik- 


TWIN.FALIJ4 — Sundny.-Jclu) 
held ut 9;5ll n.m. Pnetor Brian Vrir 

TWIN FALLS ^IPrnue timo will be held nt 
H:3l) n m. Sundny nchool will lieuin at 9:45 
j-'lrn l Bnptlet . -The moroinu eervice 

n.m. in Enullnh nnd 1 1 n.m. In Spnnieh. 
Communion nervier* will be held nl 7:30 

n.m. Mondn y-Fridny 

TWINFALliS - Mnne will tw celrbrnted nt - ' 
GfTmMwIaynl SCEdwiird'i * 

_ On Sunday. Mae* will be held nt 9 nnd 11 
n m. nnd 7:30 p.m. Coffer boor will lie held nf- . 
ter the 0 n.m. norvice. 

Mn*e will Ik- It^ld nt 9 n.m. Monday to crlr. 
brute our country 1 * Indejiendeiice nnd to pruy 
for it* future. 

Communion nervier* wilt lie held nl 8 n.m. 
and 12:10 p.m. Monday and ut 8 n.m. Turn- 
: - dny-Fridny: Mu* ecu nre held: nt.-il2:19 P m. 
Tueedny- Friday. Comimiinon ri-rvicv will lie 
h eld nt Horn: Saturday. ■ ■ 

-KeooiiciliuUou. ^.v.’iU_bc„ h^ld_ 

Friday from 6.0 p.m. nnd Snturdny fnitii 4*5 


BUI II Moriiiuu Prayer, wilt be ut 9 u.m. 

nt Holy Trinity Eplncopnl. 

Matin* nre held Tuendny Ihrouuh Fridny nl 
10 n.m. 

Euchnnnt will ' be- celebrated nl 7- n m. 

GLENNS FERRY - The Rev. Alice Far<|u- 
].ur-Muv eB_)vill l end til e service pf Holy Eu- 
chnrinl nl ST ii'm lit Grnco Kpl*copal 

Eucharint will bn cnlcbruted Fridny nt 10 


KIMBERLY - Sundny iwhool will be held 
j>t-9;45-u m llruco .I hoc kur-Will-jpcnh-Ull- 
"Wde to. You" mil n.m. The youth will meet 

TWIN I'ALXS - Chri*tinn oduentien 
. clause* for nil-auei will Win nt Ou.m nt th- 
Church of thr llrrlhrrn. Pimter Em in Run 

" ‘ GOODING - Miiniinu Prayer w.ll he _ iir 
1 1:15 n.m, nt Trinity Episcopal. 

Fiirhnriwt will fie -relehrnted Tilewdnv nt 

JEROME IV.Jby] Jnud tho _ 

nervier of Holy Euchnn*t lit It n.m. nt Cal- 
vary Episcopal 

Eucharist will be celebrated at noon Thurn- 
da/. . 

MOUNTAIN;HOME-=_Thc Re v._AI icc, Fn n_ 

qtihnr-Mayr* will lead the nervier of Holy Ku- 
- chi«nsl nl 1 1: 16 n.m. nl'St. Jnmea EplscdpnT 

TWIN KAI.LK —The Rev. Frrd Elwmnl w 
"tend Holy Euchnrirt at B nnd 10 n.m nt Aj 
— ««H irtiTtrrpUr<ipnl 

The Thrill Shop will npeh nl 10 n.m. Tur 

Adult Bible ntudy wilt be held ut 8 p.m. 

“ TWINFAX.OC-‘Pnnfor''A~X'Cn>«nYer ^ 'will " 
• npenk on "A Powerful- Plcn" nt-tbe 8-16 nnd - 
in 4ft n.m. service nt Immnnucl Lutheran 
Tlic ncrvicc bfondcnM over radio nln- ' 
lioil KTFI lit 9:30 u.m. Siindiiy nchool nnd 
Iidult Bible clunnen will lieuin nl 9:31) n.m . 

TWIN FALLS - The morainu nervier, will 
■ be held nt 9:30. a.mi uL Our Savior Lu- 
theran.. Sunduy nchool will lie held nt 10:41) 

On Wrdnendny; the men'* lirenkfnnt will be 
held nl fi:3l) n.m. nnd n fn/ewell picnic lor I'nn- 
tor nnd Mr*. Dewey will Ik- held ut 0 30 p in • , 

KIMBERLY - Sundny echool for nil uue* 
will l»e belli lit 11:45 I'nnlor Shumnn w ijl - 
nprnk-on- n Rnmnyinu- Homers" nt lO-Su-rrnn. 

.I1t» uvsiunu service will bc hclil at <5 p ni.J 

The Fn* Family (kuusert will be held nl 7 
p.m. Wedncsdny. 

TWIN FALLS - All church work dny w-ill 

beheld nt 9 n.m; today. • - 

Sund ny nchool fur all n um will b egin at 9 30 

u.m. Rev. Truvia JncoliMin will »(>euk on 
"Freed Din If* Mare Titan Ynir'lhink" nt .. . 

t he- 8: 1 5 - - nnd £- He* ne n-ie— ■_ 

“Hell,*clinii. - n priuip IVom Asiinn' Pncl fir Util r" 
vernity; will prrnent n cmcert in.lmlh nervic- 
-r7~Pnntiiril niobn e n w d lupenk-im-^lmructsir — 
Study of ii Scrvniit - Eliernr” ut 6 p m^ 

Dip service ill Woodntnne Jlrtiremellt Cen- 
ter will !*> held nt 5.30 p.m. Monday. 

Die men’s fellowship will meet nt Trnvin Jn- 
iImuiii's home, 213Taylor. on Turndny ut 6;3U 
n m nnd 7 pm. ; - - 

vmitntion and children'* nnd teen's mu nicnl 
will lie held nt 7 p in. 

3-8 urndrr*! cull 733-6128 for mfurniatiui! 

Liiilirn* pniypr urmip will meet nl 9.45 




6 5 > 




BUHL - Chprch nch,K.l will be held 
u.m. Elder Kay Znuntn will npenk at ll 

TWIN FALI.S — Devotion* will lie held n 

Toitforship Service In 
The City Park 

July 3rd at 10:50 A.M. 

Mr. Jim Tubbs 


" at 8:00 A.M. 

• — At 1hg-MOTOR->VU— 
on Eastland DrT 

l“Gil MycrsrPreaching- 

i We have Sunday Evening 
I Worship 

_ Close_the Jay jitGod.s house. 

I Twin Falls Reformed Church 

- 1 1 :()() U.m. &. 7:00 p.m. Worship- 
ii .nt. Sunday School 

rn^rtrrnrwTJrrNrnr l ’at—w-mrltond } 

S-fl -Timoa-Nows. Twin Falls. Idaho ' Saturday. July 2. 

- F rank and*Ernest= 


22 Rollc S 

24 Poem J5 “ 

25 Egyptia n dam 

~2B"Tropii 4« 

• 30- Mother’s — — 

hotper . 

34 Framo ol H Hi ■ 

mind - » . « » ' 

35 Short aloopa — : — h 

37 Thaw out ■ 

36 Go astray 577 . H 

39 Wounds M 

4t Hob. prloat or ■ 

42 • — Lauder I I I I 

44 Sea oagle ' lonaTrihurMiWMi. r>o 

45 Breakfast nwB«.ww*ws«=? 

corsa ir - .. : 

■40 Took a broak B Competont 

^"Sett-centered 7-Delghton-or — 

onoa , Dawson 

60 Proparo# tor 6 Sports groups' 

a ocaiium 

fi2_QolLtorm. 10 Easing of_„_\ 

53 Not ao lino tension 

50 Slstar of It Sign 

Apollo ' 12 Force 

60 Norse god 13 Pramlngor 

. 61 Wood out a'~ 21 •Cantor'a wife 

63 Muatcal-aouhd 23'Hous4hoki 

— 64-Hutfcii- Una l a halportt 

00 . Biblical wood 27 Scant 

in :• it liwKi open 1 ng-nm-u >•»*! eim-wu* ( j. -Are-there-any-dFiwru_in-uie- — q- 0 o ^nts-get Aids'? — — T — 

riviTsatiimal ice. Our Love ami -War United Slates east , of thc-Mississippi? A ‘ Something like’it. Vets say t 
in ducsn t agree. lit- thinks a good A. A little one. 1 ennessee s Copper , fntal f(?Iine disease seems to have i 

a n easy answer. Any suggest in ris? fu mes denuded it. 

“A man becomes what, he does," CI/1UD5 

said Madison-Wheeler. ' ' CJ.-Hnwlmucii of’thc carth is cov- 

( *u who y out ti t s w« re ere a ted by ILif- 0 red by clouds at any given tiuui? 
fain Hill. For his Wild West Shoiv.' A. About' half/ 

A. A little one . 1 en nessee s c o pper . fat a l feline disease seems to have in- 
TtiTsln hb sqiiare _ _rtiiTeS7 “Pitjil* ItSltlTI' ftT C {^d about Z percent of the cat popu- 
tii mes denuded it. lution so far, and it’s spreading swift* 

(imuns . — -ly — •. 

Q. What’s “synesthesia"? 

* A. Visualizing musical notes in col- 

: .lust the fact that the kids aro starting 
school might be the cause. That's 
stressfu l. - . 

Q. In whal sport do the athletes use 

tire irons? ” 

A. Abalone fishing. The, lnddcr is 
supposed to be four feet longer than 
the height you’re trying to reach. 

”<*■•**• 7 _ 07102161 

Yoatorday'i Purzlo Solved: 

L |E |N|T ■ A T:o| l | l » H | 4 i nTl - 

m r rlBF o a i *M i ft i 

0 N C E ItlW A B l tl'lElM 00 I 


I'. [BRA~i3ept.~*2.f~to'O ct. 22 >: Today AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. )i)l: Be 

07 Ruaa^ son 
'60 Rub “out — 
09 Rotlrop 

1 1 Wood strip 

2 Knowlodgo 

28 Collatoa 

29 Comfort - 

31 Layora . 

32 Vorvo - 

33 Hamoss- parta 

30 Melody 
39 Eng. city 

I anno anon 
□□naan nnnnnnn , 
□nana aanna nran 
nnnij anaaa □□nn 
□an aaoHo narann 
nmanjiiiaa aoaann 
anas anna 
. anaaa rannn nno 
id □□hob nnoo 
id annas naan 

— handed down - 40. -Syntluttle 

3 Bakery worker. . . —rubber , — 

4 Qom 43 Everlasting 

5_KJnd_of_wlna di-Clericol hot - : 

4-7 Frl aoaport 
49 Mako laco 
51 Mora factual 
53. Comic . . 

_Jmogon o 

50 Turk. VIPs ' 

67 Old D«ad S«a 
„ kingdom 
58 Concerning 
. 5£>_Q rain .. _• 

OENKK A L..TE N 1>K NCI ES:. Now . is 
the time to look far.into the future, 
nnd to pursue unusual ideas on its !>•?- 
hall. htndy your potentials rarelnlly 
“Tit? fare artingTATj in inful lessen from 
the past can he of help here. 

ARILS 1 March 21 to April I‘M: Fo- 
cus in;. having fun - with -and learning 
frii m Muir most dynamic friends. (lot 
together later, ill' Ui e TTin^p fovT(li r '“r 
hospitable place to talk. 

' " TAURUS r April 21) to May 20'- You 
can. gain. insight on. how to be iin»r<_- 
’ prosperous from ;i .higher-up. Pay at- 
tention to modern trends. Improve 
your Mat tis in the community. 

i ! KM IN I 7 .May "2 1 tiTTlune 2 1 iTTaiu- 
advantage of early morning- vitality, to. 

areiimplislTii .ms! teiL A.creal op- pleasure. Durmt- mm Imre. 
. portunity irmv slip bv if you ore lory. s ” mc SP™” 1 tnfcnl "l" 1 >™ 

Gel help from a now friend. - P°f s ° s3 - 1 '" cus " n ■ v ° ur 

MOON' CHILDREN (June' 22' to SCORPIO tOct. 22 to No*. 21): A 
■July 21 1: Try to improve your system frustrating- -home situation can be 
for handling practical matters. Work umc Hornted by utilizing more modem 
ns a team with your inate-as much as techniques in conjunction with those 
pussiblu^Listenal sd to ch ild ren . — proven in-the-post. 

‘‘“1:E()TdUl5"22tff'At)g:‘21)rToday-lis. — vSA<xi-'FTARIUS-tNov^-22--to-pee-.-/ 
ton to the underdog who may afford a^ 21): Voice your ideas and get excellent 
new’ angle. Don’t be afraid- to work or^ cooperation today. State your aims di* 
an imibilionrNow'-ijrthe time to repair rectiy. Short 'trips should progress 
a faulty contract. . smoothly. 

VIRGO iAug. 22 to Sept. 22): Listen. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 'to Jan.20): 

. to the clever words of one disguised as Stud >' thc lnUist trends for ways to im- 
a foolrThis could help yo u both. Look pro ve_a nd . modem i ze_y ou r p wperiy. 
for mechanisms which make work 'Older persons can- ho h'elpTul today, 
easier. ; - ■ -e spcciallv-with.fimmcas— • . . .. 

ton to the underdog who may afford a 
new’ angle. Don't be afraid to work oq 
an aiubilionrNow-ijrthe time to repnir 
a faulty contract. 

er. Find n way to strengthen your best 
friendships. You mny be surprised by 
n new possibility within un old friend- 

PISCES (Feb. 20 to March 20): Jot 

down your new ideas today for future 
use if the cars of higher-up6 are unre- 
ceptivtu-Have-a-pri vnte -meeting- to 
discuss productivity. 

If Your Child Is Born Today: He or 
.she will have a wide variety of po-. 
tcntinl skills, and should be encour- 
aged to follow the most modern pur- 
suits. including those of a highly tech-: 
-nicnl nature. Your child Bhould have: 
ns many early, plnymntcs as.possiblc,: 
iind must be' tnught- especially good 

joins American Ballet Theater as artistic 

NEW YORK (AP) - Mikhail 

Baryshnikov, artistic director or ~ 

TTiVnU'Icrm BalleT Theater, "j iITF 

nouncod Friday that choreogra- I 

pher Twyla Tharp Will join the . 

company as artistic associate. 

Baryshnikov ’ suid ” Tharp •_ and_ - *— 

Bcvorul dancers in her compnny * ,p~MK~ ■^T0BjW i 

will- join at. the next rehearsal v^B 

i p erio d-which starts Aug_ 22. She — 4 — 

will " choreograph a 11 e w work For ' fl^HFT 
■ Bu|let Theater next'-season and 
will tench several of her ere- Jr 

otions to the company during the - — f — ^ — a * 

two J 

Tha rp has directed her own 

mod ern-d a nee company since ^ Hf 

1905 _ and' choreographed^ 

^morc~thnn 8() .wnrkKr~SHe chor e-' • 

ogrnphed 'Tush Comes to Shove' 

for! Baryshnikov and Ainericnn WOLFMAN JACK. 

— R hi 1 e t— J-hwt tar— i n— 1 h7< Pfttid-lifl s Rndf o~nHo w ~dropped 

done three other ballets for the 

company, man Jack has stopped - howling 

; . — - about the golden oldies on South- 

IVo Ifm a n finishes * — cra*£nlifornin's airwnvos,-but.-th«- 

. ... . _ : ;mudmah.of Lhe radio can hardly 

disc jockey show be cn , !c(1 muzz icd. 

LOS ANGELES <AP) - Wolf- Thursday, was the 49-year-old 


aejs there any bad feelings," said the year history. Mortier to direct 

3*|8? Wolfman,. who has broadcast The king will have been on the p/-— j.l' CY^o-m ■ • — 

with-XTRA-AM-sinoe-Soptomber — thro ne for . 42-y e a r s a n d .23 .ih\yx . -.K h ejjl jsn \/p era 

m«7. 'Thevvc been paying me a The longest previous reign was BRUSSELS, Bolgium (AP) - 
k “ lot of money, so I sure wouldn't that of King Chulalongkorn', who Opera dire ctor Gerard- Mortier. - 
;rn ».,„n-t ih o righ t thing ruled 1 868-1910.' who brough t the Mon nm e opera 

E~ ill the way around?' ' King Bhumibol, GO, will preside compirny^n^ - 

|H" . . ovur.Buddhist-rites in -tho-Graml— Aion-m.the -1980s. said. Friday .he 

is* Palace, pay homage to .the relics has agreed to head the rcstruc- 

jac/cson 10 uunuie (>r Chulalongkorn and travel with lured Flemish Opera. 

^K-cbnCCrt:prOCeeas;;'^:H:~QueuE^n : nnr.lo:m^nncrcnt:Cnpti^Mnrticr,.4.'),:wiljholhediro-cU>r-- 

trt* DETROIT I AP) - The Motown lal of Ayuthnyn during four days , of the opera compapy in northern 

MJ Museum announced Friday that of ceremonies. Belgium for three* years while 

f — - Michael Jnckson^will donate the . The -constitutional m onarc h, keeping his post as head o l the 

f proceeds of his OcC 24 concert in assumed the throne upon the Brussels Mohnnte. 

Detroit to the Moltiwn Museum mysterious death of his brother, The Flemish Opera in the 

— HtTTMirlmf Foxmdntmn — - ^ Tirmr^ — — DiHcl>-Kptrtik1ng-purf-oP-Belgitim— 

.Jackson .got his show business He is widely regarded as a was recently reorganized to try to 
"T'tT"" '^,XrtT al ; 'a'go’"‘"9,"' “aTT.'JtMPtn WU sum ce of -stn bill ty-i n -thi s-ra pally — bri ghum-ils-finanrial-future-and.,. 

add e reii live impetus.” 


C elebratea-Ionge a t reig n — — 

disc jockey's last day ' spinning 
the pi alters -that matter weekday 
^afternoons mi XTRA-AM because 
thi; station adopted an atj-talk 
formal beginning Friday. 

“It’s ifothjng persona^ nor are 

gTr King celebrates 
Slav longest Thai reign 

BANGKOK Thailand .(AP I 

fl-talk King Bhumibol Adalyadej on. .Sat 
urday becomes' the longest- reign 
nr are >ng monarch in Thailand's 7?>0 


Police veteran takes chief to court for slap 

PORTLAND, Ore. 1AP) - A 14- 
. your, .police veteran says.the po;_ 
lice chief slapped lu*r on the .face 
in Novemhcr ajid has repeatedly 
attempted to deny it. 

Rjkki Vencmon notified the city 

tiltomuy in a June U. letter thut 

she-intended-to- sue- the- city. -and — 

Chief Richard Walker. 

She had declined to talk to re- 
- porters- about the Nov. 2 incident, 
pending the results of an investi- 
gation ordered June H by Mayor 
Bud Clark. . 

However, 011 Thursday she pro- 
vided The Associated Press with 

her account, of the incident. 

" -Walker has' claimed that the ' 


slandin g fOver a fcen tlo p at on ,the_ 

spokesman 'Tor the chief, said ' dent' \V«S' Bnrkloy,' n'l 0-yoar vet 
^‘hm^ay^hatrthe-city^t+lbriieys — eran — uchuut — W a l ker — riiccill]) 
~nnir( T_ ha"{1 _ ndvi'a?d'Wa I ker not to- aWardecT-a- police meda l of valor , 
comment. 1 ' Barkley has repeatedly declined 

Simpson added that it's up the -to comment. 

.. mayor .to. decide, if-llie findings of Barkley's attorney, .Scott. Erik 

...the investigation, being conduct- Asphaug, said his client would 
ed by City Attorney Jeff Rogers, not comment: "Sgl. Barkley 
—will born atlL-publiE"-."- --- — merely- a -witness (nthis-case. 
However, Chuck Duffy, a has retained our law firm due 

spokesman for the mayor, said the lad that the swipe of this 

tin - pul in- chief uinv h (-.ti Vc_|]ntau_vest jlMiij.n — has — gm\c.._.j^W'?< 1 .. 

decide: * merely the incident, und-.dearl.v. 

The only witness Hi the inci- has political overtones." 

. -Ttmos Nows. Twin Falls'.. Idaho . Saturday, July ?. '908 

VOSCOW (AP) - Mikhail . S. 

( i nmchev im Frida y ni({lil cluwil 
■ li onnl tanrirnnnist- Parly Cl11 1 ' 

! ,-n -ice on Ills program of pore- 
• •ika," saying resolutions eu- 
i,ii. ed by the delegates lend I In* 

U . . to 11 "democratic image of so- 
«■: iSJHlrfr* “ “ : ■ 

"••.O' rimr-day conference, thin 
i - .; . held hy the party since liMI , 

.v— . unprecedented .in. l f)*i opetl- 
i i of criticism of past and pre- 
lend ers. 

— • t • arhnehev pointed mil one key— 
tie four-day conference - the 

n — ,npu.p>-oveccmneJiie-purty.i 

i . mist. legacy - when he called 
!. ■ ■ ennstruetton-of -o moiiunu'iii... 

: ;ie victims nT Joser Stalin. , 

orbachev spoke*- after the con- j ' 
i .jnce of 5.000 party members 

opted resolutions iu what the ANDREI GROMYKO 

iss news ngcncy called an "un- 

uiiiiy mo, my „ml Imw" dd.uu.. . Given chairmanship 

«\ ■ o meeting. winch was calle'd'by ~ , , " ~~ 

rhnchey.lo pass judgment. on fanner Moscow parly boss Boris 

Comm u n ist Pa rty 
honors Gromyko 

ral - votes— on amendments, rionce an<i energy, but ultimately 

- — ~M <-)S(-*<-UV — t APr — -—.Soviets- Rus sia n republic?* — re gion -of — 
President Andrei A. ( IromykTJ* Komi, told the conference that 
was honored with .the chair- Soviets want hi gh officials who 
mam-ship of a session of the na- served under- Leonid J...BrezlK . 
tional Communist Party con- nev removed. 

•' Friday, one day af- "Those who in the past str- 

and that the conference rejected proved he could not handle the 

proposals by spacc'SCiontistrRoaldrrjob.—— : 

audovov on elections to onvern- l.ieochev. at whom much of 

menL councils. * - Yeltsins — cnucism was 

•An amendment calling for the look the floor Friday evening Lo 
Communist Party newspaper oppose his return, saying Yeltsin 
Pra v dn to he t a ken o ut of the -committed many erro rs and sti ll 

tral Committee received only 5G 1 

— volesrk-smd; 1— ; <— 

-In an nppurent reference lo the 

ig to the country's stair 

:o- . :YH, . siandini ; a t a 
fe’etern iii the I\tfi-mlm‘sPniace > 
of Congress. as' flu* opened .llu* 
intoning sessiom 

On. Thursday Vladimir- I. 
Melnikov, party] boss ' in ^.ho 

stagnation may not scryy an'd 
.work on the central pnri.y and , 
government bodies how. Sfel-~ 

"the, printed word «vas a servant 
of arbitrary Lotalitariauism.” In 
m t r h s lr~lie-s H i ilr-t h e— e oi i lo run 

v w- 



Soviet’ le.’idt'r - 'Mikhail -- S. 1 " 
( iorliachev interrupted to ask- 
who Melnikov had in mind, 
and 111110111*. those the Komi of- 
ficial listed way Gromyko. 

a-yonr-olil policy »r rmlryc- N. Yollsin, who appalled ••iirlior 
inno Soviel. noddy, -fonmilly . d'n <hy Hi I hi- confi-ronn- lo 
01-tl nftcr his niliircss. . nl.snlvo him or Manx- Kir crilu-i*- 

:’he Soviet lender also engaged »»g f, '° pare of Gorbachev s. re- 

. n long critique, of the work of forms hist l<; 

Thai criticism cost Yeltsin his 
*jAb and his s|*ol' : is a candidate 
meinher of the ruling Politburo. 

'1‘ass said the co fereiice adopt- 
ed a package of -ix resolutions, 
saying tin* debate on hurenucra-. 

cy. inter-ethnic relations ami Gor- 
bachev'S’ policy Of "gh.anosT iir 
mi ire openness, were particularly 
thorny. It did not say what the 
resolutions said. 

The Task report said there wore- 

• debate muslbc.cnrrind out. — 
Before the, .conference debate 
ended, however, the long-simmer- 
jng feud 'bctwccir. Yeltkin and 
Kremlin No. 2 leader Yegor K. 
Lihachev broke into the- open. ' i 

Yofuiu-was-judKed-as being po-. 

■ lilically mistaken hy the. party: 

' Hut lie said Friday his only mis- 
take was poof timing. •* 

* Gorbachev said Yeltsin was 
chosen to run the Moscow party 
L . organization because of his expo- 

• Mogic Volley's Largest . 
| and Most Experienced 
Carpet, Vinyl, Wood, 
Custom Rugs and 
Carpet Cleaning 
I • Sales and Installation 

-in jure 52 
in Lebanon 

BEIRUT. Lebanon (AP) - Cars 

- - e ked _wj(b .explosives .blew up 
-l:- idny-<m a busy block in. west 
i .. irul and near a Syrian urmy 
. i.eckpoint in the Bokaa valley, 

- riling nun 'person and injuring- 

POMcq sniU . " _ .. ; 

A _s’pokesm nn l or a PLQ sjt I i 1 1 - 

-i -r- group, the-FuLalLsUpFising, . 
-i ohi ed— suptHH -le r s -of^PnlrstT 1 1 e 

advanc es to Wimbledon final 

'rhq_As s oc in tedPr o.s s 

Although, it was the .first set .Becker hits lost in berg, who.hnd lost his la st t hree Grand Slam semi- 

- Edberg,- who won-the-Austriilitm-Open-ocrgniss 

the tournament, history will be on his side when . finals. 

WIMBLEDON, -England Aftei — Ivan— Lendl- — th e*6 • 4r6- 3r£; 7 match resumes Saturday prior to — Edberg; who won- the- Austro lian-Gpen--on;gniss— 

fou ght o(T t hree" match points again st Bo ris Becke r ^ the women's fi nal between Steffi Graf and Martina in 1955 and 198 7, is so laid back and soft spoken ' 

ut Wimbledon F rida y, darkness forced the match to" Nnvnittlovit. ’ - that some have u'ccusc'd'h info rbeTng'gUt 1 £ S sr 13 U t - 

be suspended. ‘ - . . The last time a men’s semifinal was carried aver, he answered all questions about his character on 7 

ut Wimbledon F rida y, darkness forced the match to N n y ra t iltjv7T~ ’ ~ ■ _ that some have uccuse'd'him of"being~gat]C3s. But - . 

be suspended. ‘ - . . The last time a men’s semifinal was carried aver, he answered all questions about his character on 7 

—Hours “earlierrStefair'EdbBrg hnd - tunTcll - the~ln"i9857BGckerbunrAnders - Jam’dnnd'wenrohto — Centre-Court - iheTnost-prcssurc^ncked-tcnnis— 
lights but on MiloslavMedri ■» win the 'first of his two" Wimbledon titles over - venue in the world. • 

Edberg, staging the biggest semifinal comeback , Kevin Curren. ’ , "Believe it or not, I do have guts,” said Edberg. 

here since couniry’m an Bjorn Borg, rallied from In the first mntcfCEdberg, the third seed, fought who has a London home a short cub ride nwny trom 

men’s final for the first time in seven years. ’ of Mecir to become the first Swedish finalist since won today*” 

.“It was hard to believe I could come back today,” Borg lost to John McEnroe .in 1981. Hiscoach, Tony Pickard, was more blunt. 

Edberg said after his 1-6. 2-G, 6-4. 6-3. 6-4 victory. To reach thc49Sl 'final. Borg hod to come back’ ~Eveiyb&dy*S~t>ceri - knocking him. saving, die 

"It felt such-aJbng.wfl^ffi-I-was-in big-truiibli' fi'um-twujiotsuidwnUigainst Jimmy Connors in fflS fi35n*L"gunniy'gUtS'Jiild lhere’ re. in hi s hell y, 

then I goHny net together." semifinals. Edberg did the same against Mecir, Pickard said. "This has made an awful lot of people 

minutes ,t>y a downpour that 'begun minutes after — becausouf badcproblcmst ‘ — ' “ — Mecirrwhose-onb^Grand-Slnrrr-finnl^vns-the— 

Edberg completed his . miraculous comeback. But The ninth-seeded Czechoslovak, nicknamed the 1986 U.S. Open, had 12 break points in the third 

lightning didn't strike* until" the third set,' 'WlE-h “Swede Killer" for his success against top Swedish andfourth 6ets and failed to convert any of them. " 

“If 1 didn't hove so many chances! if I was not so 

„ - „ • close to winning, i would not be so disappointed,'- 

men's final for the first time in seven years. 

.“It was hard to believe I could come back today," 
Edberg said after his 4-6. 2-6, 6-4. 6-3. .6-1 victory. 

— 4t4bIt-riafo^bngAvojM)ffi-I-w’as-in-big-truubliiZZ 

then I goMny net together." 

minutes ,t>y a downpour that 'begun minutes after — becausouf badcproblcmst ' — — — ~~ 

.Edberg completed his miraculous comeback. But The ninth-seeded Czechoslovak, nicknamed tl 
' lightning didn’t strike'lintir thc third set, "WlE-h “Swede Killer" for his success against top Swedii 
~fendlrthe top 5ggd7~p vo re n in e ~ t l i rc | p~ mat ch-points — •playewyh L ta od 3 1 s ervic e retur n winners and 
and won the tiebreaker 10-8, pushing the match to ’ two more points than Edberg in the 3-hour, 10 

nute match. But that wasn’t enough to bent Ed- he said, 

Stefan Edberg celebrates his semkflnnL.vIctoiy..- 

Kansas City 8. Boston 7 
Minnesota 5, Milwa ukee_4_ 
Baltimore 7, Texas 1 
Seattle 11. Cleveland 3. 


Oakland 2, Toronto 1 
ChicaRaJ^OMiXorkJ.- • 


Cincinnati 5. Philadelphia 3 
New York 3, Houston 2 
San Diego 5, St. Louis 1 

“Not so'mucli competingngninst other 
r skaters us co!iipeling_agajnaL myself; 

of going out and facing tHe challenge 
” ofsKrilinjf IfcUeTtltlrri 

the time Delore. 

At the moment, the 24-year-old 
Boitnno is- to -mcnV-'figure skating- 

whnt Mike Tyson is to heavyweight' 
boxing. He's won two of the last three 
world championships - including the' 
last one - and every major national* 

, title since Scott Hamilton turned pro- 
. fessionul after the 1.984 Olympics. 
“Right now, I'm iis good a skider as 
I needed to- be as"airamnteUf.“~ha> 


Rupert Night Rodeo, Mini- 
doka County Fairgrounds, Ru- 
pert, 8 p.m. ... 

77-' " Days' of llu* Old '.West Rodeo, 
Hailey Rodeo Arena, Hailey, 9^ 
. .: a.m. and 8 p.m — _____ _ 


Mid-Season Championships. 
Coke Challenge" " Prc' Stocks, ' 
Street Stocks, Magic VglJwy 
Speedway. 7:45 p.m, . l. 

7 tENNIS / 

\ :Warm Springs Open, Warm 
Springs -Tennis Club, Kutchum. 

‘ all day, • ' . ' i. 


Idaho- . Ladies '"T riathlon, 

Uluine County Aquatic Center, 
Hailey, 8 a.m. 


Buhl at Miliar!, I'p.mT (2> 

Mini-Cassia "A" at Nampa, 
RodeoTnrk, Nhinpa, I p.m.(2i 

6T30"n,m. : - Channels ?, 38 — ” 
..Ten njs,_. Wimbled on :_Women's 


- Navilnrtilova vs. Steffi Graf. 

Noon - Chiinne1s“7. J38, Mn- 
' ‘ jor. Lchguc-BaseEuimNew-Yorli— 
— Yankees at Chicago White Sox. 
Noon — Channel 13, PGA Se* 

- mors Golf: Rancho Muricrta 
Gold Rush, -first round. 

■ 2 p:mr:— -Channels. 1 IzJ3,— 
PGA Golf: Western Open, third 

• - 2’p.m. — Channel "ft.- Auto - 
Racing: F irec racke r 4 00 . 1 ABC_ 

. Wide World of Spurts). 

5:30 p.m. — Channel 8. Major 
league Baseball: Atlanta at 

- Montreal. -- 

5:30 p.m. -Channel 2.- Major 

’ lx: ague Bil.-tb liallT- SeimliT ill - 
Cleveland. . 

j—, ._lJmni^owaoftot(UM!.»S.e 

“Right now, I'm jis good a skitler as . 1988 Olympic men’s figure skating gold medalist Brlap Boltano takes a break during practice Fridayln Sun Valley 

I needed to be as un amatoUf.“'he/ — _____ ...... ^ a _ L _ u 

"" says. “I never really likod-m.v-skuting— attention fnc iiwd.nn the co mpetition. ..won a gold meda l in the Gam es - hut “A lot of them were from kids, but I mg. He .first teacher was Linda Leiiv- 
until this year, but this year has been Nqw, he says, it’s harder to concen- that mos.tofit was positive. was. getting letters from 35-year-old er, who is his conch today. - . 

‘Aifrnr*.nt 1 «lnnY Pm tho hest in tr ntH^n sksting . ' . igher e-Wre****nmi^f)eort^ ^5£ r~ 

rtd'go opt and riiilke changes In heard br,”""be - says7 "Skating'" was 

lile."_ suys . tfoilunp.. 'Dor yeurs, I've sk ate, Honnic Hlair ca me to watch mo Th eir li ves." , -—-Something Tdid . because it . wus.-lun,^ 

Boitano. who went into to the long been able to focus on skating, but now skate, 'my whole family was there - ■ Boitano began ice skating becuuse but if I hadn’t been « skater; I would” 

program the- third stage" of the there are so many other things going the first time all of them had seen me- he liked roller skating ns a kid-grow- have been involved in some kind of 
Olympic figure skating competition on. It’s been un adjustment that’s' skate in competition. Even the media ing up in the Son Francisco suburb of sports -- maybe gymnastics, or 1 
- with a razor-thin lead over then-dc* been hnrd to make." • was supportive. The press conferences Sunnyvale, which is now at the heart might have been a 3printer.“ ' — 

fending world champion Brian Orser Boitago suys he felt the pressure in were like high-fivoF. u . of California's Silicon Valley. He saw Boitano began copipeting in- 

of Canada, won the gold in "Iarge'part - Calgary^- _ when'hc skated- the long* — In-tho-wccks-thaLjoHowed Juuoi a_peiJonu:inri‘ of the leu Follies. and — temationally jn 1983, the year he be- 

because he was not distracted by-tho — program, the United Stales hadn't yet ceived-7-,000 letters. asked his father to take him ice skat- .. • See BOITANO. on Puge Hi — 

- night-in-Calgaryr Another n ight. I mund ortaking IfTfack seal in : 
Tn^Ii rnnllS “ . lite.“_ says , boitano., "bor yeurs, I 

Tobin sparks team in Ore -Ida race 

By CQl.lN Mlil.n tlQN ' . ' b in an iilmost . odds-^Ja yoritc -to w in rium in Boise - will ass ure Tobi n of 

.. .Ttmis-Ncws writer . the overall Challenge championship, an overall indiv idual title, as well a 

— SUN VALLEY - Katrin Tobin n - major confidence boost going into . Snacks when the r!ioT'*conwn^^ 

’ wanted, this one. She had something the Olympic cycling Trials at the end' downtown ul'3.p.m. - 

-to prove and she’s proved it. " of this month. ■ . . Tobin most assuredly deserved to 

sides in Palo Alto. Calif, collaborated 
with Lowrey’s Moat Snacks teammate 
— dntic-Marslialhrgiving-rthe- Lowreyt=-. 
cycling team the 1-2 punch it needed 
•here' Friday , to secure a first-place 
team finish. in the fifth annual Orc- 
lda Women’s Challenge. ' 

The pair worked side by side, for ■ 
the most part, in Friday's eighth-stage— 
— the Elkhorn Circuit* Race - as 
M arshall look first place with an dn- 
—oflleiur winning Itoie- ot t:Ua: l«i and 
Tobin picked up the silver medal less 
than a second'behlnd. 7 
THe second-place . fin ish ‘tn'akes'Td* . 

of this mtinlh. ' ... _ Tobin most assuredly deserved to 

“What — do — 1 — say?* — aha — said. — win -Friday’s race — FnmK, 

“Escalate? Elevate? This hus given three laps to the finish, lie? and Mnr- 
me a lot of confidence." shall were vilurally side-by-side, but 

‘the 60-mile jaunt from Stanley to shafts. turn to take u viclorylin the 
Ketchum —Tobin, the 198f5 Prestige ' Elkhorn leg of this year's challenge. * 
Points champion.’said she had some- "We’ve each won one." Tobin said, 
thing to prc vc to her Wood River Val- “Today was Jane's (Marshall) turn." 
ley supporters. Each- -one of the-four Ixiwrev's team 

-- “After— coming-in from Stanley members have taken an individual 
21st, “ Tobin said, “people were soy- gold medal in this year’s ijhallengo. 
ing. 'who is this Katrin Tobin.' i'-de- — . Even though.Tubin was considered 
served "to win this raco fllio -Elkh'orn a. favorite for-Uie overaU-chanipiun-- 
circuit), I hod a a lot to prove.t ” '•" • ship -and her first-place finish in first 
~SoUd"finl 5hcrlirtoday^~ninth and -ytagc’s-raco -from^Emmotr-to Boise 
Tmal stage — t!u'Ta7k v CeriUT“Cnfe-; •'See TOBIIY'on"Piigc 132 

Pub lic fish salv age 
L^jg tat Big Wood River 

By ThTruneT^e^^ — - - ■ r , , r r , ■ , ■ ■■ ■* ■ tte paVt n wttf l MVs ^ tP l' muL'CL'ft ’ .r ^ 

| salvage operation* in Richfield cu- 

• !ONB — SoUllifrn - Idiv_ nul proper oil and on over the 

bo's driest summer in years ac- years, depositing the harvested 
1 - counts for the earliest and largest trout back in Magic Reservoir or 

■ — — puldtc-fiyh-^Hlvitge"in--Reg4on— ^-in-—-neHrbv^ streams-.— 

memory. But Bob Bell, Region 4 fisheries 

— lk-einninc Sunday mundng Uw fcr Ike deportment, said 

main lli c Wood River, from the the dewoternu: at this time of yaar 
Richfield canal diversion to the makes It nearly impossible for the 
Lincoln iunaf diversion; the 'Lin- - deportment toeonduct the snlvnpt. 
coin canal svstem tincluding Inter. . "With the tenperaturca of the 
alsl. and- the Richlleld canal sys- P» sl fcw d “>’ s » nd tl,c fort-cast of 
tela will be open to p ublic s alvage even hotter weather over the week- 

of fish through Dec, 3 1" 

end, the - fish will : bc subjected to 
immediate. stress from water tem* 

, _ , , .. - - uuniLumic.auisa i 

the department- entpba.I^B.B ^ . hc , aid . 
I nod River from the dam to the . • . 


-TWIN FALLS — Thtr-forecust-is-for- 
warrn temperatures and clear skies 
" for the fifth rcfit-wal of the Twin Falls 
TriaUnniT-f'uiiJHy nmrning. "- - .. 

The one-mile swim. 16-mile bicycle 
ride and 6.7-run will begin and end at 
Dierkes Like. 

Paul Lundgrtin and Margaret Rant, , 
-In nh of Boise, are the defending men's 
and women's champion. — 

t he swimming' leg wiirbegih at 8 • 
a.m. After' completing the swim, par- 
ticipants will cycle out of the Snake 

for triathlon events 

iyon over a course northeast signed up by the time of tonight's pre- 
falls and complete: the race race meeting. That meeting is sched- 

River Canyon over a course northeast 
of Twin Falls and complete: the race 
-with-a run thJOQlLlflk^thoiiiybuclrT?!: 

There” will be_individua j_ competi- 
tion .'ui. several. .difTercnt. men's and 
women's’ di visions and team compcti- 
t ion in three different classes. 

Prizes will be awarded to the top 
placers and all entrants will. rcceiye.a 
..shirt.. ... 

Entry fee is $20 for -ind ividu al and 
$45 for teams. Although entries will 
be accepted until race time, organiz- 
ers hope to have aft participants 

Checker Auto Ports building on. East 
Addison; Avf*. across fr om Pavl-ess 
Drug. Participants' bicycles will be in- 
spected at that time. 

.Further information cjfii fie - bb- 
Liincd by phoning Jim. Thomas at 
734-9203 or Bruce Koch at 736-8668. 

This year's event is being sponsored 
bv Chapter 222 of Tietnam Veterans 
"of America”, "the "l’acKwon-Do ;\^ 
my. Spoke and Wheel Bicycle Shop.’ 
CiMirs of Magic Yulleyuind Coca-Cola. ( 

Wood River from the dam to the H .. • _ . . • - c 1, 

,, . , r , Anything above /fi or n der 

Richfield canal diversion._is._not. ... : * .. . 

■" . ~~ grccs ts very critical tor trout, lit* 

i.pvn tv 't'l'.i'f' »« ,-npvn yt-tir -'i'livv will Blurt dvinit tit that 

flailing kve, and ifTiuTwut^lrtupvnnflnr - 
ntethuds and limits. . ; tavc 80 , thv M i: pretty 

Fish may be taken by snagging, general." 

. scaring archery, dipnet; seines or Bell noted that the* Richfield ra- 
_wjth the hands. Use of toxic chemi- n ' a j ran ,'diy. last winter and proba-... . 
cals, explosives, firearms or,) y w j|| dry for-alwut two weeks 
trie current is prohibited. ._7_this-'summor. -In 'previous years,- 
Bag and possession limits are re- particularly during open winters, ' 
moved but a valid fishing-license is ' the canal - has remained -oprn-ibr ~ ; 
required to salvage fish; fisKmg year-round and there has 

The salvagc'of this section of the been carryover of trout, 
river is. not unusual as the"Big But because of the dry conditions 

Wood River usually is dewatered in . foreseen this- lime around, the de- 'j 
tlii ”ntII”aitor' irrigntfon cutoff and pnrtmcnt "feels it ls b’ener for the* 
fish' living in the stream and xcr- public to harvest and use the-fish 
’ t .•nn-canalaaircj ost . rather than let them go to waste. 

B-2 Timos-Nows. Twin Falls, Idaho Saturday, July 2. 198B 

AL standings 

_C#lsLn. lUt-ET-Orri: tS&SS&SSSi 

. ip 11 not bd fo 

. JUIumoir . SIUIC1S SAN 0 

Sox get first w i n over Y a nks 

-CHICAGO ' (AP) — Gfliy- Redus n lng and moved up on a sacrifice. An Seottle l l r“ ' 

greeied reliever Ccrilio Guante with a infield out by Jim Etsenrcich scored J , 0 

^me-winning'filfigle'ln’theTiintirin^the^tylEg^run-Tmd-StillweU's-double — l^ieveiana-a — 

ningJ!miayjught..lifling_the_ChicaEo_madc_it_8^. I —CLEVELAND (AP) Scott Brad- 

SS&& 1 1 ,"T ^Minnesota* . 

Chicago's first yicfc'tf ov ? b the Yan- JifiTwaukee 4 — t VlSngdt hif first vidtorrBincaMny^ 

kees in six meeiirtgs this season went . i Mnrin/rs handed the 

to' reliever Bobby Thigpen, 5-5. Steve MILWAUKEE (AP) - 

' as the Seattle Mariners handed the 
Cleveland Indians theiraixth consec- 

Hu>Mi:piuMu>3b«lwninU»eU> Pud h nib 


LWw - »=■=>.. fin*. HMl*. S«- MFujI lb 

on± Mfmll; Tbint Bnnto*n - - ; 

IMuUrJb 4 2 2 0 Snrd*r rf fi (12 0 S-IM^cj, 2. 

li.noidh 3 0 0 0 CCn.1.11 U 3 0 0 0. 

13i.lp.ilb 3 2 1 1 11*111/ 1 0 0 0 SlUui^ 

help lead to'Hffdowhfail. gume and Gary^Gadtti and Randy u ^ ~ . , iR dnts : laBr21' 

* Fred Manrique opened the Chicago § ush each homore d as the Minnesota Cleveland has lost HToMUWJi 

h ninth . with o single to deep shortstop. Twins^bcot ih^. Milwaukee Brewers Ea S e n S ' Mfirin „ ra who were shut out in 
(i — Oizie Guiilen sacrificed, but was safe 5.4 Friday night. . , 1 j a ... j »>./. 

at- first-when Shidd 3 -mufred-Uie-ball---Vio!a-tiedTor : the-majo>-lcoBue-Wc---^ ei f|“ t ^ 0 r ^“ m j^bFslamming 
for un error. Dave Righctti-carne in U ry lend with tho Chicago Cubs’ Greg "> cJie hits - 

!f —^ut-pihch-hitt.r^a.nyl— — 

= Boston before Guiinte relieved Righet- earliest, 13-game winner in Twins’ his- i -* . 

a ti. Redus hit his first pitch down the ^ry. — ^ , . Detroit Il f 

l left-field line for the game-winning . . vioia aliowed-seven hits and strtick California 0 
£ single. out fiver before yielding to JelT Rear- 

'•> '• don, who pitched the ninth for ‘his DETROIT (AP) — Dave Bergman 

'—Kansas City~8, 21 si Have. a thbctrof-Detroit’s-geven-aec- 

O.ei.* Rill - lUynnlil. 1 1 \ . 
Oi’-ClmUnti 2. LOB .Sr.ulr ti. C!m 
land 12 2B-Hame.. JErJI 111!- C.rt .1 (|6i. 
Ilwlp. UJt • 2 111*, frimo M3'. 
lUrndd. I !U 1 . Ca flf r I ICl, S - ItrytittU* 2. Cot* 

.'WcnJ'. DrocMantUt. T^ld.MfSb-rTy 

-Kan sas Off' 
Boston 7 

* Baltimore 7, 

“ KANSAS CITY; Mo. (AP) - Kurt Texas 1 

Stillwell doubled home the go-ahead 

run in the sixth inning Friday night, ARLINGTON 

DETROIT (AP) - Dave Bergman 
d rove- in tht'C(Toraetroit , s-g even- sec- 
ond-inning runs with a“homer fijhTli ” 
single as the Tigers routed the Cali- 
fornia Angels 1 1-0-Fridny night. 

The Tigers sent 12 batters to the 
plate during the big inning. Bergman 

Western Open 

NL standings 

San Dtr*® M « « M 

Atlanta 2« 10 ,2*2 IB'» 


Cincinnati*. Sin I*i»to’ 3. 10 innin*. (1. Altana S . 

Saw Yock 3. Houattn3. lit no. 
ll.uaton S. Saw Yell 6. 2nd taro., tnl 
Munticnl 0, Atlanta 3 
Cincinnati 5, PbiWalpW. 3 
San [lirtfu 0. St. tafln 1 1 
' nih«i!u*ll« A*t|>l«.'nl • 
rittaliurgh af San Fl.noafo.1nl 

SatunJa**. niin.a 

n^HSaiciillDanoJ 1711 S*».Yini.lC«<rHl • J 
I (>■«'. b 1)4 |I m . 

■Atlanta I Mahler Hr at Montreal I Smith 3 
(,1.113 pm. . 

ChKBfn llVn 3 31.1 lax A**.!-* 'L“ r, 6- 

SI. Uuia iMcWtll.ama <-3i at San D'-jo 

— p^3V--"r :ro sumnji — ^- j-i 2 b « t II WWil.nrf * 2 2 1 

; I)wEtnarf 3 i 4 lb 

HK-OMan" ’ ** / 

t’ropt'aa-llron.. 2ot:./f.*.l. M-maon 

llntirtl lb 110 0 [bKm l'« 111 

H.nn|a 'lu'u'j Prpir.ndlt 1 I • 
M Bar pi. 1 0 0 0 llrinjndh 10 1 

Cpwnlll--- *000 larowirf i I t 

UUViarf 3 0 I 0 Ht*tbrf 0 u n 

CM all* if 2 0 0 0 PnAn. V, 111 
1 teller 3’j * 3 2 0 2b 3 10 

Uaoacc — « 0 UP. ... . . 


run in the sixth inning Friday night. ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - Mike plote during the big inning. Bergman 
’’ lifting Kansas City to an 8-7 victory Boddicker pitched his third complete started it with his second homer, a 
-over the Boston -Red Sex- and-snap— gamelhis season and Fred Lynn “^-.-shot-in to the lower deck in right-cen- 
ping their five-game winning streak. ered in the first inning FVidoy night, ^roffMike Witt, 6-8. 

Steve Farr, the fifth Royals pitcher, helping the Baltimore Orioles beat 
collected his sixth save wilhl 1-3 in- the Texas Rangers 7-1. Oakland 2, ^ " 

nings of relief of Jeff Montgomery, ' Boddicker, 4-10, gave up 10 nita, 

1-0- Steve Ellsworth. 1-6, was the los- .fanned seven and walked one as he toronio J. 

« r upped his career record against Texas • 

ltwicht Evans ivns *.for-5 with a to 8-3. Baltimore won for tho (north TORONTO (API i - Mark ^cGwjre- 

Al.*.ft** M‘b * ' “ " ' 

CB.-.C 1 i <T r. n ; C 

.-—g-: L O -» 

Crop.,.. - II ktx II- f.t. t Kv -f ■v.'.iwl ^ ^ 

U wight tvans was -J-lor -0 wun a — ■ -T , r* n; SR e |„mn with 

— A fl »n r u.«-. ; . . double, triple, two singles and three— time in its last,sqven games. — snapp_ed^mt ofo ^. 1 ;2 . 

- . tf^ 1 1 ' t T '" : ,1 L?; — i m r r. ^ thl- R.ra ' 5ox ~ Lynn’s-!^ ith-homcrtrfthfrseason gou^-two-run-singla in me^i- venin inn i ng 

IVitli the RovnJs trniling-7-6-aftnr — Bnltimorc_ojr. to_n_l r 0..1i;.odjettna . that v- bt “ k ; “P tw.— 

TT lS," T 1U . loading 6-0. Frank White and Pnt Tn- countered with n firsl-inninR run on Oakland Athletics (KKM. the Tor 

■r. 1 — " — s™— bier sinnied leadinc olT the sixth in. PeU, 0 Brica s RBI siriple onto Blue Jays - -■ 

Padres thump- Cardinals 5-1 

rtflf Cua.t UaftK Ibr.lW »... M..d. ,n.| M. 

SAN DIEGO tAP)- Andy Hawkins Montreal won its third consecutive 12th home run of the season. 
i tuXuni '^-- .t.-. pitched a three-hitter Friday night game. . . Larkin Homered in the top of the 

n<iu:Mxsn..<-A*.MM. 2 ib.. ..mwt an d the- San Diego Padres •bent the- Pascual Perez. 5-3, went 6 1-3 in- eighth and Phil Brndtey homered in 
••a *f*r^ I *ai** 1 " " slumping St. Louis Cardinals 5-1 . mngs for the victory. He extended his the Phillies’ eighth. 

■ • n - Ks ~-— , i: >m ‘ Hawkins- 8-fi. won his third scoreless-inning streak to 22 before ’ _ 

straight decision and has allowed only Ken Oberkfell homered in the fourth. AfCMJ YorK «J, 

.n-Mh/juasb-- 7 two runs in his last 23 2-3 innings. He Joe Hesketh pitched 2 2-3 hitless in- Houston 2 
cuiau ' lw:,L ; ' ‘~watked four and struclrourtwthn his nings for hla thlrd’save. ZawrSnnth: 

: third cninplenrgftine- 3-6, gave up seven runs on 10 hits in 4 NEW YORK ( AP) — Mackey Sasser 

ifr'-.'ir/njirW’j-t: 1 - 1 . .- Jlawkin5r-_had=rlostT:his^pn‘vwu>-r2-3inningsr^ == r“ — tripled- hom o the. winning run. witn.._ 

-AN AVn'NIO M l «>- j 
tb'IVi-t Cul-u-nJ.-*. ut.t 


three decisions against St. Louis since 
July 27. 1U85. Jose DeLeon. 5-6. took 
the loss as the Cardinals fell for the 

— lotb-tftnenn-thcirbsrSO-gamcs: — 

Tluf Pn'd reS broke u tie at 1 with a 

Cincinnati 5, 

. PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Nick,E|s- 

two out irTlhe sevehth'inning-as-the- — 
New York’Mcts beat the .Houston As- I 
tros 3-2 in the o pener ofFriday’s twi- 

The teams were tied ai 5-5 in the - 

i — run -in the third^Roberto-Alomar,.who_asky..acd— Barr>- Larkin homered. — I 3 thinningJ)CtheJlighwap, — i 

" two hits, singled with one out and helping Tom Browning to his fifth Darryl Strawberry opened the sev* 
i "stole second.. John Kruk singled home straight victory Fridoy_night : os the enth by drawing the fifth walk issued 
Alamar.with.two outs— r Cincinnati Reds bcatthc-Philadclphia — by-Houston_startar.Joaqtiin Andujnr, . 

FFil tKrv^TTfhT-f-tTnhc — PKIlHcs S^. “ " \ 0-i. and stoic second. - *" 

-.U.rf. 2 <il V |<l|i-ll>— 1.« •< N»» ' • :i .-I* 

;4-.*tf «"•?:. |tll.t<*-^MO!.xiulJ.^ 'll M..1 ••• Ito. 

, treal Expos bent Atlanta 9-3, the his sixth home run of the senson. Alex Trevino hit a fly to shallow right 

•Braves’ sixth straight loss. .7 - Philadelphia cut- it to 4-2 in its vvhich probably wouldn’t have scored 

Otis Nixon , scored four runs Arid fourth ns Mike Schmidt-singled with Bass. .Ho we ver. Strawberry lost that 
Re.\ Jludler scored three times ns two outs and Lnnco Parrish hit his one. loo. for an RBI single. 

•Twin Falls bows twice in Colorado 

GRAND JUNCTION. Colo - The the first five innings before Twin In the nightcap, doubles by Bic lh- 
Twin Falls 1) Legion baseball team Falls collected eight runs oft reliever nmpson and Dan Molyneux storied a.. . 
continued to find the going lough on Dob Morrill in th§ final to innings to three-run sixth inning ond Thomp- 
1 ilie road Friday night, dropping -bow 10-8. sons two-run single highlighted a 

games to i'aiisades and Grand June- Twin Falls remains on the road on e five-run out burst in the seve nth. 

- turn WeijU . more day. pluying a Grand Junction XKiarmu ! — Z 21010 - sjj 

1 Palisades limited Twin” Falls to IJabe'Ruth all-star aggrognte this af- - MoltlKUltLtnnJ I-S-riaJif ll-y (Wt nntl 77xm'»» 

lion’s Jim Potts blanked Twin Falls hits Twin halls had in the opener. 


. Continued from Puce 111 the ™»ti v “ll«» cortuinly hus 
been an advantage: ' 

gave her the h«-ad start she needed. . . 

111., I -he roulil see Ute lhC — Oh yrah. We suycj nt my house 

winning light at the end of the tunnel and nte (Thursday night-) a home- 
after the St an lev to Kotchum race. cooked meal, “-Tobin said s opt in 
-Finishing Galena Summit 'stage 'my own-bed-anri-TPdc(hcr b,kc) to the - 
' G; . with tile group and 'yesterday’s , course this morning. I fcol^o-athomc- 
: Trail Creek) time trials was a pivotal hero. There s so _much_support for 
point in the -race." she" said referring bit 1 . 

to her 2lst-placo finish in stage Band While Tobin, short of disaster — 

- bronze medal in stage -7, -I knew 1 — "w(<-don't-sa>-that-word,“ she s 

the pressure.' I wasn’t going to crack. - championship, her team, -Lowrey’s 
"Tins race suit.- my iibi t Ity; — Tabin — MUtrTSifiElCrtralSO'knoclrinirfarits- 
said. bat she added that familiarity of first Challenge tenm title. " _ 

Following MiUige 7’« Truil Creek 
time trials, Lowrey’s had a six minute 
advantage over second-place Team 
Cunada and with the former’s 1-2 fin- 
ish in Thursday's eighth segment, 
lewrey's has the Challenge’s team ti- 
tle all but sewn up. 


• Continued from Page Bl 
came ilm. first skater to complete all 
six different triple jumps in a world 
championship meet. . 

Tin Is-.-t friends with Brian Orser, 
best friends with Kaljirina Wilt" he 
says. “TlV hnrcFto rewienijwr when fig- 
- <ut— kiting wo-MiXpa fl .of my life." 

Although Americans have won the 
'last two Olympic men's gold medals. 
Boil am* i-ee*. the going getting 

tougher for the LI..S, in international, 

“Our girls will continue to be very 
strong and the men will always he in 
the top three, but il's going to be hard- 
cr," he says. "There’s a tough little 
Russian named Victor Petrenko who 
won the bronze at Calgary who is go- 
ing to be very hard io beat in the' ncjxt 
Olympics.”- -- - ; - 

- Could Uiut (Jlyinpics- - include 
Boitano? h 

“Tlie chances of that happening are 
getting smaller und smaller," he says. 
“It’s possible they might. let profes- 
sionals compote next time, nnd in that 
ciise I’d consider it. But even so, I’ni 
^iot sure I'.! do it because I would bo 
comparing .• ! bertvil!e.( France, site of 
1992 Games 'o Cnlgary. Howxould T 
outdoColgarj : — - • 

TJmos-Nows, Twin Fall.-., Idaho B-3 

New 18 opens for tourney 

Subsidized White Sox stay in Chicago 

TWIN FALLS — -The Canyon Springs Amateur moves into a new 

era-next wcckend when the chpmpionship will be'decided over the; — 

new 18-hole layout. 

7 Host 'ProfeSsiono! Del Ericsori said “our plan is : to open the co'urse 
with all 18 regulation greens Wednesday to all ow t ournament en- . 
“^tnmt-to'play some practice rounds.’THey will 'reinain opon'thToifgh 

the tournament and on Monday (July-H-) we- will-make an evaluation i 

of the new greens and decide then whether* to continue using them 

- — : — tou rnament.- — . / . . 

Ericson added “in Fact, ifpbo'ple ask this weekend we will let them 
play the new nine with four temporary greens." 

The two-day tournament will' offer gross and net prizes in tht~ 

championship flight but the remaining flights will-be paid off in net 

only. . 

EnttyLdcadlino-is-T-p.mJrhursdav s -E r icso n . aa id^- n ddtng.abouLfiQ— 

had entered through Friday night. 

...CHICAGO (AP). ts. Chicago .White ...priori ties .by Favoring. . sports over.^day-the -Whito-Sox-are'now “legally lot thorn slip through-thoir fingers,” 

Sox fans were jubilant Friday oveb an more important issues like education, i and morally bound to stay" in Chica- Hale said. ' 

. extra-inning-victory-in-the-statC-Leg* Thodcal r narrowly pasaed.asa-midr_g 0 . — \Vhile Lazzaro said he’s thrilled 

islature that will keep the ballclub in night deadline Thursday expired. “They signed a lease. We have their that St. Petersburg’s bid for the White 
the-city^it'scallcd-home-fornearly-90~could-cutrS60-million-from-thc-tenTn'-s— wordT'he'saidTThrWhiteSoxprom- SoxappearstobehistQry.heaccuscd- 

years. ^ i _ cost Of . occupy) ng_a.ncw_$ 150. mill ion is ert in -st ay in Chica go if w e pugged th e team's owners, Ed die F.inh nrn nnd 

: ^BuT-mariy- scorned -the-piultimil- state-financed stadium near-die-site-the bi!l.-and wepassed it7 -j— Jeny_Reinsdorfr of caring more about 

lion-dollar package for a new stadium of its current home. - Final passage ofUiedcal cameona making moneythan'phTying baseball, 

to keep tlie.ballcjub .fro m ‘1 Oa vi n gto wir But— education— would— get-ohly— a— tense^O-6fi-vote-in-thd-Houiie-on4he — — ! They ; re-trying— to-get-everything 

and blamed greediness on the part of $200 million*;re.oseumder.a^.la B p.regutnrlv-Bcheduled day of the out of the-citv. The fans, the 

ineteamsownersjor.tne.near-cxcxius - budget being preparcd.m' iavvmnKers, 1988 session. A short time earlier, the said. 

to StTPelerSb’urg.Flu. far less than educai5V3~1lHd - 50nghl. package clenred iKFSermte on a 30-26 “These ownors don’t care about tlitr 

“I think it’s great! My heart was And Gov. James R. Thompson’s pro- vote. There wasn’t a vote to, spare, in team - they look at it as an invest- 

breiiking- lust- night when it looked posed -10 percent-atate-income-tax-in — citherchanjber. ; — ^“mentf.Biancosaid. - 

like this deal wasn’t going to pass." crease, tied, heavily. to funding eduen- ■ > Einhom and Roinsdorf have denied 

Paul Loscnsky said outside ’Comiskey tion, fell on deaf ears in the Legisla- .ompson baid he hod lobbied characterizations,: but could 

Park while WflititlR to buy lickcts-for lure. . . heavily opa^B^af the deal „ 0 t be raaahed Friday. 

-fn7ri thnt n n.nllv hnd VnTnr nFinr. "Ltold^emberrof-thc-Senate-Re- - - - 

FriHaynighl’sgftme7 , “I find that a really bad set of prior-. nnh \7‘“ Calls were referred to’ ‘spokesman 

- ..J’Thi? is one of the charter teams in ities," said Losensky, a student at the PJ™ 1 ? n ‘ Paul Jensen, who said the team has '“ 

the major lea trues.. It Would have been UmversitvofChicaen. -“«* of baseball ....we cant M „ • — ntl 

Kelsey claims regional title 

DECLO — Bret Kelsey won the 149-pound division championship 
-in-the-regionnl amateur kick box in g tpu moment in D enver over the 

The event, drawing entries from throughout the western states, 
was sponsored by Coors Brewery. 

Two egejers leave U.S. camp 

COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo. lAP).- Rex Chapman and Shelton 1 
Jones, who played with the U.S. Select Team on its- recent European, 
tour,' have decided to withdraw from the U.S. Olympic basketball tri- 
— , als, an U.S. amateur basketball official said Friday. . — - • - 

Tn m M rfirnth, the associate, executive director of the Amateur 

Basketball Association or the United States, said attorneys for both 
players notified Olympic conch John Thompson oftheir decision ear* 

“Tier this week. > . • _ 7*7 ^*“7 

. According to McGrath, both players said they were wit hdra wing to 

- ^^cbhcentrate-bh-thei r-pro-earee «, — — - — 8 — : 

Chapman, a. guard who left the .University of Kentucky after. his 
■ : sophomore season to turn pro. was selected* by Charlotte in the first 
round of.Tuesday's NBA draft as thc.eighlh pickoveruH. Janes, a. for- 
ward who played nt St. John’s, was chosen in the second round by 
San Antonio. • 

— the, major leagues.Jt Would have been University of Chicago. ^.mey wirm 01 baseball ....we cant id t “been Committed to stay all alongras 

’kind of a cruel jokt on the city” if the "Schools should be first; sports Illinois be wounded by losmg-a-omjor | 0n p'^ 0 - C0U ia'g^tthe~3tndiLi m boilt" 

White Sox left tow;n, said die-hard fan should be last,” Lazzaro said. . league team. to replace aging Comiskey. Park, 

and juzz musician Joe Bianco. 30. begislotors .point out that , funding Keeping the White Sox in Chicago \ ( Cum statement said the White 

A' T h e u r A^ iUn rtitu ri o nrthatfc a sc o: r . -fo p4h^Wh4ftcS&x^deal-is not=directly “is guiiig-to help the’L'CU'rfoffly r afbund' ■ Sox are" ”olut^‘Tij r thFI^dsIutimfr 

ciated with Chicago,” said BilLfcnzzn- tied to^a tax ihcrense and comes from here, that’s for sure," said Mitch Hale, action. ‘ 

ro. 46, whd’s lived near Comiskey a 2 percent tax. on hotel nnd motqh 31. who manages a gas station near The deal still needs approval by the 

Park, the team’s stadium, all his life. rooms in Chicago that was imposed the ballpark. team’s board of directors, who must 

But Losensky, 30, and Lazzaro ac- specifically to pay for the stadiupi. “I think it was kind of dumb that* act by July 7. But Jdnsen said “there’s 

cused legislators of mixing up their Gov. James JR. Thompson said Fri- the state of Illinois was just going to • - no problem anticipated." 

Shumate given reins 
of SMU cage program 

- — DALLAS -(AP)-— — John~Shumate; The'36-yenr-oldTomcffrotnrDamcr 

Southern Methodists new basketball All-American was head • coach at 

Jacobsen ’s 7-under 65 
leads Western Oven 

OAK BROOK, III. (API — Peter on tho lust hole. Making a putt like 

-I— coachfiMlie-fir-t-hldck-to-coHch-anv — Gran<l-Gnnyon-£oliege-from-1983-t<>— (— JiKi)l>sen-^cered-ttnrei>gie-3-on-the7— that-givcs-me-ft-lot-oLmomentum— I- 

WSU athletic official dies 

- PULLMAN, Wash. (AP) - L.vnn Rosenbach. Washington State 
University’s associate athletic director and father of Cougar quarter- 
back Timm Roscnhach, died Friday, a sports department spokes- 

The elder RosenbacTf was pronounced dead at Whitman Commu- 
. nity Hospital in Colfax at 12:05 a.rn.. said head nurse Dolores, Robin- 
son. . - .... .. 

HHeTiiiei shortly - lifter he'arrived- here,'- she said'. “He. died from 

*. —cancer;"—; — rr-r**"” ■■ " 7.7 

- — — Rosenhwh-tml j apspd'wh I lft'bii _ a ' return trip to "Pullman from tlie 

sport at ■«; school -trying ’to" shake" I UT lOSff.Tle coached the .-Welopes to a ' 
conservative, predominantly white 58-33 record before returning to Notre . 

- image — coach to Digger.. 

"1 wanted to be the next coach "at Phelps. He has never been a head 
SMU, but I had tn compete coach in the NCAA’s-Divisiun I. •. .... . 
many qualified people. But I over- . The 'former NBA star, who ended 
came the odds," Shumate said. his pro career at 29, is no stranger to 

The son of a Pentecostal Baptist hard wdrk. Ho earned his way out of a 
minister, Shumate said he believes a " Now Jersey ghetto on a basketball 
strong work ethic got him the SMU scholarship to Notre Panic. In his two 
job/which was announced Thursday, college season s. 1 'the fi- foot-9 Shumate 
"I think the best w«y to overcome fought to earn respect as an under*-} 

. odds, is with Jiurd work. And* I'll Ido. ." shcd.centor. .. . . )L± 

thulutSMU.” Shumate suid he plans an upbojfi^ 

The . schoal'-s. r -I987*8S---ibasketboil-— slyle;of'pl:»y*-at-SMUrdcscribing-him* 2 ” 

. team, under former coach Dave Bliss, -self ris-« “hands -on" coach who siome- * 

"Tvay to 0 7-under-pnr C^Friday going into tomorrow,” he said, 
that lifted him into a two-shot lead Ed Fiori and Dan Forsman 
. after— the .second round ..of. the sharetLsecond at 1 37. Fiori had a 
$900,000 Western Open Golf Tour- 67 and Forsman shot a 69. 

It was, another two strokes back 

Jacobsen, on the rebound from a to Joey Sindelar, Tom Sieckmann, 
bncjc injury thnt has slowed him for Jim Benepe and Rocco Mediate. 

foiir seasons, completed two trips Bcncpc scored two- eagles “in n 
over thc.Buller-Natianal Golf Club round of 68. Sieckmann matched 

wim_tl)eSoutluyest_C(»nfi‘renet.*;regUr_tiiiica_KetS-OD_lhe_cuurLtQ.iihuw.plai , ^_ _bestxound of the to.urnament. ... . . 
iar-season -title for the first time since ers how he wants things done. The eagle came on the 12th hole, 

course in 135, nine under par. par-72, Mediate shot a 70 and Sin- 

• i don’t think I’ll. shoot nine-un- delnrhodu69. 
derfior the ip)Xt_two,4ays,' but if- 1 —PGA champion Larry Nelson, a 
. cjjp cdAtimi^o piitt .like* l did the winner . lost week . in _ Atlanta, 

|" lii^woAlyii^y; rPyc- gatrTi; good moved up with o 69 and _ was at ; 

L c|^fc ogivinping;!-4Eld Jacobsen,— 140r — 

-who ono-puttcd-iiinc- times in the n A. Wei. 

Defending champion D.A. Wei- 
".bring arid Tom -Watsonrnrthrce*— 

nosennnen- cm mpse.a wnne.on a return trip t« I-Uimiun irom me i,ir-.ieiiMm.uue mi me iirta tune smte ersnuw ne wiims. uim^ueiie. i lie vugie tunic on me izm noie, lime winner of this title were sii_ 

■Tri'Gities-Thursday'-nighLwith-footbnll-coach-Dennis-Erickpon-and— . — I967,-and-a school-reeord-28-vietoriesr— Shumatc-pbyed - fnr"?ix”tenms in when he hit a 5-iron-second shot to- - .. .. T '7— 

Cougar Club direetpr Bill Moos, said Renee Horton of the WSU sports sent them to the NCAA tournament. seven years during his NBA career. about eight feet nnd mode the putt. ■ fP®! 8 ,? 1 \»”? D 7 (?Q a . 01 r ng 

m’fnpmnfinnnfnrr, Dosnito the (winner venr. tho Mils- Hr missed soiiKitiiH <)in* \i/ ii no- He nvnirfprt ivhnt. would hnvo hoon 9 ^ * n tS° 009. . 

jjj • j rThe WSU sports officials had been in the Tri-Cities for a golf lour- 
L ,]:: — namentfund raiser, Hbrtansaid— — — .. . ~ , • 

Olson passes Olympics for pay 

Despite the b anner year, the Mus- He missed seasons due Ufa po- He avoided what would have be en 8 * !WJ0 " - • 

Ttangs averaged - ohljr3:r>28 _ in~nttcnr — tontin 1 ly-c« reer-end ing. blood-rioU-Ihe hisumlvJioaeA'^orLihe jna l hole by Mark Haves and - Morris Hntnl- 

dance at home gnmes; And Shumnte 'clDraarted“in“hi5“lcft']cg'diiiring his .sinking another eight-footer aftty~ sky,— who~shared“thc“first-round-- - ■ 

must recruit athletes under .the sophomore year at Notre Domk but it- - -^urtfflfl ilTra^ fi proach in a bunker. ' lead; each went 13 strokes h igher, 

• toughest admissions standards at any- became lile-lhreaterung when - ii "You don’t^vant tomakc bogey- • r trorn 66 to - 79^ arid were at' t4». 
^Southwest Conference school. moved to his lung. . ^ — _. — ! ' r 

BALTIMORE tAl 1 * - Gregg Otson.!h ci 7) 1 1 morr-'Oriofe^-lflR 

draft choice, has decided to pass up plnyingjor the u.b. Olympic 
■"brrectnil Itinmrnnd"jftltrth’6"Of ioli^.'jrne wspape r reported Friday. ' 
Olson; the fourth pick overall in baseball’s college draft last month, 
will work out briefly with the Orioles before being assigned to one of 
the team’s minor-league n’fliliatfcs, The ( Bnlli morel Evening Sun sakL 
All thatls holding up the relief pitcher from Auburn University!? ft 
release from the commissioner's office, which is required of any 
Olympic team candidate, according to an agreement between major 
-leag ue bas ebnll nnd amateur baseba ll groups. ' ~ ; ;; " 

Bv Steve Fa i mini • - Hilt in the lust two weeks. Green- - u;hitilmnH nH-WnHnpc lf !ny'nnt*r .'l^ tr^ u,qr 1 tJ/^ | iJn^nLijlm.;alnn_uLQtli.n 

T/ic Hurtforil Courant • well’s career has entered another idi- is the second longest in the league nnd reviewed tapes of himself in high 

— =rr_'.. . . — — merision. He hn.*r established hiiilsefT “ this ; 'seaspri._ school nnd the.minor leagues. "I could' 

BOSTON - Almost every day this as Boston’s next baseball star. He has 0 „ RR i 'sec I had changed my style of swing- 

week at Fenway Park. Mike Green- almost singlehundedly pulled his Y “ ■ , ■ ing,” he said. When he returned the . 

season -he. met with Hriniak,— 

viympic wbiim mnaiuiiw, v .... well.lulked fthout.Mike Greenwcll. He team. from.u.two-month„slmnp..and_. 7 .“' » 1 »- • noxt season. -he- met. with Hriniak, 

JnnirbnRbjj!! and .Mmnrto^njLBnwpS; — .aiksd to peoploovith-niicrophonos, to thrust ithnek inUUlwponmint race M-nnimr l^rnonoim nnd 

-J nr O W . ,ia to gel on wiDHtU B.llOl.™, Grogs s . . ; wi k n '„i t b«), a 7t,.- U n„ttondi!il rvtrlaThod— ^ IBCTmhi..- lust two ”‘ h f HB in June, .the tughth . , j ohn McNomorn and UM^ 

ralhor.M.drromh.shomamO.nnha.Nub - catnuran lined up nu'ur the diw u T . T' ' wdolt..'.'. ho^ui a:^T?inii!5rlit.rtt-iin-^ tl : S „^ wn, JuS BTanSs r 

"All he s waiting Tor how jS'clearanci* from the coinhiissioner’sof-' 

fice nnd then he’ll be witli Baltimore," Olson said, - *•- - 

Olson-said-hifi-fion-has-infortnedJiie L'iiiU.-d States Jlasctydl-Eede 

cameras. ‘lined up. near the dugout. , weeks.” lie TsuidT 7- ! J ve". learned lhul7l ....: . ; 

their huge eyes trained on him,. can help, to be a leader, pff.the field ™ 

— H e t a lked-about- h itti ng . 1 Hi^tnlked — nnd'bc-a leader o n 1 t lirficldnvith-my 

them he wot. returning to His ow n 

style. ..... ’’ ’ j ’. 

“I said I whs eilherigoing'Wmalnrit 

outs) and said.Tni coming home."’ Olson said. “I asked him why und 
’he said that wasnVwhat -he ; wanted-to-do:-thnr:honvamed-io-geU—. 
started with his career. 

"I- told him to think about it for a day n nd c all me the .next night. — 
When he called, he said, Til be home tomorrow.’ He told me it was 
the beat ho hnd felt all he didn ’t have any mote 
decisions to make.” - . . 

Olson had a 7-4 record with TO saves and a 2.00 ERA in 36 games , 
as a junior at Auburn University this year. 

Bruce faces money qiiestion 

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - F ired Oh io State fnnthnll ranch Earle_ 
Bruce may have to return to Ohio State not only his $64,000 base sal: 

ary as now head couch at Northern-Iowa.. but other income as well. 

according tq nn attorney who rcpre^cnted Ui 1 - Oil A 1 school. „„ : .. 
7/ohn Elam n C'orimTbus iittqrney who represented the university 
- • -when Bruce sued after, his November. 1!187_ firing, ultimately negoti- 

tiiinkJie's nne of the top four or . > 80 *“ I was u> mime i _ 

breaking .(rom^Boston Red Sox hitting possessed me to go opt nnd bring cv- V,' u, n nir' hn' ^ fh o to rM - * 1 ? * make it with my style," he said. “1 still . 
coacli wait Hriniak s jiiiRimdpliy7ITe'' oryllung 1 hud into u. Wow I m hot •“ R . . . ' - ./ M ^,‘“work' 'with' Walt7stlll“d0' thingsrandl,— 

talked seriously and light-heartedly and I think everybody's getlingjnto - . ... n », .P 7 jo n he helps me tremendously. But what 

urid earnestly.— 7 .. ’ : ItT ' - t fine hitter ” ’ ' h '*' ~ydU“see“nrthe“piatirl6“Mik(rGrecn=; 

.. “Is. iLOK.i five call vouGator?" long-. ‘ Greenwell, 24 until July 18. is sim- ' . . well. That’s the sail out add get it 

"jjm’e" Sox broadcaster Ken CoIemaiT’?^, “ -Hnmaks- comments ; are ironic, if back together. - •• • 

asked him recently near the batting * dont. thmk I ve ever seen any- only because Greenwell often is used 'That’s what we did, We got it all 

cage ~ — _ ^=~= bodj~. thi s ho t.' — first baseman Todd us a n example of a plaver wh o flour- TiTictt'tnpiUKor-Thnf’a j us t Hfiy sim pl e 7 

Betizinger said: Greenwell was hit- ished after fie broke from .Hriniak' oh that. It’s sort of like being n teen- 
“Sure, that’s fine." said Greenwell, ting below .300 as recently as June philosophy. . nger again. Everybody goes through 

who hunts alligators in the off-season.' 10, Since then he has raised his bat- The break came after the 1986 sen- Changes in their life." 

Mike Greenwell say’s he wnnts us to ling average to .341, his RBI total — son. Greenwell said he went home to _ _He-snid ..this-while-sitUng-in_thc_ — 
know tb_c real Mike Greenwell. Three from 35 to 61, his- home run total from North Fori Myers, Fla., and people he stands at Fenway this week. When he 

months ag o, when, it . w as . uncertain,, eig h t to 14, . ... didn't know were idling him he was,- finished; ha walked down-Uaha-fiold 

ivlTeftfcr Greenwell could wrest left He is third in the league in hittingr swinging differently. Even his father and talked to more reporters, moving 
field from Jim Rice, much less Rice’s first in RBI, second in slugging per- suid he was swinging diffcrehtly. from one to the next like a politician.. . 

.... “Is. iLOK.i five call yau.Gaton?" long*, ^eenwei. zh until euiy i«. .s s.m- 

“BSTSSt broudenster Ken CoIemnn“P | r, b “'* , “ 1 -- ' 

asked him -recently pear the batting , } dont.^n.k-I.e ever seen any- 
— - - — - . • ^ body- this, hot.— first baseman Todd 

llAnrinnpr r.r/.imiL-ell wiTT KitT 

“Sure, thnt’s fine," said Greenwell, ting below .300 as recently as June 
who hunts alligators in the off-season. 10, Since then he has raised his bnt- 

ivbt-flnrr Greenwell co'uld wrest left ' 

field from Jim Rice, much less Rice’s first in RBI, second in slugging per- 
clearf-up spot, that might have centflge. second’ in on-base percent- 

ment, Bruce agreed to return whatever salary he eams before .Hity 1. 
1989. Elam said Bruce’s income from athletic equipment endorse- 

Iowa may also be owed OSU under terms of the Nov! 28 scttlehienl.’ 

“I wo‘u)d expccT EhfleB ruce andTjw*cou' n seT To' belipoh ' n'mTTdrt ii - 
right os to what the (financial) arrangements (of the new contract* 
ore," said Elam. “The university hits 'an) ... obligation much more 
than any private business to maximize its. income. Therefore, I think 
it's fair to assume iliat anything tin Bruce's new' contract ) will' be 
1 oqked a t.” ■_ .. , 

LMHcumij tvs win ra 


milliGn dollar pact 

Buoniconti settles out of court 

PONTIAC, Mich, .(/VI 1 ) — Chuck ■ where I wanted to stay.” he said. 

Daly, who worked without a contract Dalv’s previous three-year contract, 
while coaching Detroit to within one pi ,id him an average $175,000 a sea- 
game of thc NBA titie; reached agree-" “ S0 'tL The News suid. McCloskey re-“ 
ment with the Pistons on u ihree-yjar portedly offered Daly a two-year . 
deal worth a reported $ 1 .35 million. $6()07O‘(J0"3eal when' the regular sea- - 


■ j "' deal worth a reported $1,35 million. 
. General ■ Manage r vl nck-Mrfllnsli 

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP' - An apparent sett lement was, reached 
today between the major parties in the lawsuit against The Citadel 
1 by Marc-Buonjconti.-who-wns; icfl-a -quadriplegic aft er-a* tackle he_ _ 

liiaue in u luoiuim game iui uiv iimn.w.* 

The $16.6 million -suit;- which has been in trial for three weeks. • 
~ nanfc'd'as'defendnntsThB' Citadel, school trainer A n^y Clawson and 
tea m doct or E. K. W all ace Jr. • •• • - -• ' 

“The Citadel nnd~Mr. Clawson ... those two defenda nts n o 

a Iter a. 4 O^minute sessioiTiri the judges clnnitlJeRTWItlrBuoiiictiiiri; 
•his*fa ther-*— -forineE. Miami Dal pliina.aLar -Nick Buo n lcaalx. — and at, — 
tomeys fur them and the school. 

The case, however, will continue against Wallace', the judge said. 

Following the meeting. The Citadel’s attorneys packed up their 
briefcases and sat in the.courfroom with the audience as the jure re- 
turned arid the cast continued against the doctor. • 

Before the meeting.’ Citadel attorneys had made a motion to limit 
' the s^hoors. liability to the amount- of the school’s liability insurance 
1 coverage. That policy contains $1 million, according to James Ben- - __ 
nett of the Smith CaD*lina I nsitrann* Reserve. Fund. 

amioiinced -Thursday thnt o multiycai 
agreement had lieen ' reachetT wftl 

Daly’s agent, Philadelphia attorney 
-Albert- Lindr.ore-Torms were -not an- 

1 ultiyear---tintion ? ;.bcplel ? yed_iml 
ie<T with -ended. | 
nttornev ^ 

Due to', 
Races wi 

Mid-Season Championship 
Coke Ch alleng e Pro Stocks 
— - -Street Stocks — — 

Sofas .* Chairs * RcclIrvCrs 
Tables^ — 7y -A — ^Curios 

. / BroWri’s ^ .. 

Control Car Race presented by the*Toy r "Stidpr*'( 
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- V\ r . J 


Business Bea#4^V_ _ 


in selling rush- 

Sale ofshares to resume 

SUN VALLEY — Lnurel Pipeline Partners Ltd. of Sun Valley ex- 
pects, to resume sales of interests in its pipeline project -soon. aftor 
agreeing June 23 to withdraw its application to the Department of 
Finance Securities Bureau. . 

—According to Securities Bureau -Chief Wayne Klein, the company -. 

agreed to return all mvestorjnonies and cease all offers and sales un- 
til a new filing is approved that includes disclosure of what he calls 
-- “prior disciplinary history." . 

John Martinson of Lnurel Pipeline says he has requested n hearing 
with the dispute the need to include the disclosures at issue 
In future offering memorandums. 

T He'9flid'h'<rdi<l'3ign _ a Securities and Exchange Commission injunc- 
tioi)' iff 1974 agreeing not to violate securities orders of Audio-Media — 
Co. of New York, but admitted no guilt in the incident. He character- 
ized ju'msclf ns a “victim." 1 , 

' ’After making'iTprivate investment In the company, he agreed to-- 
serve as an officer. While on the board, another officer improperlr- 
• sold stock, he said. 

Martinson suiil he hns recelved verbal-npprovnbon-n-rcfilirig with- 
the state and expects to continue sales shortly. 

Farm credit banks to merge 

. SPOKANE (API, — Two of Spokane’s largest farm credit bunks will 
merge next week, a farm credit bank official says. 

Merger of the Federal Land Bunk of Spokane and Federal. Interme- 
diate Credit flank of Spokane will be completed cither, late. Monday 

or early Tuesday,' said Al Hnslebacher, vice president for the merging 
banks and the Spokane Bank for Cooperatives. 

The merger is pnrCnf a process triggered by federal legislation de- 
signed to aid tho struggling 37-bank Farm CrediL5y.stem__l 
Hnslebacher said the new bank will be dolled the Farm Credit 
Bank of Spokane. * 

’ The Spokane Bank for Cooperatives, the smallest of the three Spo- 
. kflnfcbased Farm Credit-banks.- moy merge Inter with some or all of — 

its-Kicduntcrparts nationwide, he said. ... . 

nesultsdfa votc'by the Bank for Cdoperntives’ stockholders wifi be 
announce d ne xt week, he added. _ • 

Idahoconstruction surging 

BOISE (AP) - The pace of commercial construction in Idaho con- 

.mg ioFirstSecurity. Bank of Idaho sJaQ‘St^HK2rconstru(^oirTeporT7^' *~T 
During Mny, building permits for. industrial and commercial con- . 

-struction valued nt SI 5.4 million were issued statewide r up-156.-7:per- 

* Cent from May 1987. said the report, issued Wednesday. 

Boise, as it lias nil yen*, dominated the statistics, with $4.7 million . 
in permits, followed by-Kctchum wi th&H) million. 

million, Sll million above the previous record for the corresponding 
five months in 1980. . . • • . 

NEW YORK (AP) - The stock-mar- 
ket pulled back Friday in a flurry of 
pre-holiday-weekend selling. 

— The Dow Jones average-of30 indus — 
trials dropped 10.13 to 2,131.58, clos- 
ing out life week with a "net Toss 61“ 

• 11.38 points.-- - 

Declining issues outnumbered ad- 
vances by about 4 to 3 in nationwide - 
trading ofNew-York-Stock-Exchange — 
listed stocks, with 617 up, 848 down 
and 473 unchanged. 

Volume on the Jlpor of theVBig 
Board came to 238.33;mii)ion shares, 
against 227.41 million in the previous 

session. Nationwide, consolidated vqh 

~ume in'NYSB-llaUd' Issues, including ■ 
trade s in those stocks on regional ex- 
changes arid in - ihe over-lhc-cburUer 
market; tolnji?d‘308:92' rrSilligirshAres. 

Closo-to half of tho day’s activity, 
came in a few utility issues, .which . 
~were~involved~in -short - t e rm t rading 
strategies based on their quarterly 

-dividend-payments:— — — 

— Analysts said -worries, about infla- 
tion had been diminished- in recent f 
duys by rainfall in - the drought- [I 
plagued Farm Belt and declines in oil 
prices to their lowestjovd-of the year. • -- 
— The c-AugusLdel iyeryjif __a 
West Texas Intermediate, the bench- tl 
mark U.S. crude fell 22 cents a barrel 
to $14.94,onJhe New York Mercantile tc 
Exchange Friday, hitting its lowest ft 
I eve Is" si nee 1986. <v 

The easing of inflationary _expeeta- gj 
tions has sparked a rally of Iqte in the 
‘ borid’lirarkei. pushing ywlil> — uif long- Bi 
termTrensury. bnnds_bclQw_9_Rercent si 

However, brokers said traders ap- st 
P^ured cautimilyihojit making, large 

commitmenU-on-the-ev'e..oILlhe Jong ci 

July 4 weekend: The markets will he tf 



Month Commodity 

. Close 




Oct. £ive cattle-— 

66.22 . 

66.65 ' 



- • Aug. feeder cattle 



72.65 . 


Jul. live hogs 

" 48.32 


44.82 , 


Jul. wheat 



- - 3.92% 


Jul. com 





Jul. soyboans 


' 10.12 



. Jul. silvor 




• 6.70 



OAons/o) JoSj/s. &oasoav*ay adpustod 

Aug. gold 
Jul. copper 
Jul. platinum 
-OcLBugar ' 
ScprTreasury Bills 
Sep. Treas. Bonds 
Sop. D-mark 
Sep. S-franc - — 
Sep. J-yen 
Aug. crude oil 




fills " 93.30 
ids 88.24 


— 67,08 — 



Quotations from 

440.40 436.00 

- 105.86— „ 99.00 

662.50 665.50 

13.30 12.75J 

93.36 93.29"' 

89.13 88.19 

56.43 55.20 

66.83 1—66.61 !_ 

76.32 "74.76 

16.44 14.80 
Sinclair and Co. 

Local interest stock quotations 

Closing prices from the New York .Moore Fin. Gp. 

Stock Exchange and the NASDA,- 

Energy stocks .were -broadly lower 

tUy e7 Apad tm May H 
f~397.9 || 402.7 || 407.1 t 
it $ Otjpt ot Commotco 

company said i t knew of no r eason for^ 
the activity. 

National Semicqnductordroppcd.-%- 
to 12% in active trading. JThc stock 
fell 1% Thursday on disappointment 
over the size of the quarterly earnings 
gain posted J>y the company. 

On Friday National said it would 
A»'uy" back' "4.1 million o! its common 
shares and-4-1 warrants to buy .i.ts. 
stock from Schiumberger Ltd. 

As ..measured by._ Wilshire_ Asso- 
ciates' index of. more jhan 5,000 ac- 
tively traded slocks, the market lost 

BluChpVnl Fnd 


Coors . 

_ Dnff& Phelps 

. Harvard Ind. 

H.J. Heinz 
J. Higby 

-Idaho RwlCo.,. 
Long. Fiber 
"Micron Tech 
Maxtor . 

Close Chg, 


6 - - "% 
29V* - Vt 

■ 19% ■+ '/« 

— -8VV - --W 

25 Y. - Vi 

40 Vh ' - 
2% * 1/16 

22.Vk. +_% 

65 - Vt 

2m - % 


• Premark 
Chg. Trus-Joist / 
• Universal Foods 

- % Utah Power 

- % Valhi 

- Zh SaraXefc 

'in. Gp. 26 


t / 35 

ist X ' 24% - 

ai Foods 30% 

wer , 2B — ; -- 


> 30Vh 

— Quotations from 

Edward D. Janes & Co. 

Valley beans 

- OreJnortftMTu: UtlflO. 

PWH**: *22.00. 


w»no piAk, : m.oa la III 00. 

Valley grains 

daunanr. UXJ and dark nonsarniaSo. Julr dalhw.M.SC 
OwolMlob Uouniftln ttom* 2 iy H**d Grain Cc In Oaoaiag. 

Id*. US Ho. t bMn*. I*** Idaho bMh in 
**. Ouoim cumcil on Jun* 21. Product!* 
nt prtc# talwnatton ahould tom*ci d**ten. 

Grain futures 

lost- 1 * -to—Wi*;-' Xinoci i'- 1 - - to 724-; jU listed common sllK-ks dropped T9- 

Chevron % to 45 1 -*. and Atlantic Rich- to 153.68. 

- field:Vst<r80 , “'* — Stnnrinrd-^Pnor’-rlmlCPftrtnt indox 

Losers among the blue chip indus- fell 1.98 to 813.75, and S&P's 500- 
. trials included Ford Motor, down L .-at stock composite index was down 1.72 

52 ! *; International Business 'Ma— --at 271.78:-. 

Cn,CAQ0 (*(•) - f ulur*» lf*dlM on Hi* ChK»®o board ot • 
Tr*d* fM»r. — - 

• t.»0 Op*n High Low Uil Chg. 

*1.00 WHIAT • 

— *-1 »^=r.Wb»mWmvm:iWi*-#o«f — • — — — 

• izo jui . i m a os i.« , »a 6i ».i« 

•t» Sap ait 4 04 III •«. !!'».. 

..*.17 -. 

/. ' 1 

. / 


nnm a 

Saturday, July 2, 1988 Timos-Nows. Twin Fnlts, Idaho B-5 

Hototon tndar Km 7110.7110 igu, mM nxo- 
Hctotoin tokY’hMtort no quMt; Mr (toy c*rvw 
9CLCXH1CU»; MlntaUlOivanoamiM 
97.00: htovy to * Ott Mn 9010*900; loM 
7D.EO-7410-, woofer h«kn 7UOTUO; Hoe* I 

' S"5 J?S?V * fw?» <WWt»; MW km* 

84 .OO«(£ 0 .Fl*»*l>:>< torn* wrong in feto. 

OIIAMA, toft. lAAXUlOA) — Onwto livtttocX tort* ((go* 

ijxvtjo MbM Mir ■»- 
<h*: UA 14* 220210 to* not*r 4910; tow 1IM» M 
4I.00-47.00; to w 20X210 to 44J5O-4UJ0. mn feighu 
22£W*0 Km 47JO49J0; m M MO ft* 140 Mgtor ynOw 

x typfe <yrf totol, Owrxnd light, m 

potto uw at 10 town erf »ttw tni tmOtr omw Ste* 

K tnorn Ctoto 4 900900 IM 9M0, but 1-3 900900 to*. 

•#.00. MOW unum CXOic* 2 WXMO to 94.00. Chotc* J 
40X400 Km 43.00 Clwrfw 4 MOtW bM 14 

FrWi poet loin* 14 - 1 1 1 * . 104.50 Motor, WlnewO ham* 
■30180 knew, mam toitoa rt—Qr to 4 JO higtof, tofed on 
npoetia Mtot ol II ton* erf trtWi poet euto. U. 9 . No. 2 hop 
detail cutout vtoiM lOemOiO AT to I 82 .CO pw cwt Ffitoi 
poet loin* 34 lo II Ex IDTJXXtCtoiO, ittvnM tom* 17-20 to 
42 . 00 , JO -21 16* 4 J. 0 CX 44 .oa, wtolwi toitto 1HI Km 27 . 00 , 

UvMloct iliophtie . undw . fwtoeto iniftocUon: Cmto 
1 -(24.000, Ctov« »,ooa No* 213.000, S to*pt9.000. • • • 

)fcT < 10 porform bolls In- . ’• Cackor, black and tan. 8nco p' ro | orroC j, Tools.* 

N «4 1 vostlgatlons lor the r #l 5' ,„, ¥ K| .. L must. Ca/l cottact and talk to 

- above— oroleot— win— be- t.._, s P anl01 .L.elod.y. I02J23-J551 


Mountain Dayllpbl Time, blBckondwMto. Euabllabod roolonal 

on me date Shown 4. Goim»n Shortholr.fomalo. rotallor, part-llmo, muat bo 

2 i>og above at the City Clerk’s brown and whllo. ablo to work wookonda, 

Ff»*ji Olllco. 902 E. Sherman 5, Qorman Shophord pup days only, starts SO, 00 with 

St., Pocalelio, Idaho mala, black and tan. actiadulod ralaoa II -work 

. 03250-4169.' -No proposal 0. 2 Hlnoa 57 pupa, black, almdirda merit, retention. 

c>ni« will bo accopled after brown, and . whl In. „ both Mutt bo.poraonablo, enjoy 
— : — .-she- - date and -time matoa. " - working .with public, muat 

Specified. 7, Lab, molo, black. , bb moturo, bondablo, and 

In Celebration of The 4 th Of July, 

Western grain R Commodifies 

The proiect- consuls xcwwr x 'mfio, buck. . .tuiudaurauiai'toji- |-_The Times-News-Classified Department will be-closert. 

of o 'major arterial road - ®- Torrlor X, lomaio. whito non available July tath. I * ■■ , 

way ol 64 foot In width , Send rosumo to:.. Box Y-01 I > '_• . t , . 

H%f> low Mtlto . Chg . 

1443 11.44 1440 t4.»4 -42 
‘1140 12. Ml 12*4 19.14 -,1» 
IS 42 19.70 19 .09 -1277 -,1» 

OODOI - WM4 wfxW 2444 w>3i): barter 224 34; 14 OW - 1142 1170 13.0* 1277 —t» 

p*ffMnlifvtognoquoU; 11 pwtontwtntoena quota. No* 11.79 19.42 13.19 1341 -.19 

KXHt-XNO - WNb itoxto J_44 (up XD; Bw»r 1ia« • Ion [toe 1 1».*4 19.99 1140 13 41 - .20 

(up^J; 14 pteweit tpetog 944(u« 19): 11 Jtetoerf ^eitoe440 ton TiM "1UO ll« 1344— 

CALPWTLt — WN14 tefi44t fKiguott; LA btetoy no ^toto. . ..ttor 19.73 13« 19.99 19.23 -40 

■ POimAW>,Ora.(a9}-lloeiilnaie4eia4fwar«lmtoTti1ng .2 I2M. - » 

■1 Poetlwid friittoy toe current •toperxnl by rmX, meek oe 94rg4 4un 19.10 19.10 1390 19.74 - 20 

. pwbuMtoi tot 'J” 

-««« riffiC "o.XabX fomalo, bl.adkv mai'kow.; : Box . 546 

of-wair over a lonoth ol 3 Opon5-7pm only Twin Falla. ID 83303. * 

U mllos on the nor- Monday thru Frldiy CHRtsfMAS AROUNO THE 
thoastorly bench of 7,y nM n ‘ . „. t5 R a W0RL0 neods domon- 

Pocatollo, Idaho. 733 0860 '• oxt284 a , f0 , ar a In thlo nron to dom- 

11,44 ,,.4, n ° rm , al roadway prism ,n ovory hour and SOLD- or 733^991 o Morllynn 5«3- 

ifS -iMO 1144 1M3 — a#— construction are^ two re- DESTROYED aftor.48 houra. 4960, oV Donn a 4 23-54S9. 

1290 »»»o 1140 1990 -jo -tabling walls In Iho «rsl ptoaao call ■ or vJah tho - - r n nuFTn i rV^i^ T 

1»S 1IM 1190 19 69 • -TO- 2000 . .loot wttcre - the pound daily- to chock 

.»o"-iioi ii*i «.f? -.20 roadway mounts (ho whoihor your pot baa boon Nona nvaMablo ' tU P Halr 

f= B ra om o„ c e re s 6 sr: S;3 

■ • ■ s &rjiM ss . 

Early deadline for all classified line ads running, Sunday, July :i 
through Tuesday; July 5 villi be noon.on SaturdayJulyJ 2 -_. ' 

We will re-open at 8:00 AM Tuesday, July 5. 


qulro extensive (III. and oronara loaoacrioo como Marie Vo ley Mel Ouaran. ■ ' ■ 

• the othbr will retain ono «°«^ ,£»«"<» '• »®“ f ‘ mSS houny wbq<T Pius 

1 40 70 4102 - ex " slc ‘? °J 0 Ott 2 DUBOV or *ua oroB commiaaion, - "mbdicar ~ 007 -Jobs oflnloresl 007 - JobsoJ interest ' OOr^Jobs of Interest 

a «5 Vi' S - w g rained wind blown Soo THeTwOULO LOVE bonotlts. paid vacations, J 1 

5 ‘Mi ‘fb } “?? oe3S*-comprbea--muol»- to HAVE A'HOMEII paid-— holtday** — idwanctul- pq if-tim o—^'nwf — or bRNr Part-llmo roiaii aaioa clork Salesperson lor . lurnlluro—^ 

“1 ° lho roulo 5 surf ace soli. — opporlutUllos. It you are an aurnotu aeluh flnd , n covorv wantod. Twin Fatla. storo, and appllanco- nowruacd- . 

I SOrrsOHam— masr -txat^Eloctric-yafeoo-door- -ooomastre---- stylist ■ wrho- cathExp^ 'oTp^>ro‘nTo (iTdfbTTcf J~MuS t‘ 7ontatr-Qood-«-ter-ftoht : 

I 4440 44.41 -.10 conduct ItlJ portlnont ODOnor, on July J* . on wants to work with tho boat. ,j. nC( , rooulrod Coniact bo Knowlodccoblo & proll- porson. Some lifting <«• 

1 43 00 * 2.93 -to field and laboratory In- ” on, °“ COM Roneo at 73 > 5 W 6 . • • VV Qov , Tabor 3 ^_ 430 i, ciont ln ono or moro aroas qulrod, Contact Mri-Caln at 

J iff? i-’ L 1 vostlgatlons required by It found ploa 3 o cnlj 734 : 2 M^.^ oaytlmo caro tor otdorly p„i|.fimo nriti rnnk wanTod - art, noodtocratt, tloral or Caln’a Homo Furnlshtnos. 

3 iS 2 '"■’to sections 16-620 through Purobrod butt color Cockor, wbmon in hor Joromo Jj' ' , m 2 ff 0K la S aonoral crafts. Sond Mornlnosonty . _ _.... 

4rfi»**d M hntona tor (Ngntonl 9* ral, trudi or I toigt 
toa. 1 9491 Wtrfto 4rtto4t 
No. 1 tktotodubwtxto' 

NO. 2 com *oriM4S4 uM —• 

No. 2 tiortoy. unlttnlto m0 b4rg44 
No. 2 b4rtry Mtotrad Is tntentf mm 

I tunJ r»0 itorntr »tto4t oraktopr protoln 

II pclpmttln 
12 pci protton 

1 clMit nonrom iprtng *tiMt 

13 pclpmtolA _. — 

Today’s slocks 

yoTRArfc" 1* donee roqulrod. Coniact bo knowlodsjoablo & protl- porson. Some lltllng 

Bov Tnbor 324-4301. ciont ln ono or moro aroas- qulrod, Contact Mr; 

o tor otdorly F u ii.,T lnn n; m ' rnnY wamod" “ft- noodtocratt, tloral or Caln’a Homo Furnl 

nor Joromo flonoral crafts. Sond Mornlnosonty , 

„ ma “' a - broaktasl. Sond roaumoaUj f° sum ° ,o: 8 _°* ?!? Sett AVON 

Thu.'c ep«n toil 74.922 u| 
_ 42 JCC gaU CBdti ptr giL . 

Transporatlon Depart- somowhoro In tho oroa ot housokooping. ovory ottior 
moSr Male,lals and wiakondCgo. c.J!J!«ll»u gS‘^S? wi t»i 

Rosearch Manual. ? al1 ?33 ' 033 A' bolofQ 4 P m - diesel drivers good driv- ej303 „ 

^The projeetTSIOCBted' A - mg focoro^3-years'oioBotr2: qrfXt-— nppt 

4940- 44*4-47.43- 4445 
4110 48.50 44.90 45 38 
4420 *« 70 4270_43.1I) 

- »““^The projecris-Jocated' — 

l -ii In Bannock County, 003-Special Notices 

'jj Idaho. General Informa- --- - ■ .-7-'- 

4240 4250 I 

4t.Bg; 4T M -■ 

■- 41*90|.41.9Q, .1 

- T-ss&ri&'-w SSS g.a =sj mX&tzi*. 

> -.33 Engineering H3 ^c® 8. CU gt omol3 q p i ac | n g ads with Tuos^A Wods July^5 A 6 or houj^and up.^ai[022-5009^ RhT. part-llmo, days. Con- ot Walnut and Locu^ *'• - 

5 - 39 telephone ^234-6230. _ us chock thok ado Ibo Ijmi call 733-3241. E06r Uconsod electrician'. with {*=•: ^nun a n d° a ro °l n 1 o ro al od d m n a 0 

consult^ .^SS^'^Ar SISKIS- - W^S 

oct will bo based on tho roclions bu noodod. ptoaso I-rnX h qualifications; Must rolocoto RN-and-LPN-oponlngs-ln- Now*, Circulation 

following-criteria areas: contact us tmmodlatoly at commllIod l0 caro 0 t ,h 0 to Glenns Forry. Sond either acuto caro or oxtond- ■■■ ■■ ■ 

—Firm’s capabilities, past 733-0676, Sorry, -wo. wlll. bo. n N e w Nation roiurho to: Magic West, od carip. Full-time and part- Twin Falls Caro Contor Is 

experience, location of responsible tor tho first In- Hctlioco Corporator! ono Inc./ P.O. Box -96fl.- Glenne- tlmo. . positions.. . ovalloble^ taking application? tor cor- 

_ work. -financial accounir sorllononly of we- Aaltoiis-io^ EcfLy_. W._ B3623._ Atui;_B!H . .Salaries., a-o .. competitive 1 2 ur3 ° ' 

ability and minority par- 3 day Art Seminar by Lotfk. long term care. You will be Rood, or call ,208-386-797^, with tho mod centers, cortltlod , or. ^ ° X P° f 

UcJpalion — Th a-CIly— wllL Jfat k l n aa a J n . Saptembet— 11 -rosponslblo— tor— implomon- Atalnionance-^ -porsonr- Excoitoni aatnry A bonotlts. 

Box W-01, c/o Tlmos News, Tirnes-Nows. P.O. Box 548, goml-lruck drivers with hay 

PO Box 548. Twin Foils, ID Twin Fall s. jflj3M3. hauling oxporlonco. Call 

83303 .Rartdlmn_lroolnnco -writer... 643-6023 -bo loro -8 am- and - 

... , GREAT OPPORTUNITY. - ‘Send -fosume-to-Mgr,— Box- alter 8 p m. — • 

S?. 1 ? ?in«tto *»TEL MANAGERS. MANY fl! 1 ?'. !P ^P- 3 -. -- TIMES NEWS ROUTE 

.. moot. mlnimunogo loquiro- EXTRAS . 733.5217/733-4852 RESPONSrBLE, well- AVAILABLE 

Livestock fufures 

.7.75 210 CWC40O l*P) - I 
" — tr ew itofne i r ' ' 

. -1440-1523 Open -tt 

'*■'* **40 CATTLE 

— work. -financial account; sorllononly — „ — 0 ( the-°hallonB— iondore-in- Fefiy„.!d- 63Q23 Attn:_ Bitt Salaries aio . compotltlvo * l !' a f, 1 „[J u . r3 ® a 

ability and minority par- 3 day Art Seminar by Look, long term core. You win bo Rood, or cal! 208-38^7472. with tho mod centers, cortltlod Of- ° ll P°^° a ) c | ° a 

— tlcipalion — The -C U y—WilL Jjiklnao a J n . Scat ember— li- Jotponsibio-lat-lmpiomon- Wain tenon ce— Tjersorv T341 U ’' Excoitoni aatory A bonotlts. ■ 

•■•solecr-flrms-from-those- -interealod- write -Donna Ar- Ung pronrame-ln-rostorativo- woldlng, -Cutting.— Wagos- -Soda_SprJngs. Id.547;3341^ F*-. - r- C0n0 |.- 

submitting statements bogast. Rt 1 Box 1487. nutsmg, stall development nonottabio. Sond rosu mo RN noodqd lor Lon g Tgrrn ij^^^n.ixbef-aDMintment— — 
to-submiwechnlcal pro- Ho yl)utn.-idB3336-by-4/ 15/88- -anfl^ortentnnort; YO'u will to; Evomlf.-Bo* HTKIrnbor- Caro UnirTFor ni 0F0 Infor- 1 

K osals. Disadvantaged. work In an onvlronmenl-our* iy. id 83341. ■ motion coll St. Bonodict rrritr; — 

fomen; and— minority- -005-Memorial.NotJces_ . : oun . dc[1 . b >' a . 3,Q " antl Pf°; “ MATURE TEAM ' ; . JS®-* 1 * r *^ - T d n il,^ - 

confirmation -of their 

slatus-in the SOI. 

.... The . Oily- of-Eocatetio 
* assumes no obligation 

-000^ Personals - — — - 

Call 733-8300 

mke^cKo ^or oldcriy: 

sa ■“ gspe°li!; us, ^ld ■? ‘ — = “to -SSSJ^te-SS^nSa^ 

-7T.W-7Z2O-70.7S-7J30— T.W — submir^proposatsr - wim- -006-Personals — ‘ — 1, “ ni i it :^t7m nt nt nwVr d ‘ 7oTti^q _ c^annb~dulIo^ - g/od«55rnooafl(nor-cnttcar lJrGoo3Tngr Rbfdfdnce -re-' 

confirmation -Of their . j v>/-fu/~>t ir>c* "• i >hnlInn-nft tor on * 3m ranch In -.We ndell, care, o morgoncy room, and qulrod. Calt' 454*1020 tnorn- 

slatus-in the SOI. ALCOHOLICS Water &' mow lawn, gravUy” nu rsorylittonslvo care uni j, mqa or evenings. 

The CIly- Of-Eocaietfo "^ANONYMOUS coniaciTr lor m- »aw irngalion or posturoro' Excollenrsatary and bonolit l| ^ h<WST6 liARO — 

. assumes 'no obligation SS&*tr'/S«XA 

I — o f .Any K i nd. i o f . oxpenses- - lt. sngggnnnnr rbcmpsnssn M Epi cA t-rrgcnrt oL OQtsTr - 17-27 - ■■ T t Swmr^ror fi- 

.. incurred by anyjesp^^-, ftSR --^ _ « (Ion and beni'fits'aro'com- need- lor -cnuHI-spoclolly„ -yi{w P HK n M i rf-hnltonna 8 eveltnmm,- 

dent to this soliciitfion. “Can I Get Bariey Green? the-acopo. of Physician office laboratory - MM2-or-c«lL xftmi “^ a j- s -^"rGuartV 

The right is also resorv- Endless supply. More this Important position, m NE Nevada. ASCP or I50gj 57>^SJ _ tOE;^ aid in the war imalnst drugs 

— ert.huJhQ-CIt v to remove eco nomica l. More powerful. Bur | oy 0 a , 0 Contor. 1729 oqulvatcnt tech. Mon thru SALESPERSON NEEDED chooso r, om 0 24 “amor 

_.any_Slatement..ot Inter-- ~5^'Vx“--r — c^ 5 ^ 0 — hMiller-Avenuo^Butljiy ID. Pjjdaya only. E xcal lont Vanity. q J f ■ ~ .fields 4-e«rn-ovof-t10 I 000 tor- 

s?/ -SffiSSSK.'Ss^sas ■ - stivers.®* 

- -Ti.ii-799* 7210 .7220. . -as . . Incur/od. by any Jpspom. oWt Do 'riAi.r'mnnO t |on * ind behifits 

mu Tiia 77.13 7132 -.42 dont to this soiicifsfiohT "Can^ t Get ^Bartey Green? ■ oj5u r -eTb“td'tii'i»' 
”*? „ The right is also resorv- Endless supply. More this Important 

— riaotoB ^ wriM— ^*r— ed-by4hC-Cli yi to remove ° C0 "° l ?j' e °'-^yp p Py°f <ul ' Builoy oAro Cot 

92.70 5145 
••7,452- _ 

Kl Ini 284)5, oft 844 

est from consideration 
for Invitations for Pro- 

PUBLISH: June 24 

. .tprougtrJuly 07, I960. 

South- Central CAA-wlll 
be accepting Sealed 
Bids — for*- - Siliconized 

sldorallon ~ dtstrlbiiior foo.Formoro 83318 . 678-9474. eoe. . 

for Pro- — .ihfprmatJon call 733-1008. DRIVERS 

DIAL-A-DATE j Looking lor a homo? 
une 24 • Q7 P -m-m •Stability 

, 19B8, [-3/0-1 I I I *8000903 

ITICE Fim. friendship, oxcltomonl •Incentives 

CAA- wlll s romance. 59c/min. 4'toii,^ ■ Pay increasos 

Sealed Do you havo 0 question that * IB-25* per mlt6 . 
Illcnnized needs -answered, dreams •Soloanfltoams 
raulklnn ihlorprotodror mbybe you'd- -Call w>w;i -800-251 -684 6 
to incitin' l u31 ,ll<0 10 lak0 a P° ok inl ° DRIVERSI Exp soml-di 
‘“•““““^-'tmrfutunr-Forany-problom- -locat-tiaut— ?4-4~-yeara. 

ihOIP -JS ori answer. Mo ro botwoon 10A 2r - " 

HOTLIN E - 733-0122 

Tbonullta. solary^ogottabto— Ton-'fl^ra-m-MaoIc^aifoy^f’. 1 ®)?® 

^^nn^n^Vaniiv'toedS Oved.nd' 

snlosporson. Vanity nood 9 

on oxporloncod soloopor- coil coMgct 2Q»3WB32^ 
son with management skills .Waltora/waltrossos. cooks 
Intoroatod.Jn. moving up. and baek-up cooks noodod. 

_ _ r " ,1, . - T^rni/u-Un ln Apply In person at Vanity at Must b'o oxp.orloncpd. Also 
— - 2^h£JS!SSrt£S£S- tnoMiaib VUTOMall. ’ . :no»u luol MKNr 

— Farms, Othello,- Washington- the Maolc.Val!oy_M 

s’ orM9-4B8-39G6, ■ 

51-8846 . Nall Technician Tor. iiibh Youil find a va noly c 

aoml-drlvoVT Tficlf ahop“TratJOafl - Irmho -. ln 

— years-oldr- Jtoiclium-arca. Caiuis-9Q0S— -G0!UE£S_r""“ 

733-8909 ‘ ' 

por week. Apply In 
ot Trnvolor’a Oasis, 1-84, exit 
. 182, No. otHanaon Bridge. 

007— Jobs of interest 

. IDAHO FAILS (»F) -.TtXBWtoyt potolo prle** ‘ 

... uppw ototoy. Tartn FtoU-Bufto, OtotncU. ttoOraml: 

PtrfMOM: ttootofK) rxm ton A 9 U J. 2 pcod. crfhxt motor- 
•to. MtoktU ItMDy. Ruitoto J Into or 4 or minimum. IV cwt 

Sugar futures 

(-1 uDuia/-Pipe-lnsuIaHon r ""'Iiiunl and ^ OliO-t^-Ofto’trarm or^Tomaio, lady -would bo" 

Exterior and Inferior when ahorod. Menf*/ Noa/tfj ™ n ' 1 “ n '^iSwoS workora. ptoforrod. No work, oxcopl 

Storm - Windows and hQuPfoi^o'okonda 5 7om "^ Cornpomivo salary and ox* In, omorgoncy. Room/board 

. Replacement- Prime hq Hi? on weekends. C4)llenl Iflnao bonoflts. provided In oxchango. Call 

Windows, Speclllcatlons PLEASE HELP ME! I'm- not gQ nd rosumo to Box V-et.' 734-5516 or 733-2513 . ^ 

"fofrteeded material' Will Swaggart or Bakor-and-^ -I Ic/oTImTfrTRfWar'PO Box Need- exporioneod“comblno ; " 
bo available at 726 J#* l '*' anl to buy a now ! 5^3 Twin Falla. Id 63303 . and truck drlvors for long 

ttontoty totofr, 

htgttor, rtlm 900-7.00. tow Mgttor, nocrutonaffy kmn 
_ torton*. 714904 1100.14.80. mttotty 1190-1448, tow Motor 
kjw*r; 90* 11041100. mo4itr 1200-1210, tow Motor 

1 1- . , . mu onviniXL tow Atoto# 

9.00-10 00, tow Motor 9 loww; ICO to ucll non »1 m a 204 
2.90. tow 400 ; U.l 2 1 00 to 44CU. 9 01 iMtonoffl 171-t.oa; tow 
4.50, accMtorwtr tow. lOu mlnlmuni 1004.90. PC* Hlon- 

- N9W YORK (AP) — Spot nontorrou* inU pr1c«« Fridry. 

Aluminum - 91.1850 c*nu p*> pound, NY Comri rpo 
momft c4o«*d Uw. 

v tuturw trading on tto N»w York' Shoshope Street West, 2 um Exporloncod - oulomotlvo 'hBtvost soason. Womon-on- 

tsiiMq»Fiw«r— - .- Twin' Falla. Idaho - Con- r „.5;5S... onhitcr. -with bodv 4 fondor .courttgod. Sond rosumo and 

WF i¥5T~lRTrjroTT^^Betl^-a ; ^^^ T ^ y n 0 t ^ 0 ^^ doitor- 'roloroncda to: Box S-01, o/o 

■ ■ Wooten. Closing date 5 Jr i U t . ship In BurioV~77r^rrtaVcr Time9-Naw9^Q_Dax-54A 

:i24» 19.90- 11.71 12.77 . .94 p.m.. July 15, iftfl. Bids ”1.°" own“tootsrcol|-ctfcll - for Twiir Fails ;-!dr83303r"— 

11 40 1270 I221-12« 0; n" rocfltvod , l 0,,or chock from my doad hus- °B Pi ot m : ™ 2 '-°r fl7a r 7 ? 68 -.. Noodod: part-llmo office 

ii40 1212 1 211 1291 .u dB, ° Will- not bo ic- band's SS. I know Ihoro ore Exporloncod trout boners nurse for busy practlco, 

12.40 129ft 11.19 1249 - 00 copied and no bidder anti-good people out there noodod. Appty at Tunnol Respond to: Box Z-01. e/0 

J22i_ttai \i» 1127. -.22 may withdraw, his _ bid. mu would Sim iiko to holp Crook, 450 S. Locust, T.F. or Tlmos-Nows. P.O._ Box 548. 

... , alter the hour set for the poopio who really nood It." caH73IF082t>. • Twln-FaiiBrW^33()3 — 

' opening, which will be Please sand your chocks to; Exporloncod plcturo framor Noodod lull-tlmo hoad 

July 19, 1988 af 10 a.m„ L.P.-B..PO Boxill7 . ’ — wanted. Twin Falls location, wallporson, cooks and sor- 

»T° y* »■» ”■»* . at- 7?fi Rhn.thnnn Siraa L J w l n F alla.. lD . 6m3 T>erHime7-eend-rosume-t o: ' vlce - statton-attendant-in 

H U »ii - « West, Twin Falls, Idaho. G od Bless you & Thank you. Box X-01. c/o Tlmos-Nows. Bliss ot tho .Rond Runner - 

22.17 nJo 22,17 2219 -.01 South Central CAA PREGNANT-NEED HELP? P.O. Box 548. TF. Id. 83303. see Palo Ollvor. 352-4864. 

22.19 ilia 22.19 22 i» - ,03 rosorvos Hie right to Froo prognancy toatlng Fabricator / ol octrlcal Noodod: hair stylist* with 

5j2-SjS-£3S— 231 r-? , 1 ., ’ . a n ll t nr e aingl am* nnrt/nr nvallnble. .Calf Prognancy ooulomont mnnulacluror_!s cllontolo; also manicurist, 

IUI-B.W wi> ««•>« '.SBSS «r to aweSST uw £S3 1!MI4 UWIltDwC wir-ioewm.u n m- i iiii 

I or bids deemed be3t for 7472, 24 h ours a-day. woldor/snoot motai oalabMshea Twin .Falls I 


• Motel Desk Cashier ' 

' 'Nb Exporlonco Necessary 

“Apply i n porson at 

motai ootobllshod ' Twin , Falls 

tho South Contra! CAA. <2> ono way Tlckots. Salt fabricator. Spoclotty Etoc- shop. 733-3629 or 733-3 172 . 

- PUBLISH: June-22.-Jufy Uko-Ssn Antonl©r-?/K/88,- tricsr-lnc., -P.O— Box-230,- ^3pentrrg*-for - RN;"chomlca1 1 

n — ; * n of, * *' tXO nft nr hn«i nllnr HnllflV. Id . 83333 . 788-7401 . rldnr nrl n nr.v Irnnlmnnt I 

Mosf aefives 

Itorfairy-WOftO-OTlOOpw Tito Oto*. tow Yoto. . 
PtoUnum - 8449X0-818200 troy ot, H.V. tootoiri). 

PtoOnum ■ 88I7J0N.Y. tort 4pOI84/troy ox-TTiu. 

nrw YOftX (AX) — toofty 9 Hwntn itvwr Frtoy 11788, up 

-- 9 078, ■ — — 

Tto tnrfUoft prto for litvw MrlUr In London WM 88 8M. up . 


■ Announcements 

9 50 on, or boat offor! Hoiloy, Id, 83333. 788-2401, dopondoncy troaimont 
*Rostrlctlonaiipp1y77^W373. *T Frnmlno enroontors 6 conlor. CD oxporlonco- riol 

— .w — — -rr; i ■ ■ ■ , fuming crow. roqulrod, compatltIvo_ 

■ * Drywatlora, piocowork wages, good bopoflts, nice , 

f-rvw Foologo, must havo own working conditions.- Call 

Rolftrtod offorR tools. Undo or Julio at HCA 

EdJ oeiectea oners - Call wookcayo 6:30 a.m. to Wolkor Contor. Gooding. 

1 ■ ; 5 p.m. 601-531-7700 osk tor Como 300 mlraclos hoppan. 

Julio or mall nama. addfoss HW , 227H.1?0._,. , - . . 

j j phono number to: Mark -Aooroviotions onng nooroviat- 

OO7TJOD3Onn‘0fe3t: . Warner, c/o Ivory Company _ lig _ in -*- Lll,r - Whon j^OU, v^llq. 
T-.T • VTTT. - ' 370 E - SO 0111 Tomplo. Suite ClOSSihod ad. OO Suro 

V i ^ »500. Sait Lak03Clty.:'_UT onoortiandyour mos .. 

Norlh slda of rlvo r would like M m ^ • _ _uoa— ipau.iioui 

D-J averages 

'iMUtfOO 'V* ” “ ... | ... . — — — . 007r:Job5 Of Iflt0re3t: . . Warner, c/o tvory. Cor 

7.098.000 32- 002— Lost A Found — -- '7-777,— r7--r-r---^rr 370 E. Soulh Tomplo 

T - - 0iO;bJock ; buhny,” lost _lhe Norlhslda Si %ar would like Salt Lako - clt — 48u^^— nlght--of-Monr-June— 27ih- | 0 hiro "oxpuFrcTncVd^bunK - 
1,373^00 *8'T - " tram uui yard 581 Sparks, tnii/ir Cninru ftn^niiBhirt 

*gt*5 TBSSMawnSdaS. ' solid fo,umo v io Bank p o' '007-Jobs ol Interest 

__U 97.290 2 8’4*— ■ » Found: Black mnio' Cackor Box 540, Wendell, 10 83355^ _ 

vs'* ~ ° n Blu ? L1 " <M CMr " AinLiNEPogmoN " & ■ 

" 007-Jobs of Interest 

3144.91 2181.143111913131.89-10,13 
tMU 912M Mil MIS4- 191 


(Slim AA .43- 44; iftWIM 
.42.42 Mlftt D.49-.49. 

Chicago grain 

. aPnitoOXtlLD. K. (Ajq - Tlvct md mu bto lor Jtonitoflv. 
•r*d lo C7rfe*oo. puotoiJoo* Irom tfw USOA r*9r»MAI 61 di 
Irom tomUtol tontof*. prrxmrort, mm> ml mnhKMun 

jhtt 1 :38 p.m. Cantral ttm*. 

•n)iL“wa.“: \ — ;r. i_ r.r j: 

toQ. 2» o riwto«l 3 72 1 39" 

NaJYWlewCom J.B2»*p 192- 
Ho. 3 rtaou Com 217 a 271 

P-prftCfffOf 6W4— . 


• Keno Runher/Writer 

No Exporlonco Necessary - : — 

Apply in person 

Wednesday-Sunda y 
10:00 a.m. -4:00 p.rri^ 

Joirrt ha"axfcita7TTB'nroT - casino _ gQmtnj 
-Coctu8~P*i® ! s-R*BOrt/Cns!no.-Eafn-a- 
"*good salary plus tips nnd Incontivo-cash- 
■ bonuses for some positions: Additional 
benefits Include employee bt/s, profit 
sharing, modical and dental Insurance, Irfo 
Insurance arid housing avdilabloTTfOSont 
openings Include: 

Slot Chanqe 

rjijTj ~ i ifiTiTii/iV/I J r 

Cocktail Servers 

Soft Count Team Member 
Shift Supervisor/Cocktail Server 
ostess/ Cashiers — 


A Times-News 
Classified Will Fill 
Every. Need 



on? building Ml 

003 Ooiogo Sol 

004 Tool* 

o ns Pic VC lot 



3 Ptofoirioriof Sofvita* 

I Child Coro Sorvico* 

5 Ctnrry aitlcrrs WonlcxJ 
V f iiinloymonl.WaillcJ „ 



Ib'ctCWnl irrfd~' — ; 



029 Opnn Houioi 
b?0 Momoifor Solo 
' 131 Oul ol* town Horn ol 
o32 Dulil/Ftler Homo* 

— _033-Klmbally/Ho'>ion_MoMio 

.. 034 J 

" 03S Goodlng/Wen-MI Hoi 

rn 7 r 



036 < 

iol Cum 

it ond Ranch av 
0311 AtreogoUlol* 

■ 039 0u»l«**» Properly 
040 Cemetery lol* 

043 Vocallon Properly 

044 Condominium* for 5oli 

045 Mobilo llnmnt For Solo 

170 Aviation 

171 Bool t 4 Marlon 
137 Spoillno’Coodt 
133 Cunt and KilltM 

054 Unlurn. Apt*. A Duple «oi 

— 053' Raommuto* Wonlnd 

036 Room* foi Rant 
057 Rintol Mobilo Hrniot 
— OSB-OHIc* * Du»ino*» «»nlol 

OSICojldqmlnlumJl on 10 It 

060”WOfohau»o>'Slo«09* Nunl 
061 Gntnqe Hnnlnl* 
ri ai-Svou tcIGoli c n I . 

tl66' Mobile Homo 5f>< 

Wonted " 

1 34-AwlnHorKwnt 

135 Cycle* A Supplie* 

136 Heavy [qu.pmunl 
,J3V Pick-Up truck.--—. 
-140 MoovyTruckTTSem 

1 4 7-lmparr rSJJTJnVC 

149 Ainnt • 

' 157 Aulol • 


156 An f 


067 MHcollonoou* For Solo 

06 P Com puter*-- 

— OST^mara* *_enulprr *"' 

i flirYtefrl 

l60_Auin» • Oadiie 
“ la’s Auto* • fold 
— 1 66-Awlu c— M ur cui y-£.lim.ulll_ 
1611 Aula* • Oldunobile 

177 Ault " 



I 74 Auto* - Ollier 
175 Auto Pooler* 

340 Service Directory 

3900 oq It nulomotlvo repair, 
facility on busy highway 
with or without oqulpmonl, 
15’ high onlry. uso for shop 
or wnrohouso plonty ol 
parking. lako ovorprooonr 

business or bring your own. 
Additional 4000 sq It A 
rolatod non-conl licilng 
buSinoss • available. Must 
soli 'or ioaso Tor- medical 
reasons. Box E-ot. c/o 
"Ttm Otr-N 0W5T: P:OtBok- 648 , 

Twin Falla. ID 83303 

n'ReduSsardwpor must-s 

018— Income Property 
Mold lor salo by io&l 
ownor. 10 units. Ideal * 
tlon. Call 733-1438 

"021— Moray Wanted - 

023 — Invaslment 

A'CASH LOAN TO 110,000 
No crodll or employment 
noodod for now progroml 
(8181377-5410.24 Hours. 

112 oppllcotlon feo-rolyn- 
d a b I o 1 1 1 oan Is unap proved. 


Iracta. or notos. Any torm. 
any position. Fast, friendly 
and (alrl 


Mdliupolltan Financial— 


734-0307 Or 1-800-345-0753 

025— Instruction 

026— Music Lessons 

Guitar, and banjo* lossons, 

. boglnncrs or advonccd. Coll 
“734-5732: I 

o R eal estate 

-030-Homes For Sale 

good neighborhood, roomy. 

good nolghi 
nlco dncpi, -54000- custom- 
spa- 539,500. 734-7105. 

__ . lain. .2 llroplacos. 

2500 sq ft. 2 car-garage.. hoH 

undergrou n d sprinkler 

system nnd muclniioiu. on- 
ly *91. 500. Call 734-8006. 
4 bdrm. 2 both, family room, 

• 557 i gOf)-734-fl431- 

Better. — hurry. — reducing 
price. $100 a wook until 
sold. J2B Ramayu.' $19,400, 
Buy cheaper than ronling. 
Call 733-0468. 

By owner.- 4 twlmrr^*vbath; 

007-Jobs of Interest 

Wantod 1 tulMImo EXPERI- 
ENCED effect press opore-_ 
tor-ft-1 part-timo." Groat op- 
portuni ties & working condi- 

tions. Salary doponds i 

10- Professional" 
"“Services — 

016-Employment Wanted 

--a- -ilff-plocoo-.— N£ -location. 

Soil employed. for thc-last 3 
years -now--Jooking_for. 
roceptlonlst or managemont 
posillein. Call 736-0958. 

017— Business Opptysr - 

corner tot in TF. will (rado 
vtinicl cor land. 734-7037 
By ownor.. romodolod homo 
on'Piorco*Strl200'sq“tt — 
lull basement. 2 baths. 2 


garago, foncod yard. 

Mo untatnVIowRIty 734-1MM 

Pa jkjlk a aftttlng/CUSTOM 

house In Rupert. Atlracllvo" 
yol functional kltchon (lots 
ol cabinet space]. Many 
luxuries Including covered 
patio with BBC, covorod 
pool, stono tlroptnco. Below 
appraisal. Flo yd at 436-3271. 

will carry. Newly painted. 2 
bdrm, vory clean, Irg lot. 
13028th Avo E. 733-1 100. 

For salo by ownor. spacious 
tog homo. 4. bdrm, 2 bath, 
oak kltchon. largo tamlly 
room, lava rock firoplnco. 
Anderson windows, heal 

pump; elr condlllonlnQr- 

undorgrodnd 3prlnktors, full 
basomont, on 33.5 acres dl 
prime farm" Tend,- 2- wheel 
lines and full walor shares. 
352 South 500 Weal of 
Joromo. 324-8551 niter 5 pm. 
Asking $135,000 



.ONLY.J1 4.900 lor this atlroc- 
tlvc 2 bdrm homo. Baso- 
monl ond ollachod oarage. 
Nlcoyard wllh gardon area. 
Good oast location. 

Soo this RIGHT NOW! 


'OFFICE. . . , 733-4028 
JoycoCote ..733-8787 
-Dove Hamlatt . . 73 3U030 — 


• $20,000-Cozy 2 bdrm for 
Iho Mxor-uppcr or ronlal. 

• $24,000-3 bdrm. 2 baths, 
wosi odgo of Twin, storage 

alfOdlTIO. ■ : 

■ $29, 500-Good 4 bodroom 
homo. family room, 
firoplaco. basomonl. oxlrb 
large Iol, foncod yard, fruit 
troos. T54. 




10 yr old oxoc. duptox, posl- 
llvo cash How, Mln.Vlow Dr, 
3 bdrm. 2 baths. AC. dbl 
garagos. 734-8030/734-1749 

partlally-linlshod.bamt. Anx- 
loua/nogoUabl* , . 733-5212 
6 bodroom. 3 bath homo. 
$03,000. 640 Chorokoo Lano,. 
Call 734-2123. 

$82,000: ranch atylo homo 
on aero, 3 bdrm. 2 baths. 
UmUy-rm.-TF-bosLaroa. All- 
quality furnlSheiC $87,000. 
Good assumable. 733-6265 

L 031-Out ofTown 


for that porloct cattle' and 
rowerop property? Chock 
this: 240 doodod acres. 83 of 
Sprinkled pasture, 138 acres 
cultivated. Many ■ Im pto vo- 
mdnis with a nice shop 5 j 
grain storage plus a 
besutlluf 3 bodroom homo 
located tn u vory quiot 
poacotui nroa. Good toms. 
Call Kont tor a private show- 

lng^/219-88 - 




■uv + acros, Joromo Dairy 
nroa, full walor right, 2 
homes and outbuildings. 

i.Will-SQll_wlth..or_vyltboui GO 

dairy cows and milking 
oqulpmonl. 324-8C22. 


Mobile homo Iota. Adult and 
family subdivision. City T.F. 
utilities, terms. FHA and VA 
approved. Call 734-8943, 

' ' Vi ocrd _ of~tarrarTTimooriy 

area — with 14x63 newly 

romodolod traitor. 

Call 423-5096 or 829-5561. 

. acre ouiel country land, 
bpautlful vTuw. C 011733^7532^ 
bldg 4oti~-klmbaili 

School Oisi.; near TF. good 
rpolricUvo covenants. 

$12,000.' 324-8271‘koop trying 

039-Bujiness Property 


043- Vacation Property 

.. CO Ealiai.i wild B X l2r| 
tlp-out. 2 bdrm. I 1 /? balhs, 
includes. 50 x 120 shady. Iol. 

oxc cond. $13,000. Owner 
■ w | [)->-irry-ftrJLt li:i1nni^aidC 

Soo 240 Easi Reed. Hager- 
mar*. Cpfe Reod. - 837-81 53. 

032— Buhl-Filer Homos 

J)33“Klmb0rly;Hansen_ = 

BY OWNER: Choice 
locationr-3 bdrm, 3‘ bath, 
ihopMco, carport, finished 
ba'sdmohl.- sOCTuded 

backyard with abovo ground 
~i 54 ^OOrCnll-4 2>758_-- 

^olf uT I lmmClng 

room mobilo homo on. foun- 
dation, fruit room, 12 fruit 
Vp n sji ILva rjo.ltos .-Strawbers. 
rics. grape vineyard, and 
raspberrlos. gardon spot, 
i iranon pacrrwtt mult-hook^ 


Park, week of duty 22-29. 
1988. Call 543-C234. 


045 — Mobile Homes 

Lawn shrubbery, cement 

Tjnvoway.' 'car - garage,- '8 

Sott or ront, 2 bdrm mobilo 
homo, carpotod. furnlshod. 
.Coll 423-5136 or 423-5104. ' 

051-Unfum. Houses 

A Flier country , homo lor 
ront, 3 bdrm, 1« bath on 2 
acres. $350(mb. + $100 do- 
posit. Roloroncos roqulrod, 
Call Judy 326-5080. ■ 

Barko r- R oa It o rs 543-4371 

Uoxal y 2 bedroom. 2 hath . 

will) largo opon kfrehon and' 
Jamily aroa._$350_pJus, 
posit. Call 734 -7527. 

bdrm. 2 bath, with 
firoplaco. dishwasher, many 
extras, avail. 7-15. $550. 

734-7321 or 734-9075. ‘ 

AVAILABLE July 1, Joromo. 
n^bdrmrlamlly- rmr fenced 
yard, garage. $350 .+ depoB- 
11.324-7449 - 324-4119 
Available July 18. largo 4 
bdrm. 3 bath. 3500 sq ft.. E. 
of Twin FuIlsrSG50f month or 
tease optlonr324-83G5. — | 
Botwoon T.F. & Joromo. 
bdrm mobile homo. $150 
doposit. Call 324-5082. 

' DW. 

Charming, 2_ bdrm, 
tcirlg/froozor, rungo, wln- 

dow-AC7$309r793-8 1 89. 

cioan 4 bdrm, garago. In 

■SeinntnzTT$33 toid nctmvat or: 

Heat clflciqnLjCal! 324-73S2. 
Country homo noar Curry. 3 
bdrm. 1 -both, now point, 
stovo. flowors. yard. shop, 
outdoor pats or llvostock. 
'$3057M>OT'+ _ tJ<5R: 734-1 703r-' 

Why S 

r.011 ll 


FREE RENT- ; - - 
lo iho rlghl person. Lovoly 
ranch homo. Call 423-5943 
toi appolntmont, 

F to" 3 bdrm o. $125 8 up. 
Volloy View Roolty. 324-335^ 
Joromo. 2 bdrm, 1'/5 both, 
large_mobllo_homo.. J2?S- 

324-7449 boforo JO or after 0. 


. will movo you ANYWHERE 
tor loss than renting a truck. 

-::Ca|l324-3490. - 

2 bodroom. rodwood-doci 
$250 +■ cloanlng deposit. 
Call 733-2672. • ; 

3 bdrm. 2 bath, irrlgatod 

f osluro, 10 minutoa from 
F. SOM/mo. C all 734-72b3 . 

Clean 2 bdrm In 4-plox, ap- 
pls. W/D hook-up, 351 Lola. 
TF STQOfllOOdop. 324-8365. 
Cioan 2 bdrm. nppl. oarago, 
• 4ig.$275/d ng.73 3-9678 

3 bdrms, living room, dining 
room, firoplaco.' Located on 
5th Avo E^. across Irom tho 
library. Move right In . 

. bdrm. $325 + dop. horse 

corrals avail. Call 73 4-0580. 

. bodroom house. S2QQ t 
deposits Call 733-2506. 

052-Fum,'Apt. - S Dup. 

Cool bsmt apt wfWD, $150 . 
No pots. Call 734-9283. 

.: free'. 

your hoat, studio and t 
bedroom apartment, 20 3 4th 
SI N. Call 7344752. 


bodroom, water/ 

wo. S rolfig furn, 

ipetn. Call 733-0771 



EXCEPTIONAL 2 bdrm opt. 
dishwasher, "VofrlQ, rango, 

' ACTulirroorTTrno pola. Rent 

$ 295/mo. dop. 7 34-8300. 

Extra clean, partly furn npl 
lor working, person, utils pd. 

no omokors/pols, 733-6341^ 


Across Jrom CSI a noar , j 

shopping, Children" W0l- “* ~ 

cpmo. Worm, frlondly . a 
quiet.’ 1 a 2 bodroom apart- 
monts. $200 a $255, $75 oil 
1st mol 803 Quincy. 734-8800 
Joromo Horltago Homos -I 

Apts for porsona.62 &.0ldor___. 
or finndlcoppod/d/sablod. *; 

Wlii ' consldoc ' slriglo poe 

sons undor 02. Fodorally 
asslstod. Ront/uttls. basOd 

on income. EHO -1733-5765.' ' _ 1 

jiiTOmo— 2-bdrm OP 1 with • . 
garage, rango; rofrlg. 0/W, 
traah compactor, firoplaco. 
ntco quiot aroa, wator- , 

sowor-yard maintonanco 

pd, $300/mo. ‘Avallablo 7-1- 
— Call Bob or Linda at: 

Ona . bodroom furnlshod 
aparimont In Twin - Falls: 
Good location. Cal > 543-6631. 

1 bedroom; double bod. 434 
' h Avonuo Wost. TF. S165 
dopo ail. Call733- 2513 — 

054— Unfurn. Apis. - 
& Duplexes 

A cioan 2 bodroom apt. 
$250. no pots. Sparks 

Apartmonts. 733_J5122._ 

A cioan studio. with 

deposit. No pots. 734-8263, 

A nlco! clean, newly, poln tod 
I bdrm opt w/appts. $175. 
Ca ll 733 0/07 or 733-4180 . ■* 

As Of July 1 . 1988. Fostor 
itsottlco'to-B-' now-iocntlon 
ot 1720 Addison Avo E. For 
futlhOf Info call. ...733-0739 


Small. 1 bdrm. clean, no 
dona. $100 dop. 734-5216.' _ 
Jnry-iuco-2-bdrm. garago. 
atl appis. lnctudcd...460 Van 
Buren. $205. Roloroncos 8 
deposit Hinulr od. 734-8577. 

. bdrm w/goragu. stove. 
Irldge. 725-LQCU3i r$190 
dop. 734-7233. loaye'Trrer^ 1 

required. Cart 734-8577. 

2 bodroom. stove, rofrig. 
V//D. $100 deposil. . $290/ 
month + util. 734-6420 ovos 

Wni'n you ndvertisi 

bdrm. t\5 barn. $325. op- 
pliancoo. carport, all oloc- 
trlc. Call 733-3689 
Attracilvo 2 bdrm untts w/aH- 
Iho extras, Call 734-7321. 
Attractive. 1 bodroom 

"Wa'sliIrTg loriTMO rat - 
324-8627'' ~ 

•2 bodroom, 2 both 
■Applloncos Furnlshod 

■Encloao d Parkin g 


►Socurlty Systom 
>$435 monthly 

733^300. 73 4-1242 

Move In today M 54 Quincy” 

1 5150. 734-9131. 

Nlco 2~ bedroom brick 
duplox, comploioly 

carpoiod. nlco locallon. 
"W/D hookuprsanltatlon and-- 
wator -furnlshod.— $235 por 
m ° n L h .LCa!li43-8800 J _ 

i TTorthview MANOR : 
"Now Imago" Exceptionally 
cioan. n-3 bdrmrTT9M295,' 

como w/dlocouni-avallablo, — 
1322 Washington St. N, 

73 . 3 .^Z 4 °:.9. , - , L c ®z. NoPola -- 


apartment r 

hoat, and air condltlontng- 
fumishod, $180 por month. 
Cait"734;549J.' , nftore paror: 


Attradivo 2 bdrtji opt. Appis. 
w/D~ nook-up, ort-stroot 
parking, good .storago, nlco 

orca, no pots $245/mo. 

Call 733-2548 

dean 2- bodroom duptox. 
carport, utility room. $235 
por month. Call 733-1221 

Spacious I & 2 bdrm apts 
Walk-in cloaois: AC 

-Lourot Park Apartment* 

176 MaurlcoSt. N., Apt 304*' 

tiuiot 2 bodroom W/O facili- 
lion, nsirport, ‘$255. nuar ■ 
Lynwood MalirC ail 326-5077:*' 


LAND . . 733^1300 


_ 734-1242 

Two bodroom. apartmont. 
Partly furnlshod. For Infor- 
mation call 733-5374. 


mroa o‘ ; printing i solaTy" 

|By. Ownor! 2 bdrm. w|th 

roasonablo down. 


Tlmos-Nows. Box 548. TF, 
- ID 83303. If you Co not who 
your rosumo to bo 
od lo a certain print shop: 
— place do no! forward to 
t company namo) at Iho bot- 
tom ot your onvolopo S Iho 
Times Nows will doslro y It. __ 

'Nampa - . 

. . 322-0155 

. . 452-5575 
Couplo available lor 
housoslltlna or coroi.ikfng. 
Coll 730-3908. 

-CtrABSlFiF O ^ft 

IS youf driVo way gotllng 
tlrod? Lot Gord on Pavin g 
"track" into annpo. 


Rocoptlonlsl futf-llmo, basic 
computor & ofllco'machino 
skills, phono answorlng. 

Coil 734-9988 ask for P aulo. 

mechanic. Working knowl- ; torjayoara.., . 

rack filling, patching, 
oollng. overlays onu 
overhauls. Call tor boo 
osf!moio,_GfliUQn EaYinQ- 

By Ownort Reduced to 
'$35,900. 3 bodroom. carport. 

- 'loncod yard.' nnauma blo I 


— «tdgo.of AC-and DC.powqr Is [.^rivoto tonnts lessons, 
nqcessary, 3 phaso powor R nv “ l ? l3 „? n ,Z )<,)of 0nC0 ' 
dlEtribulion, and mochanlcal ■ Coll Susio 733-9490. 

' ic i 

c„ pp ~ 01 4 “Ch( Care Sendees 

]y at Long' . 

party; EOE. ; ABC Christian Pro-School. 

Wendell School District 1232 ' Daycare, thru July apoclal. 
hits a vacancy for Special $32.50 per week. 734-3238. 
Education lenchor grados 5 Allordabte child care, my 
through B. Contact tne :nomc. rtutritious moats and 
District ofllce for application anacks, will potty-train. Call 
. — f?Q — Box — 307. — 824-33 60-Ja i UC14Z area 

If you havo had problems 
with .any products or ser- 
vices' supplied by our adver- 
tisers: ■ ploo no "notify Tno 
Tlmos-Nows ofllco as soon 
ns. posslbio. Having this ln-_ 
lormnlion-will-onabto US 16' 
mO'o cnfolully’ monlfor tho 
quality of advortisora wo 
havo.. it Is our policy to do 
buslnono with only " 

|By ownor in Kimborly. 4 
bodroom, 2 full baths, 
Itlruptaco. w(flnl3(jed bsmt, 
family room & extra kllchon, 
largo foncod yard on 2 V5 

lots w/shado. fruit, tn 
gardon'spoir $45,00' 
uablo. 208-350-0321. 

b03t JO sercon lot 
any false, misleading, or 
.nuthicai advurtls omoniE. -- 

top location. 324-3774 be' 
' *'• alt er 4;QQ pm. 

jCozy-2 bdrm brick homo, 
[noar schools 4 shopping. 

M ountain View Rlty 734-1888 
bdrS brick 

For : i 

83355. . 



•Wost Point HWY putrid IS . cl. Days Only. 733-6504 
opting applications lor CHILDRENS VILLAGE 

sup or- Qu.iiRy day care at an at for- j 
' Jjble- price. 0:45 .in>-9:30 ■ 

the position 
visor. For dotaiis 
at 53C-2168 or Myrna 536-2188 
■■vos:~Job closing 7/9/68’ ■ 

rd r os Mur ant. 
Large paved' parking tot: go“ 
lug concern, doing $300,000 
to $350,000 annually. 
Located • near I5U, 
Pocatello. Id. Call 208-232- 

[•5167 o«-J08-332-2500 

Prlco ■ Slashed: Profitable 
business for. sale, retiring^ 
Write to PO Box 2613, Twin 1 
Falls. ID 83316. 


ired of earning tor so- 
icone 'OI507 Ward "to bo 
our own boss?. .Our suc- 

bsmi. garage, fruit iruu: 
$22,500. Dick dt Wostorn 
Roalty 733-2305 or 423-4232 
3 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 siory LOG 
hOUBO on 5 acros undor 

R astu7o with sprlnklors. 

ow. loafing shod, and cor-- 
rnls. Automatic wator* with 
hoators, Sconlc vfaw of 
South Hills and Rock Creek 
setting. Coll 423-5813. 

[-3-bd r m,-2 -bo I h r f ul I ■ bsm I -tin— I 
finished, ono car garago. 
storage shod, oardon spot, 
berrlos and fruit treos, 
tonced~bacKyard. Farm' 
Homo,, will finonco. 711 Elm 



homo w/marbla_ _ ontry,_[ 

kltchon, ” ‘ 


ignrago. fenced backyard, 
[tdoal. for largo family. Avail 
Ifmmedlatbfyr-Assumo loan- 
; a3klng $140.0001 734-2001 . _ 


5 bdrm house. 2 bath, 2 caf 
guragu, stove, and reltig In- 
ictudco. wooer * 

.: "008 — Sales People 

loss people 

i weight now w/lho b 
t 4 spray/ Wo m 
j people & nr erf- ilia 
now. Top commissfc 

!'S. /.im-Bpm. menu p 
dfJ Goli'734-9035 


’• ’ $39,090 .inriually. S 
Trmjruth'fln $70,000 ■ 



Must bo paid lor 
— nna tiavo clear titles - 

Brockman’s Mobile Homos , 


Highway 93. Joromo — 

034— Jerome Homos 

Dosporaiol Must sell this 
exceptionally ruco.-U_x. 70, 
1QAT Kit. 7 bdrm ? hath-w7- 

erTITofvgeTIIng drama-to-y our classified -ods- 
in The Times-News when you display a keyword 
in bright boldface type. Boldface distin- 
guishes account signatures In eye-catching typo 
available in 10, 12, 18, 24 , or 36-point sizes.- 


036-Real Est: Wantod 

037-Famis 4 Ranches •• 

East 'of Edon: Cour 



a lovely 3 

I bodroom homo $120,000 

HOMES I Valley Wow Really 324-3351 

Nlco amall homo. I bdrm on • Excellent 40 acre dairy alto- 
igood lot, storagtr shod, and - 1 a L h 

owner. will carjyJ1.P,50g, I bath. SW Wcndul 1536-2025 , 

, For solo: 80 aero dairy, dou- 
1 bdrm with basomonl, now j bio ten. 480 milking capaci- 
A/C lUid ' iy. largo. Jjnch-Jiomo— Call- 

good" ttOOr "Tp!ii'ii.. Uir^e - : 543-8855 . 

enctosod • polio tmh.nd-. '' — tOO»C““ ~T 

garago. Jnd sprinklers. ; By ownor: ne aero farm 4 ; 

$28,000 ~ ..ll;- : — : ranch N.E of.- Buhl. 

marus TFCC water 

pump, cool AC. 

Judy Hoffman 326-5080. 

■ Bat kOf Ron I tors 543-4371 _ 
tj x 52" 1977 Tamarack, all 
elect. W/D. stove, frldoo. 
AC. 2 bdrm. $5000. 7 88-2676 . . 
14x70' w/oxponslon, 2-3- 
bdrm„. i.'.i.$rath..woQdatQY.e> , 
air cond.. financing Is 

■1978 — Broo*i**tW«; (itrou- 

bodroorn. two bath, swamp 
cooler, excellent condition.' 
Make offer. Call 324-5813, 

1978* Champion. 24 x 52. 3 
bdrm. 2 .bath, largo living 
room; stool house siding, 
must bu moved. Priced to 
soil. Call 536-2202. " 

1 98?-Mnrlrttc'," 6 -x 

Cunieo Trailer 

•PorkO-6.Cail ?34i2900 * 

19B2 roomy 3 bdrrtt. 2 both - 
double, wido, will*- wood 
stovo. $20,500. 733-0837 

r 1964-Nift 

r 70, red- 

Uso It to mako your ods stand out in tho crowd._ 

1985 NISSAN 4X4 

llr#». c/»>l»v coohol, 



1985 NISSAN 4X4 

“ZjfOkxirplr.taniJtHoiiIn'o.' i.*~" 



P6 in (-Site* Avoilat*l«T-- 

BOLD— | 0p »:_:'-i NOT BOLD . 

BOLD 12 pt. ' NOT BOLD 

18-pt NOT BOLD 



largo -i 

trues, grape 

(■.* pur mncod telephone j 

solicitor, oxcctlonl pay for i 
The — right — por son — Sond-1 

■i 4 coniidOi\tui 

; $28,000. 
homos < 

0-34— A<Ju:i Caro Sorvlcos 

,l — IdowrtiQwl 
ito sroro: 

r bdrm -tn-loil "'^j-irTTo - walor . all gravi ly . 
lot wiih (run ; Two 175 x50' eommorciat 
.. .and garden : tf0U (. p ond3. yoar round 
Igatron water. , atQCh wa | 0f through barn 
l yard. Older 2 story. 8 room 
! home, lull basomont. 2 car 
_UXLjl 2(L — clndcj 

n of 

i lot. Ono 1 

is h- harm .Good 

'.h inter humu. 2 
h ot r ilrir 24 hour 
■ c.t'l j:£ J 

015 — Ba bysiller s Wa nfed ' 

'GEOHGE MC KIN LEY [to sioros npa senoot Good 

“9414 SouthOavkHiO-Esst — rt un, ' lIs - $2Q-W0.wlth t orma 

SANDY. UTAH 84079 i „ ' ^ ~ 

or call 601-571-0061 ; AMERICAN REAL ESTATE4 

IHUitab"Bh«J I..-J ^nl. | ?34-5650 ; . 

[block machlno shed. 40'x30' 
: shop. 2000 bu granary with 
rHr=llootj"$JT ’ 

wood deck, asst 
S12.90Q. Low monthly pay- 
ments. In nlco park In 
Joromo. Call 324-7939. 

00 X 24 Fleetwood, 3 bdrm. 

2 bath, woodalovo. . 16x16' 
•3notr~* r ~ m e r e— Assumable-’ 

loan. Ca II 655-42 09. _ - 

-’82 — Wingate... Jjx 7p, 


, to t 

ll. $8500. TC-atl 43841120— 

i caf 0 ■ U! - Ba u I .SL-J Is 74 C co- 

' 0 f C 1 — Fro f os si ona I 

j’NF. Twm Falls. 734-64C* 

;Groat family business. 

"Shod , ~ 10’xty — biooder- 
” house. 8'iiiO' slOrag'o shod, 
i Somo galod 'pipe and ... . 

I rals. 2 ml from Snako Rivor. ; 
i No lions 4 clear titierAtl'tor"' 

• $150,000. '/i down, balance 

• ■ Doug Voltmor, Orokor • ] u p to -15 years 10%. -Ask • — — . 1 

Mary Akkorman . — . 734-3882 S about cash price.. Renter In . n6A_FurhlSrtedHOUS(}S 

Ald.i Strong 733-0905 j place prose nil y. . / — 

Denni3 Volimof • ".733-9199 1 708-543-5081 or wrl 
Lowell Wills. 733-6562 jP O Row 49. BuhUD 833 16 

( When you uso Thu - Tim es*N cws-Glassi f { ed s ,-you ; rrrh'oacht rig' o Vo j 
21.000 subscribers daily. Using bold in your ad and/or incroasini 
Ti mako f Itoso ro odors noi ice you r~oi 

i ffS R entals 

iho size oi your koywoFd, 

|llrs!— Give 'ybursolfThoLadwantago at littlo or 
[all our Ad-Visors at 733-0626 for more dotaiis. 

»; pxtra-c 


070— Wanted To Buy 

OBI — Furniture & Carpet 

085— Bicycles 097-Hay, Grain S Feed 

“ or ™SE 0NE " ^^BwiaSS s 

OuBlItv it^SLn. o> teciinorTT; 'nnM>°r«M.-;M-l63l^- .k.C.IIMma«ll»». 

. £sJns5^Sas= -O ac-Fitawood- ■ JHfeJMtuwEntBeoL- 

Call or’wrlto Tho Collector's _ — BAN NEBS, 733-1 Bowman Wood Solos, now 

Shop. 1915 East Washington Solid wood lablo and 4 taking llrowood ordors. Call 101-Anlma! Breeding 

Blvd. Pasadona Ca. 91104 chairs, vory gpod condlllon. | or cholco ol dollvory dolo. 

__ 81 8-794-1 965, 8 mo. old, now $600, will soil will also -irade-lor dairy 

EalnhllahmJ 1956: ' ' ' . for$3QO: 734-6506. altcr6. - - q.min y nay — tSS/cord or 197-TjlHln . 

Sofa, 899. 

' BANNERS. 733-1471 
Sofa 4 lovo scat, reclinor, 5 
oxorclso blko. 324-5399. 

Quality Roaalo Consign- I 
mont i Store. Wo. nood 
clolhos. (Infant lo alro 12), 1 

appllancos... rolollllors. ! 

— lawnmoworar— — ■ — - — -and -j* 
miscellaneous, 324 Highway 
M East, Kimberly. Can 

Swi?ol rocker, $59 
BANNERS. 733-14 21 
Twin bod sol. 9189 
■ OANNERS, 733-1421 

082— Build Ing Materials 

$85/blockod. Call 543-5380j_ .. _ — 

.......... A.I. HpJslol n bull colvoa lor 

rlncnUUUI saloVCalt B8OT7HT ... 

Call 734 0573. Dairy cottfo" Hoof WJmming, 

-Taking ordor8 7 Ior-IIrowood,- js.^o-por head Call— Art- 
865 a c ord bloc ked. 4 234965 Qorgama 543-6925^ oyos. 

2o: Inch, 3.7 hp. Soars bay oid bull colvoa for s?'o- 
choln-snw. novor uaod $4?9, Calt536-21Bg. 

6XTEffPfPE ~ 

. Nowondusod 
Undororound plpo 
_ 'Custom fabrication 

. ANfVRHPPI V . - - 

’ T mUo oast of Buhl, Hwy 30. 

■ 5 43-4777 

Spring Spo cl ail Used stool 
plpo; 8", 11.95 por It. 24". 

. ,?,M POr». = 

Jerome. 324-2142 . ’ . 

Sprlnklor plpo, 3" solid out. 

uimonmono o> luuyn j - . i 

_ W*nlod <Jond or nllvo, junk dm lumba r. Troa lod post & P_l c °-^-.-V. n .!li5j^£ll — HOLSTEIN. HEIFERS. 

-•bsttohas. -Tmm-tO-7-Cnll- cb'rraT pblosTHuTT'din'g pdrds - '32Tri75tlhl chainsaw; nv 
Tho Battery Store 734 -8383. - Rumlllx catllo aupplomnnl. 051. runs good, noods 
Wan tod: old toys, comic RR lies. 324-8191, Scorrows. ■ ropo, 8150. Coll 423-4011 . 

r .. — , nULulCiri ttciccno 

T7TnTStlhl chaln : sawrmo<JSt' 7(jo hood. 300-40 Q' IDs., at" 
051, runs good, noods pull nu D ort. 532-4328 or 532-4 2 78. 
(tu r^nii xsn_xflti — l- ...... — — 

"IawixYATOTtiE Borrow.'’. . . 

Olroctory. dally In Ttmos* 

Now s Classifieds! - - 

• RED CEDAR. Siding, int. 088-Variety Foods 

150 hoad open dairy hdlfors. 
stortod . calvos to 700 
pounds, all trom 1 dairy. 
- Saloon Wednesday. Julx6. 
Call 1324-1345. J_ 

067— Miscellaneous 

C64 — Unfum. Apts. - 067- Miscellaneous ^Xg?oVS' Roll lop - Et* 12 ?' qv ° 3 ' w o. okDn i 3 -- 324*5451°°°' 

■ & ° UPlBlte3 ’ Skj : ga° yi 083— Garage Sales ■ " ^m.WrVo-S pgraggu femi 

.142 bdrm apis. Unfum. Ront ^ t hom 0 ,o?clsa 'a dllloronl Antique Poddlor Fair; July 2. a"hUQE ya‘rd“solo: RltSat ^^jgiaggaJSSajBL 

bosod on lncomo. Nice dls-'muacto oroup without awssl 3. and..*, Idaho's largoal an- " r nM iSI? r n( omo Bumper crop ol organic » hood purobrod hoo 

count on yr loose. EHO or strain ol traditions! o*or- Uquo showl 9-7. Froo ad-. wood stove grown' strawborHes. lor U- Anous pairs, 28 hoad Angus 

Casa Dal Prado 324-3484 programs. Circulation, mission! Trail Creok Vlllsgo “Roms': wa?or'bods! plck.-no -nppamtmant noc- f " ’ 

oosod on income. Nice dis- museto croup without swssl J. ana. 4. idnno s largost on- ,. n p nnl « un inrnmn Bumpor crop oi organic llll “ u ’’SI; i 

count on yr loose. EHO or strain ,ol ^trad lonsl o*or- Uquo showl 9-7. Froo ad-. wood sS grown' slrowborHos. lor U- Annas pairs, 28 ho»0 Angus Co l; - 

Casa Dal Prado 324-3404 d^'p Sflrom” ° Ckculatlon. mlsslonlTral. Crook- Village ’SboK “lck.-no -appamtrnan. noc-: 

: z7bodroomdup! fl *._ fl pprs.: fToxmff[^_anU.poD(uro...r fl . (InfownKotchumJD^. ctotfioaSt^te?^—-. Ing sloors . Call 934 -5778,. ^ 

... somo ulllltlos. no pola, Imptovod. collulito Is Round oak parlor alovo. Vi 'doPi r i~Suss'Ti Snow Pl us ,ax ' f tK i n ° “S' , r , 

J285/mo. 494 Wakollold. ' brokon down, musclos oro mint condition. 2 china cup- hi OW o? blko b rand n?m^ o ‘t ®nr- or 5 to 8 pm. Raugi us 103— Dairy Equipment 

(Rincon In.oi,- lonM. TiWon nro rotolno boirfli, Klmbil, chorb SSy"t to SS' HJf StJ." Strawberry Fern, Stt W 

- nSSTS^ if Sn7io“°*™?StoS- -»SatoSsosS=; mZ-SuS-M- >S 

"»"F""™,sj > , YF,nM '/ .ffiT^.^ssssis aMr'.r.asf.'j =k^“K mp 

3 bdrm duoi o* vou nay CraltsmanB" Ubloaaw J125, 2 dntlquo wood cookstovos, %° ho v B a,c T 9 F nl °- cukos, jomotoos. potoloos 400 gallon milk jcMMrjbulh. 

WOOO — tablo — chniirtK — J15" tairwarmIho oVons7t300 oa. p h ° ," i , h ', , . carrots, and corn. Cook tankT solf-contolnod, ox- 

SSh.gSa a»a! |S:*r!-V SLL 

- le r ,w . ~ 

~ ,-^.yy^ . CTprSci^ s “ F Kssgs; SCi^F“" 5 

TQCFininniaiich . r > , 

.. SUPP " M . ... ‘ "Jolly's a KILLER!' 

BalofTwIno ' * 

170 knot strongth. 9800, loot. “ . " " 

pifbL “?n. nllVlt."'” ■ 'K-Farai ImplemanU IlS-Fim Work 

covors, commodify ^boda.. | 0a( j 0fi or smn u hont^ond our so^rH^dlw^^uj’or 

Il'KSlSl '° a r, “ 2md?o P wSd SIX lafo model 

Scolt Frost 423 538l(iaio). t small tractor or on older In- mach | noa . Truck » avalloblo. 

^ 3 r r i2L b<,cKh00, Ca,h ' Ca Solving ALL southern Idaho 

114-Farm Implements ior37yoaro. 

, . 24 hour- export, nujyrfiitood LESLIE R. JONES. tNO. - 

Comblno IH503. . cab. poa , opn | f on Now ffolland and Los 733-8458 or 320-5280 
sol-up. good condition, Wn j 9oy , Forguson hay Doun32Ml8i 

gWg=CTriWI=ffl»aitt,- i, wWSTSwr 

For salo: Dolmhorsl hay 324-5858. ~ travel. Call 536-2598. 

molsturo tostor. J75. Coll ' 1 :.y - f ; r,,W, V— Vrt 

ninhii - C . . „ Woqtod: 3 wldo harrow bod 

i 2 - 3 .' ,99 4. n . l 0 , ?‘*: 11S-Farm Work * Stacking, ownor oporatod. 

For salo: _ Hosston B60Q Wanted 15 yoars oxporlonco. Coll 

Swathor, '35800. Plus Ollvor . .. Gary Tumor at H23-5721. 

1800 lrnctor. 32500. 536-2273. Ail typos thrashing, doop-tlll < . / 

Woqtod: 3 wldo harrow bod 
slacking, ownor oporatod. 
15 yoars oxporlenco. Cull 
pary Tumor at *23-5721. ^ 


057— Mobile Homs -,7.---.^., 


fl 8 ™" 84 0, Call 934-4738- - 

Newly romodolod 3 bdrm. Espor 7700 cosh register 

disk piayor w;ja muyiua, August a-y. to rosorvo a 9-4.438 Pork TorrocoDr.- - " , “ J . cj 1 ’ killer horses '733-6055' ' 

385. 10" RCA color TV, 375. jpoco call 375-7940. Fri ~ 7nr'<i ;r~M 'Titdl^ plck V °. U a L‘i, rlln0 F ,k ' - 

Boll 4 Hbwoll projector w / » ■■ ■ day - Ju ' y J »'• - 3 *^ ..S.- 6 ' Afa , bl 1 an P« fob, « d - 

#c/eon._S75.-Rocllner-chilr..- Z-nin-- -Powe rs Or chard . 543-6SM — roglstorod .rcasonnhic.- 

074- r MusIcaI - 
. tnstmmenla 

_ barb'oquorplcmc taDiorpuz^' ' 
zlo'3, tapes, records, books, 
cook books, chair and 

7/1. J275. 734-5713 or 733- 4139 at Moldcojnc. sdund & boautllully c'orvod. Crostwood Dr.. oil DolM ar. 

5n O aakjorRk:k For solo: Homollte Super Jl 3400. Call ovonlngs 734-0541; ' HALF-PRICE SALE 

^,? f i(.^^n C n!H^ 0 FiiL b in^' rniinfTsM ' ”* C090 ' that noods Thors., Juno 30 through Fri. 

lunod, 3450 or boot offer. July a! Solvation 'Army. 561 

1J<^1M u twpot8.J2§^8^_ Call 733-8881. Main Avo East. Twin Falls. 

-1“,o'- 3 .nb Dd ra°l5', L mD En C ,b“"«S%o1l. LYNWOOD YARD SALE ■ 


' Now rod spuds.. .25(lb- 
'Poos 4 bools 

torms. 324-3643 

For salo: Roglalorcd ' Ara- 
bian, 2 yr old coll, good 
bloodlines. (3)1 mares. (1) 

"u-plck, or'wo pick by order l,l ;? <,ll r’' '? c-'’,! 

«• *8Sjg"“ Hwr S USmtk T'- 


Atoyo ^illd^'rold'o. 2 ^ W,D tSSSStSSKtSl. ?,'„p ^ cltSm'ZT' LYNWOOD YARD SALE ' • ' ■yM.J’north.'Minib.' HorsosJoTinto or tridory' 
h'ook-iip. swamp cooler, no M«glc Villoy Mall-734-4735 j 5 . 0 o space proceeds go to 31* lb, U-PIck b uo. roan marcs. 2 yoars 

pots. 3225 plus deposit. Now GAS GRILL wilh 315 KlmbaM .P.^no 3000. Fluto owlmmlng pool fund. Cloan 312.50. 25 lb gox, plckod oW. rood y to bo broke. 

Skylono Pork. 733-4607. in?h cooklrto nroa. Has sido — —9^!! 934-4738 oul your garooo. and_holp Kolloy Gordon Conlor. TF Show quajlly horsos. Will 

■■ 11 1 ' . ' nnd front work - aurfocos with 1 Bundy trumpot lor-aalo, build, tho swimming pool. 7 1 313.75-25 1bb0irr75 c-lb. — ltado-lo/-Car3..truck3.-hay. 

lWA_h'Hln« an H - sldo burnor for^ flO° d conditio n:733- 6l09. am -on-Saturday, July- 18th.. ■ cattle. otcXall.TTMp??^;! 

P'Frir] TTMrcam734^7o?: — - — _ 090=P6irrSupp!!es'~ HORSESHOEING— ^ 

Bdalness R ental— ^jnSSSTT poraon 'OFS-X)!ta>Equipm»!,t jS^r S' -.i-iTTns-T-^ ~ °»»dkppn( rTTTTT7k ;HM7 

BLUE LAKES OFFICE PARK tub. 2 yoars old, oxcollonl - — ■ , ■ ■ ■• — t ronis?or c^l Qmco--ai 733- twn' n,°m Older atockhorao._ _V 

Odlco space lor loaso, 300 cond. 31B00. CaU boloro 8 ^ lr ® pf rt °®' S*®- 3 ??s nq V endors ptoaso ?Su!??£w« JM ° ' lrm ' Ouartqr Horso. W Morgon. 

aq ft -to ,5000 -30- fl.. Donna., am or alters pm. 733-9479, ' D0 ?'^°i- 2 drowor, 3350. . P — — — vory rosponslvo; spirited 8 

IdaHo Land . . ■ — Pinn.voi^haln-a^-^/caaZ- CoH 736^92 2. ; _ ; ” ; MOVING 8 ALE.-^uly—2nd- -AKG-reg.-Goldon-Ub-pup-_ 0 ulck, 3500. Call 544-2488 

Ofllco Soaco.Aval lablo. First overhauled. -Si 75. Now pony. . — Tnntryr ? pl ® a, , d ?* F a !tf,m°7 0V n«' Oldor registered blpck Ton-’ 

Interstate Building. Contact harness, comploto. 3150. BAWjEgS-l^ . t BlS S" TrussmH^tlmr^marTTr 

■ntrrrTnampso rrr - 735-04B< *or 324-4033 lesyg-tnessape . 1982 — Smith-Goronn — oleo- ? d v an -,,, d A^EP'rirTKr — -Ch a mpion — blood — lin es - r 4 - 

Jlm Brokko, Boise. 389-4131. p(ayhouso. must non, 1140 ty powrltor, 3125,734-4596 oAlJi ■ nn,‘ Classes starting Jul y 11* h - ^ gorgoous- tolls to prove. 

'OFFICE SPACE: 785 sq ft. 4 Hoyburn Avo. E. Mnko olfor. 3M 140 copy mochlno with MOV NG SALE .. gas dryer,, puppy PPOh. 1650^544-2488 

383 son.- beautiful block w/- 7334275 altor5:30.-; - paper. -350. Spood-O-Prlnt mediate pbod lonco. On July one Appy marc 16. one POA 

- j2 ^'k,““Kiim ,S," iPldiiP mira.O(|raph.l20.»34-.731. »“= ““"j' Dl . 2, , gffZSSS£»t fH,'«!3r«Wr. - 

^-and^pjirking. Gcntiomlcatly_ iogs^359^ lactt- drapes . -2 on'3atr8 to4 pm: nei ciiiB“4?3-5091/423-3442 __ Registered 3 year Point (illy. 

maintained, wired forcom- ponols/E' oochn-12' panel, 'D77^ome€ntertalnmenl--- az3 : wralf top bloodlines, AQHA .1988 

_PUU,. jtSjMalioMlPSPi. iSLCraiun,™ ibion p.M SfiSESSSSSS^w ' ■" ' 7 afcnflrpfaMsoirtf Itt* 

~AT)-Qfri0tnyr733-0T0CrT Vn,Tvn"r^g^a37-48?2 ^ RENT - A . N E W TVP 0 wrT a ? u ', ck cartmrolor. . waior Schnauzor. 7 week Old pup- r ynx am J KIno Frit: 4 yoor 

^DEaCEJ3LJTG, «l ll.-4- nlc'lLng lounge chair. 33s! now color TV by rontlSgTHo miT' oI mi3 C : mo UHer "shOtT oar xroj ^ B old - ln °- yo ? f,ln P ™ n ' 

privato.olllcds JargnTOCOpr -szs-Greytround-ilckatlitSaU crofters chockod. ^204 IMjl.n ‘JJ®*; ckole^afAi — — rldl 32^4874 NMy. olhers, all priced- to 

tlon area. kitchenette. La k a , 430 Tokn both for 350~ AvrTrNofifvCola s^HIl^ ~ - soltlCall 3244129 

bnsomont sforago, pavod Call 733-8812. Kim. ■ Sylvanlo audio 4 video'. Best T^' y.neek otd'kmen^' Hoolstofod Quorlof Horsoo 

sa gaasa"^” irasiar ga-rS «^-r£S» " 

combine. IM 300 .wHoador. plant. - swath, biio, corn and " ’ — — — — r - 

9N Ford w/oqulp. 2 front groon Chop, loader, monuro [ ' 1 Porroallnnal ' 
mouolllLilbcaa-OullM^-ltl liaulInu-LtOCkPlCKar-: trucks. . n .° cfe _ allon *f'.- 
slde^dcllvcry-fokus. Olher wiif-trovoi.-CALL RANDYT. — " • ■ - - 1 r - * 

mlsc equip. Call 078-1348 or WEAVER AT 543-8888, _ 

078-5740, oak lor Bob Brown, cuslom - hay. . baling. ’■ . 

MF 285 troclor'w/HD quick reasonable ratos. Calll 

attach loador. only 1200 hrs. 32fl-3Z25rjr 733-7554. 120— Aviation^ 

81 HP; 3-6 row 3 bar boot 4 Custom Hay Stacking ------ 

bean cultivators; 12 Evers- ? w irt n nr 3 wi de n lncklno. A Plpor^ Pacoi^ PA20. 300^ 
man corrugoto opon0fn9G7 can call Poufoon, 543-5869. SMOH. King r45~ra(II0, 

; IH B1 60 truck v/ combined — rn«;Tnu thrfahin iV 310,500. Call 423-5487. 

? ,o=k, 0 ra,„ b.«. p 0 , C s U5 ™t; TH bS' N :S,.l, 

Musi sell Immediately. 2 3flod3i CO fn', Siandlng or 121— Boats iACCSSS. 

quonso1-3lylo bulfdlngs. 32 . wtndfOWO<J . |HC 14D0 axial . / 

x 42'.48'x 74'. 208-525-1907, f(ow comt ,i nos • wllh boll Avon »a!!.-t0- (L- now-COndl:. 

TRACTORS unloodors and oxtra straw lion, with frame, oors. otc. 

313 75-25 tb borr75<-ib.„trucKs.'.hoy.. 

catllo. olc..CalL73Sr2p23 l _;i 


- Pbug Koonlz ..... 77423^4007* 

J0 4020P.S 

JD4840PS, PF. w/duals 
JD 1530 D 

JD 40. mini condillon 
IHC 1480. oxlro cloon 
IHCi4GGail whldr .. . 

MF?6Sw/mulll-powcr , 

phono 733-9649:1 L 

Elhlngion custom h»y stack- 
ing. lost, dopundablo. quali- 
ty slacks. Robert 432-5589. 

- Experioncod Irrigator with 
. rotoroncos. _close to_-T.F/[ 

Flborform. Jotolly roflnlsh-. 
od. 37000. Co ll 733-1970. 

Now Boyllnors ond SooRsys 
Largo aofoctlon 

HQfd A-02 arilcuiaioa lossiou sona-nosumaad^tuKr-oz^ ^vvgrpDTindl^erunii _ ^ 

COMING I N "Cia Jjmca.NQ.vv. P O Box 548, Hobulldlnfl S AVE BIQI 

IHC 574 D. uiifify . Twin Foils. ID 83303 . Most compfolo service 

r GRAIN HARVESTING : . — Twin F alla 733-5070 

cni 1TWWP<FT Lot — us — ttnlp yout SCC" "Mlriocratt Ueep Fisherman; 

- MACHINES, 37-yoars expo- 14 It., carpolod, cosllngploi- 
~~ EQUlrMcN ruU — ~ 'rtonco. - ' serving — ALL — oh fqrmr — anchor/pultyrrrexc— 
Kimborty RdEasl Twin Foils Southern Idaho. ..Trucks coed. M25. 1-432-6625. — 

- 733-1545' \ avalloblo. 12 1 " Mirr6K3rotl.-olum. boai, 

HoyorNowton 733-2884 LESLIE R. JONES, INC. ( 0VQ [ fiotollon. 9.8 HP Merc 
Homo Los 733-8458 or 326-5280 nibtor, oxcallonl condlllon, 
90K GOlay 734-4443 Homo Ooug320-4t81 . tliwe - Cnll 733-5857 ——- 

tlon area, kltehonofto. La k a , 330. Tokn both for 3Sfr~ AverNofilvC« ltisJt33JllL_^ ' ; 1S - ' aoiaCaJI324^l29 

bnsomont sforago, pavod Coll 733-8812. Kim. • Sylvonlo audio 4 video'. Besl TRtEt-TTveetrrsfd^rm^^ Hoolsiorod Quonor Horsoo 

US&^SS, ™" R.i..&Pio™r„.n™;ss: Sf SSHSta 8S. ssr^ SKtkyfS? " 

Call 543-5951. - T.V. Solos 4 Servlco._Buhl bookC asoo. table and oa rafl- “agio ol lor 6 RockyMln. Equine Contor 

SL^srst, t.«5S „suaMERSPEDHcr Kisnsna 

■8SJ552ZZEr m ^5SSS5S;Si5H= fW-.ESi&JlB* 4 ” 6 -- 1 w- J:,“ 5^: s;»,-r w.e,w. «™«,- 

r^:r-s^w "•zzzmii z*- m^*..*** >v ** 

On, ct ;ac ;; , : q„ Si,^kVy.,ra 

urocn «cr03 wuictr-uom- F4HMI:fl3l — EXtCUTIVtil q,» only - b.* 

-.plox, 400 square tool newly super rich soil kll. nl Garden mob j| 0 | 0 |ophono. complolo ' c,,. i 0 r h x a SuddIyI 4t 

- decofotedr-2406-equafo-foot- -(^untry.l^om XlL on i1-mddel-GL-2000,-tl300^*’ , ^ u| ^K 

■ — can-be^rernpd® ! ® d - to - nui L- - r -- r 1 '- ~ 000 ~7 Z 7-8 769- Call-733-3485^— ^ 

.will divide Inlo ' smaller Two largo mons Black Hills 1 1 ■ ■ ■ ‘ — c - 

oila^Sr -WS^pllancasl-^: 

Tlonsjj blacks whhoJndYl y ««i.“W. “ 

= ^ I25 : f6rb^hrCall 


If you are unable to call or come by The Times-News 
.office, simply clip and mall this order form to. our 
classifled~~d epar tment~so~ thatlwe;can^qet y oar-ad ~ 
started without delay. ■ ' - 

• Please printclearly with dark pencil or pen j 

• There are approximately 26 characters 

— ( includih^biahk-spaces^per-Iine..-- - - 

rdlng toTateschedule-which— ~ 

M g 

AJOSQ HIO iu,600 sq ft Kohlorusod urinals for'snld. ’ Chock our SorvIco'Olroclory 

Excollonl Ro loll nnd/of- Of- goodcon dllloa. 733-8 109. lor professional help Dolly «h' 0 i aun “antlquos, onglno I v ' al,J ‘ 

I|co.Sp0C03..AYallnble.ln.lho_ J8V d]jim^nd_rock_3ow_and • in Tlmos-Nows Clos3lllo_dj. — por | B ®_ciothoB Q -«nd-lols of Ffoe: 
Lynwood ■ rock collection for salo. Call Appltanco solos 4 service. ' " 

; - Tho Contor Of It AIH 734-5S1 6. Trado, buy, 4 soil. 80 day 

733-2282 lasesonomohot-iub guarontoo on oil. major- ap- 

AagVow^Ros'oarci. 'Comor •mtn^«nch-hOT6o, ..oonM°- 
Call 326-5015. w/oxp. rldor, 3500. 324-83 58. 

Free: 4 mo old - Golden ToVoro palomino Paint 

Trado. buy, 4 soli. 60 day npon , got, 9 lo noon.' 1007 0«or3p*fi 

oil- major. ap- I Ootmar. TF. 

Ivory Lab pups, eligible foL 

For Rent 

350 gallon, 1 Vi hppump, P |lfl "“ 5 - A ^ h °^. 0 n ur Swoot * and plo roglstor. males 

hoo-whlrlnool lo t. 

Call 436-5741 ofiorS pm: 

8 porson hoi lub . 734-72 63. 

Quality Appllonco. 207 S 

- fli uo'LftkoyBl v d ; 79 4-9KO: 

BUY SELL 4 TRADE - "’ ’ 

Swooi cnornos ana pio _ T1UM t ■bYJ0-vaar.oldehlld r 428-5460— 

rhorrlon 55t n lb 25 I D hn. _lnmnins >--au — — v-M-vaa/- •*rr~3 . : 

In (ho yard at Kolioy Gordon Multl-clawod Siamosu kit-' 3 yr -oW , y ol > cbo ° l ".“’ 
Contor. Addison 8 Eastland, tons. 8 wooks old. J2S. V> ® l,1S3y !7ill b 3,303 , 

Please run my ad in classification ~ 
# for , ■ da ys. 

-riFrint ontrcharactcrporspace please. mdu5inq btank spaces.! 

FOR^^Etn'i^Wasriington — 6-tOOt-Chov-Du»lly-bod^ -X V i-g t n a P Ti; ! vyry It BS^ves— - Tflura - -Ell— vSaL. Antiques., joglsjor od Pe^jnn_kll_ions,_ llw.^l^2 5 F g252. 

Street North Vory Clean 1500. '80 Crow cob 1 ton PU, 734^188 days/733-9188 oyos^- cloihoa, '72 Chevy amoTo color, oxtra culo, JT«“' oKT aorrerjfloldlnp 

Two Bodroorn Con- now point, upholslory and For salo: aloro fixtures, op- p| CkU p. boaa gullar, tools, (IS. Call _ 6 7 8-1318 oflor 6 pm. . Ouorlor Horse. J 750. Coil 
dominium. -- Bullt In ap- motor. J5200. Clndar block., moxlmotely 1400 running Jgg Honda 350. lurnlluro. Porakoots 4Cockotloln alier 7pm 837-6309. 
ollancee and garago storage 2 complolo 5.7 dolsol coros. loot. ST -00 por running fgOL Polollno . " Road. “ buiwoon Locolly raised. 253 7th Avo 8 yonr dl(J.'Appy.mare:wltn.2.. 

. flroa , Pimpiann laumlrv '71 and. '7 9 Chryalo r onglne Call S tovo at 734-7300. j,.- Ooadmana curvo and Fair East o r coll 733-6954. _ , yoor Old (Illy- Excotlem 

Room FoclIHloa ovalloblo. ironsmlsslon and bodjT GE aolf-cloonlng stovo. Ox- Avo.. N. of Filer '"" Purobrod DlngoViippioa for oroodlng stock. sweet 

.... 9300.00 per rnoHlh. Cotl 73<- pads. 'Old - Was tlnohouBo collenl cond. white, 1280. UnbofloTabTy "low prices '0 _ n solo. 54343916 nlior 10pm. disposition s. ldonl 4-H pro- 

loya. cloihoa, '72 Chevy I 

5:00, 734-9241 ovonlnps and Wjacgnaln motor. 324-5806 

— - wookonds^^ — — . .. ,m>|j,c k„ui.iuiii W ..hai.w,w.n|,i,» 1 „u.i,u,^,„.„«,u„„, u.n..., pgpgr,,- t siuu, ooc», i- luo— nuisu cuuipmuni 

2 bodroom3. 2 baths, don; O68-CQlTiput0rs condll lon. CJII733-92/8. .| loot (able; provincial dlnlno | Bolso...coll377U440. |._. __.L 

slovo ond rofrlgorntor, AC.- — — j r— lsooro_ woohor . ,, uuol „ , u „„, „ uuu . 

cond. 350. .P ol! 733-.43QA P | 0 cos like now. Boaulllul, ^dlnis. CFAfroglsIorod. wllh . . . 

,M»glc Chof.rofrlg. pxcellenL mapio.hutch/matclilng drop, papers,- I S100, oach, 105-Horae Equipment 

condlllon. COII733-9278. _. loaf toblo; provincial dining Boise.. .coll 377^4440. ~ 

Eetato 543-8800 or 733-0200. ond mo ro. (180 0. 734-0 927 iinri i ci/ l/buu ui ninu mail-J99; now codor chost. - 7 . , , j-uNaniNtLCAiHCHOU 

* Tondy ioOOSX, 840 K doublet TV's, rolrlp froozor slovos. 2na T | mo Around689 N. Wa, I'JX -on^oTod^maloa^J butlt t ,ack of l ul PL- 

060— VYflrehOUSO/ disk" drive, color monitor, ^ 3 ,? - Yard Solo: Sol. July 2-. 0-4. ^i , 0 D ^1^4X2 "--Upnt,. homo ol tho 'Rlttor 

^c,;„,»o«ll. dot matrix printor ond com- t^llanytlmo.7344im — ,41 ToylorSI W.KImfrdrly. lomaloo, Can 324-8022- — 

Storage Rentals pMtgt^jii^-wwa^-.- WflBbo ' an0d , ry ^ «to“iT M^Htrybim ,‘, linn . 

Magic Valioy sioraQo. 1592 Tandy 600 portnblo, 5 built- — Wost. Frl 4 Sot 10-8 pm. CB 092 Auctions 

Elm Sf N. (behind Randy In programs ond modem. Whlto Whirlpool washor. 5 baao, sioroo. dresser.. hair 

Hanson). Roaldont managor 3000/otlor. Coll 734-5078. dryor pair . >150. 324-29 01. dryer, bolhlub. assorted m 

on promlsca. small or large ■ 17' chosl frooior. works cloihoa. smofl qppl&jnlsc._ Farmer 

3pacoaovollabI_o. 73W)flM. _ D70— WanledTo BUY good. Coll 733-Q133. -- ' ' y 0 ,d solo: 132 Polk. Mlsc, — 

Warohouao. loaso/saio In : — : — — - • 1 - ~ household Horns. Lots of 

TF. 4, 0. to. 4 12.000 sq. lt. Ai Happy Hookar Worms. 086-Heating and baby/sjolhos andjoys 

hooted, tnsulolod, docks, 4 now buying nlghcrawlora a AlrCondltlonlnQ Yard salo. lots ol 

trackage. Low down 4 tho 3 locailgns.-Call J33-217B or ' n — -miGCDHannousrsomo. spor- 066— FarmStJO 

ownor will carry. 324-3404. 324-3351 Or 326-4569. - - ling .goods. 720 Idaho- 

■ Boo boards wanlod, will 081— Furniture & Carpets .AvQnuo.Fllor.Snturdayon- 

— ruw^tinWinMnmnqri^ como'16 you. Roy Odormoll. Iy. 100m to 6:30 pm. 

-OS&^MODllB.HOme bpc . co|iocL aorw/2 biooIs F 3149==^ -i-tjoy-onlyr&.lu.dayrJuly-3 r l 

Oulot location, .slnglo/dbl BUYING: scrap gold jowol- Sowing coblnot. S49 0 to 5. 2297 Klngsgnlo Drive, 

wldo. adull/fnmlly sncllons. ry, diamonds, storllng 5drowor chost S40 ca • Somo turhlturo, TV, 

watorftrash Inc. Kimborty, sllvorwaro. pocket watches.' 5 drawor chosts w/toppur, irumpot. mlsc. 

423-5253 (F. Vl llag o ); .* alfvof dollars, coin colloc- (99oa 2 family yard sale. Slovo, 

Troilor lof In counlry lor Hons, ole. Government dosks.J39oa oxcorclso blko, camper 

lonoo. $75 mo. Call 324-3430. Idsho Coin GmlkirloB Usod lomps. $5.00 oa sholl. and n - 

-- - ■ — j=o. 3Q2NorlhM sin. 733^503, 

.... p ac^a addle. Ca (1 423-6235: " 
non Anellnna ; ' VVE'BUY '4' solhusod sad- 

092 Auctions J dlos 4 lack. Shop around 

With US lOSl,- becOUSO WO 

Hjb will dot bo undersold on 

Farmnrn' marllnl boots 4 soddlosf Vickers 
farmers marKei W(J . lomStoraa7 33. 70fl<1 _ 

~IQ66^Mbt)llB.HgmeSpc; ~ 

81— Furniture & Carpets 

096-Farm Seed 

ling .goods. 720 Idaho- 'nohPD'wntti ‘ ~ i 

.Avenue. Filer. Snlurday on- UnUcnOiUYV _106— Swine 

ly. lOom to6:30pm. Alflafa, corn, SoOd groins, " — 7 .* 

-t-doy-onlyrSoiuiday5-Juiy-3r -rongc^5^CQSlurQ^.QfflSsc2. .Woonocpigs - . r . ■ - . 7 324-8023, 

0 to 5. 2297 Klngsgnlo Orlvo. “ 00 U a ^‘' !o1 ) k«mp trying • . .. 

Somo turhlturo. TV. 734-3M7 Free dellvSryj . 

.UyffiRfiLJSlKi 108-Sheep i Goats 

2 family yard sale. Stovo, 097— Hay, Grain & Feed — — — — ■ 

oxcorclso blko, camper ,, • : - — Light well olariod^lambs lor 

- - - --- jiiiy iat Alfalfa. /quality. 1st cutting, orchard or ditch. 733-4074. 

«• "art. $00/)on. 734-6262. 

Woslem Storoa 733-7096. 

35 foot Goosonock. 3 horsos 
side-by-sido. bohlnd. 24 toot 
living spaco. ooll-contalnod 
Phonn 320-5410. . • , 

j Address , . 

j City/State/Zip 

J . Phone Number • 

| J BillTne (Magic Vnlluy area only) 
j J My chock or money order is enclosed for $ ... 
-|-□•Bi^Lmy-VISA-o^ ; Masto^-6H3rge ; (errc^cronc ) — ~ 

I Credit Card. Number ' 

I" Expiralion Date 

2 fomlly yard sale. Stove, 
oxcorclso blko, camper 
aholl. and ir - 

Pay Schedule: 


4=7 days 

Arrr.$2T50 per-line 

S4.00 per line 

8-1 5 days 

- 1 6 -go daysi"At:“::: 

$12.00 per line 

: -Mail-your-erder-lorm to:,- 

4 Y IriA' a 81 iir--<-"J V : t--L'.’ft - 
Classified Department 
P.O. Box 548 ' 

T wi n. FaJ I s , .1 da hp_83303 

- A utomat * ire 


M Automotive 

140-Heavy Trucka/Seml'a 

■ —-5 — XT' 1002“ Chnw hoaw duly« 1900 Ford Aorootar mlnl-van, 1970 customlrod VW bug. 

■ Loo iruck nnd iroiror. ox- 10H2 unovy. noav^ y nko now *7800 733-1425. omorald gfoon, oxc cond, 

-- r- - - — - sswa mr 1 "- 0 ° ! gass a ^”* 

i. Auxiliary gas tank. Ill# 1972 Ford C900. bobiall P^P'OOl--- — — . — - n icq *3250. Call 862-3210. book lo *7,000. Asking *5995. 

MCTSf %%5l£XSS5^ su^u-Ai-^ rdm. 

™: 476 . 9 : .— *4950. Cat) 1-6^4-2100 ask ror roaro „,7", 7A“657 wanon.oxc. *7300. 7S6-A1SS. 1978 Toyota CoNcaGT, AC. 5 

Black Truck-Mato lootbox, Brucu or Terry. . Vofi7BMW MoTrobuiFTiJns apood. omflm, sunroof. 

Ilia small Pickup. *50. Call - 197B M5 , w in scow. 360 V- 00 l Fr eight Inor « runs good. . *995 /of for. 

ovoninos. 734-1844. g 5 and 4 spood, rafllals. 20 tlonal. 0V92. 15 spd. 7tf Ford wfi j h piuck.hw.^^ , 438-5700 nltor 5 

.gststfsairs tMflsaffi 

sk& . sf: rr-z = = = sg-gsiSL 

| no-lHeavy Trucks/Semi- s - - 1 • -iil^Viww— 

I j _1<2— 1 mp<?rt Sports Cars — 

1 -\M 

■ s "S?. 

C;/ :!/ 

1 1978 Toyota CeNca QT. AC. 5 I 

RhFAuto Doatora 

| #3i 76 5 Speed Manual Transmission. AM/FMl 
Stereo, Reclining Seals. And Much Morel! 
Retail Value $11. 179.00 | 

. ly. flood condition. *3500 In- mll^ 5 opd, loadod NICE! 
vested soli *2500. 733-7821 ■ *3500. Call aftor 6 733-0521. • | 

^rr.— — - iSBe vw oquaroDacicniOO." * 0 0 • ~,P ?. 1 n ~ ,or ' 

^68rt972 C^o?y ft ”a?or or 1978 C-OOCnovy lioavy duly 1 969 VW pop-lop. 18M ICC May bo won f Tw |j} ^08)397^ in'Trbm 'To-S* 
-GMC Jimmy. In good condl- tritck.propanooroas.coni- engine, ' 0 | * !°* C °rf or n , ° n <208)397-4356 nvonlngs. . 

&raroS° 0 “in”S s. 7 ; =»»> - 

w«as2cs^w s?lz,m*v««. 

Discount pilous. Including V* iWSSSX&SSSir* BAmSina 75.000 mlloi. prlci roducod 


324-3900— mean, jams 734*6565 1 

125 — Travel Trailers ! 

Two , 6 cylinde r, ranging | 

Icyllnder engines. mako'ol-. 
lor. Call 543-4074. 

1 5 tool i aluminum 1 
Dual. 7 hp Chryulor 'motor. < 

Call 733-5792. ' f 

12 loot-MIrtocralt, $600. Call 1 

42*5971 4 

12 li (Inning bool, now cloc- ' 
filo, motor, scats, cushions. I 
5 bailey. *500. 324 ; 5883. a 

, t/ti. aluminum boot, imVlor.- 

nnd now t5 HP motor. *1250. 2 
Good 2 homo traitor. *475. c 
Call 733-5060'. ' . c 

14' Gins boat & ‘03 MorccTO 1 

ftP.BOhnr.CaM 430-5856. s 

ir iool Owcns'bont, w<35 hp [ 

^oiinrwa-moior. ;nn w .wind-, c 

shield, top. cmfaollng. Ex- i 
collont cond. 2f' six gallon I 
gas tanks: on a good irnllor. c 
*1200. SOO at 405 East' 101h ' t 

3t.-Jerornc of call 324-4107 — i 

t5 It. Coleman cunoo, w/2 i 
oars. *200. Kayak oan now^ r 
J tGO. "sol T lor *65. 19G8 t'4'ft. 1 
Jlborgiass boat: 40 hp ( 

‘Johnson outboard motor, , 
canvas cover, soats recent- 
ly rocovnrod, oxc cpnd, . 

* 1695. Call 734-2G76. • ' j 

Vo-17 It Coyllnor, 140 hp In- , 

hoard/outboard. dopth- : 

tlndor, loctory .trollor A can- < 
was covor, *5500. Call 934- ; 
6429 wookonds. 934-8438 
■ " - dayal Oflklo y )r934-4779oves.- - 
17 loot boat with 50 hp ‘ 
Johnson, and 7'A hp trolling 
. :_molor'...plua-lot3. ol extras. 

*2500. Call 326-4371:- r - 

• t375:.2l-lt-ihardtop^.Cuddy. 
-hydro-swill, *7500. I 

Evtntudo.AJytorcury. motors. , 

___UoaUJUlslimp.UicklQ — : 

Tom's Marina & Sport Gda. 

-4i6yburnJBwloy_GTOr7473x_ .. 

1976 Gtnstron. 10’, opon . 
DowT125"HP'Evinfud<i, .now J 

HHefl0fi-C?a l ki'>l*7Jryllor,--3un- 

lop. Iruvol covor, dxcoltbhl ; 
cond. prlcodiloht^324-3633.. ■ 
20 11 Apollo -hardtop boat A , 
trailer, 233 hp More crulaor. 

like now, or.wlll.lrado.tot.14 , 

n-VQ-mobno-hom o-ol-opual - 
valuo. CaH543-5004T 

22-Soort Ino Goods , 

... ' ... - • -- vVantod: Non-running 

1975 20' Flold and Stream, chfyjior products lor ports, 
good condition, nico lloor ( iai)U | af n 0 supply ol porta 

' plan. *3500. Call 423-4520. ior sa |„, gall 734-8728 
1978 Marauder. 25 Bool, ox- io-7W Mayors plows, *1449 
collont shape, r ear hdrm. p u() assembly tvllh d>ow_ _ 

~ ACTISOOu. Cdtr 829-3714. lighls. Fits Ford,’ Cluivylind' " 

1978 Prowler.. 20’, landom. Dodgo. Now. “Buy ono or 
soll-conl.: *4500. 733-1922. all" Cull 726-3911 ask (or 

1979 GOLDEN NUGGET TonyorBoau. ■■ 

' 20 It ”8100 r~ *3W5." And Of* igoa GtO'partsv coll -Kevin 
son's RV. 733-6750. Exit 182 a lt(ir5pm. 733-2039. _/ 

on|-04. ‘ 1 _ 1375 Ford Maverick 302 

1979 34-(t.- Rond- Runnor 5th onglno. ■VOitolS*lflJl_A.Qlll0r. 
whboi.'oxcollont condlllon. mlsc. partd; all In good con- 

- must- soo to. appreciate. Call. ditlon.Call.733-6369... ,■ 

324-3760 or 733-7,169. . ? ronwlomiv--.robullU.3SO.. 

“ 1983, 19 1 * tool Nomad Uio. onglnos. llortCortf 73472330" 
hilly soll-conlninod. ex- or slop by 457 N Elm. 
coltont condition, will sacrl- 350 chevy onglnos, robuill. . 

• tlco. Call 324-3601. . overhauled, or usud. olhors 

• i983'9uprtjmo- Stiver Streak.' rtvaiiablo. 

34*1 1 **. like now. twin bods. Highway 30 Gnrogo 734-7094 
roar toalh , Call 543-4544 . q pn » 19. S tuboiesa tiros 
1985 Coleman ShunandoaV ( -, n d rims his Ford or Chovy 

camp trailer, mint cond. Us- a hole. Ca ll324-5B0G. 

odonly 5 tirhos. 726-9009. — 

1989 nomad century 133-Autos Wanled 

26 II llllh whool. air. sioroo. . - 

power front lovoior. all me - , 

goodies' *15.952. Andor- i35_Cycles & Supplies 

• Unn’a nv 733-0756 Exit 62 ' rr 



son's nv. 733-6756. Exit 182 ' 

on 1-84. .-For onto: 200X 3 whoolor. 

20' sowar hoso. S3 j}5. b ° 31 g --- 0 - — 

And or sons RV 73 3-6750 934-o182. 

?r 1970 Klnskiu hloii boy,' Motorcyclo" iraHor ttioios t 
sc i oon Od-Tn owning , soft blkosh *200. Cali 733-1683. 
contained, sloops 0. *3500. t973Harloy 1000. 726-5576. _ 

•Call 324-36 47. - Vfl'/r'Hoiiaa -:750'.' _AM7F.M~ 

-24-(oat-PrOwle»— rear -ham tnpe-deelrrfrK'OO-miles.-nyw- — 

wriuti A'shoyvorv-lwIn-bOdSf coniltllou. *2000-423-/181.1-- 

largo Domotlc Irldgo ' w7 ,377 Hondam.itlc ■ . 75QCC •- 

soperaie tfoo«Mr- im* ro; ,d biko: low'inilos. g ood - 

~nractjrater-wm“tako-3msli condiiion. *600. 423=4680 

soll-containod traitor os part 

- .1978 — Tamalia — 400_EndutQ 

paymo m . L n^ i-3 ?4-a_Ti 4 . jjjq. ,975 Kawasaki 450 • 

28' Gotdon Falcon, rear, hath < , (ftt)(k0i *350. .1972 Yamaha _ 
wMub. clean, good cond. , 25 En(Jur0 , jioo. 1974 
-OKiratrrSaqqorCail 733-i4H~ 7aii i OT& ~TZ 8U. " -* 2 tffl. -M am r -- ~ 

30 ft Holiday Rnmtilor. air oiler 734-S123. 

conditioned, stcroo. -now )97B _ 750 Honda Super 

carpal.* now - ■■'awning.- sport, shadow (airings, vdt’- 
equalizer hilch, super con- - |or sa( j(flobag3. trunk. *900 
dltlon, *8000 . Call 734-3 047,-- - n rrii<r.l~T>tttfr~S50-4 , ~Hon fl.T. — 

j— _ — .- a — — 3=--— — rtairmgtrs-TagdrcbagsrTrast — 

126-Campar3& Shells ollor.Call 855-4360. ■ ^ 

... 1080 Horida Hawk MOOcc). 

J* Good-Duy1^30AChli)an '3’ . ' >: 

KT^ee44-o«nlalnod camper, miles. JOOO/ollcr. Call 326- 

-eolHmyllmo\4?3-5847. 3l19a»lor5pm— 

J 0 D OW n&-^77 10 Mot^ 

1981 Mercury Cougar XR7 

1 H 477. Sole price *2699. Unit lubjcct to prior 'talc. - 

lprrm'48 mon tlnr 1-5:99 S-APR.O. A:C-r-Totol ot 

pay-morit5r*3'70pjeo7No ; bd1I(Jon poymenn' 

Sale* lo« in cash 

*0 Down & - Mo. 

- 1978 Toyota Celica 

#471. Sole price *1995. Unif iubject lo prior sole. I 

T ermi jOtW nHnr-1 3.-99 X- A PR.-O.A.C.-Totol ol.— 

peymenl*. *7394. No holloon payment*. I 

, Sole* lox in ealh. tU 

- For Sato: Guns, knivos. 

scopos. Wholesale. + t0%., 
~Ca1l.’iitornobnr734i04air . 

Rugor OlnglO. 0 , .227.22 mag 
. si, unions stool pistol will* 
_amtno. . • 5230/ 734-0927. 

Rugor'Tnrgol -1 pislol will! 
— shouldur , ho!stcr_nnd_cx!ra. 
Clip. *120 823 4337 

Hon. *1600. Call 733^3010. |.,gRj^. lwJ *ak. K7 1300, ' 

1079 Kit OvoraliUI, Steeps 4,1 clOan.- UridCf. . 3300 _mi. juM ; 

.1982.. JCR...50QR .Honda. oxc 

127— MOlor Homes condition, tow mltos. .supor 

7 . trap^aihausi _See_.n_ Pij 

Chinpbk Concourse. 21,000 Stop Cyclo Shop in Uurloy - 

milfM . loa ded. *12. 500 or or mil 6 5 4.231-1 eves. _L_ 

.tmti-Qiier^Ul Kl7-) i2ii.'l -tgyg — towssakt — GP2-1400, 

• XPLORER:_ nuku oitor-CJll-733-5173, 

$ 0 Down & $ 88 42 Mo. $ 0 Down & ^ 88^ 5 Mo 
1 979 Mazda RX7 1 978 Plymouth Horizor 

#376. Solo' price S239S. Unit iubjcct 10 prior jole. 
Term* 36 month*. 15.99*4 APR; O.A.C. Told of 
- payment*. *3183. 17. No bolloonpoymont*. 


BMty-gqUA'l'aqlhVH ! 

1978 Plymouth Horizon ■ 

#433. Sate price *179S. Unit *ubject 10 prior tale. I 

■Term* 24 month*. 15.99% APR. O.A.C. Totol at ■ 
payments, *7)77.60. No bolloonpoymont*. H 
... Sole* tax in cash ■ 

B~Pnw n & $ 9 7 96 Mo^l 


79 PontlacSunblrdno^g 1395 388 
74 Toyota SR5 30213 ..... 1.1295 3881 

78f ord Pinto. 30217 1295 388 

74 Olds Cutlass 30222 .. ...1395 388 1 
69 Dodge Polara #32002 ....1295 388 

78 Plymouth Arrowmzio 1995 688 

79 Pontiac Sunblrdioa)Mip95 788 

74VWSupwBeetle»3D»7.2495 8 88 

76 Ford LTD #30235 1995 988 1 

77 Dodge Charger SEn ; » 2495 1 288 

81 Chevy Citation #32038. 2695 1288 

80 Ford T-BIrd #30165 . 3495 13881 
78Pontlac6ranBrlx»3owu2995. 21881 

82 Chevy Cavalier #32060 ..3695 2488 

83 GMC S-10 P.U.««wo ....3995 2988 

84 Mer cury lynx Wg n .32 0553995 2988 
8 SCbe»y Spirits...... .4495 2988 

79 Ford FI 50 4x4 401 42 k. 4795 2988 1 

79 Ford Van #40144.,...., 3795 2988 

86 Honda Accord nioi tt ...3995 2988 

125-Travel Trailers 

1970 Chovy 74' w/gonorator, 
lully soll-comainqd. cab &. 
tool AC. must •SCO, runs 

; “Layton traitors A sttrwhocts; exc. tWOOrqllot. U34^04iT* 
Stocking now A used units. 1973 Ifl'-i loot, motor home. 
Bur A consign unllo, • • Dodge - 360. *- wiiyir. 
BhHl maRBaUGH JTJ^IiTgwIvo t"S" r ccliricrawn- 
MOTQRSINC. ' mg. radials. CB. -Ilberulass 
Wondoll. Idaho body, oxc cond._543;554U 

Uay-536-6323. . 536-2416-evos. r97> Ovofland. 79 loot? Lux : 
(Mu Too), Siti wheel and ury on Whpgls. 44Q. low; 
pick-up. 11 inturomod piuUbTT miluSi cruise, lullc.i.-v' li.THi7; 

call 374-7402. _ 5KW gennriilor. *13.500. C.ur 


- 9 It- deluxe, wilh Imjo lacks. *1876 — Oottn " nitre— motor; 
July spec in I *4500. Andor- homo. 23' rear bath. air. ; 

- oen r- RV. 733-6/56. Exit 132 ofoioo^ltifc-^-iwmiig-F-- 

‘winter Tun. 1904 Road ' - Mini CnndHionlll *14.600. 
Ratiaor. 28 li. 7 inch, many : GAG Manufacturing 
t-xliiifimclodud. 324-2196 : Highway 25, Paul. ID 

"’ll., i kw-^xl tent- trailer, sink. I — ... .. 4 2^“°? *' 

r,| 0 n> icebox 1 1978 Harvest Dodge Chauey, 
■'i,Ti/i-tii. 6 . . . .'*2500 or hi ,iku .|*77 mnos. -clcan. 
_ 0 (l rf -t,.,,y- 1 , a n > p 0 f J anol|.l.)(.',. ljigu.l^i!bioof.i..uul :;lit)wet_ 

.. (iiiort box . .... *300. 1966 i *8000. will neuoiiait: — Call. 

Chovy M. . *500. 734-9289 ( 432- GG 111. 

■■ VACATION LUXURY- Rent a | *978 MINI WINNIE 25 toot. 
19EG 27' motothomn and on- I lu»V sult-eoritaincd, mol' 
<oy a luxurious. trip. Call now ! AC. 27,000 mih-s, slm-p', ti, 
ior reservation 734-6133. ’ • less than 2000 miles on now 

13' El Rancho Irnllor. slove,' *{4 .'995 7 oftor . c:!iii 733-9335° 

-sink, - ice hnx. tuiij.u-u, . - — : — ■ 

tilei-ps 4. *995. 543-8466. . 1979 Ttoga 24 . cxc condr- 

l7loot Kan worth, new paint I .'idn T> 7-^ ’OM* 1 " C ” 

^gomlcondlhonJ24.22/8_._. . 
'1987 Ninja 750 . 3.400 miles. 

! excellent shape. *3800. Call 

733-9120 : 

2-t97? Honda 350. t groat 
.-.onottinn other nwwdx work ■ ' 

engi ne. *400<bom y 823-4337 

136-Heavy Equipment 
Need water truck. 3500 
gallon!- plus, spray bars and , 
pumps Cull 536-G157 nr eves 
53C-7-I81 '.i sk* tor Date ;■— ■ , ■ 

1979 Hyslef model HG0. with 

~aeTniTIWor,Otr733 3781 .~ 

M‘ metal spud bud. 3 spU 

diton. C all 733- 6447. 

21 loot flump biid. 8 tool 
bulk product sides. ■ c»- . 
cel lent condition. 4 23-4630. 

•J39— Pick-Up Trucks -- - 

Cot. sale: 1^2J?CHKvy - SuUut ™~ 
ban; 6 ‘cylinder, 4 speod. 
runs good. *350. 54 3-68 73.- - 
Pickup rack’s metal *300. 
wood *150. Coll 934-1736. 

1972 IHC 1 ton. flatbed with 

s 0 Down & S 1 03° 7 Mo. 
— 1981 Honda Accord 

*470 Sole price *2995 . llnit,lubjecl ip priorjalp. 

li*rm* 36 month*. 13.99% APR. O.A.C. totofot 
payment*. *3710.52. No balloon payment*. ' 
Sole* lox tnco»h,- 

1986 Chevy Sprint 

I? GalCTrrice *4999 Unit iubjcct lo prior sale 
rm* 60‘nmnih*. 14.99% APR. O.A.C. lolol of 
payment*. *7183 00. No boltoon poymenl*. 

... Sole* tox in criih'. - 7 

$ 0 Down & 09 89 Mo. 

1 984 Ford Tempo 

#31 B. Sole price *3995. Unit subject lo prior s ole. 
.Torms 48 months. 13.99% APR. O.A.C. Torol of 
payments, *5274.72. No bolloon paymont*. 

Soles Joxjn eoih. . 

1985 Volkswagen Golf 

#46B. Solo price *4995 Unit sub|Oct lo prior solo. 
Terms 48months. 13.99% APR. O.A.C-.-Totol of 

s 0 Down & s 140 45 Mo. $ 0 Down & $ 1 87” Mo. 
1 987 Suzuki Samurai 1 985 VW Scirocco 

#447: Sale price *5999 Unit subjmT to prior Sale. 
’ Tcnns’60. months. 13.99% APR. O.A.C. Total of 
payments. SB427.00. No bolloon poymenn. 
Sales tax in cash. 

_#36J So[e price * 7999 Unit subject I o prior sale. 
Terms 60 months. 13.99% APR.'O.A.C. Total at 
payments. *11. 2 3 5. 00. No balloon payments. 
Sates tax in cosh 

Dorr I IV ret rig 6 cu It. ■ excet-ent conumon. 

c;,s arid ulecl, - *600. Sway ! bitauhttil interior, loaded, 
bah ""snsf - Call- 3S2-M3?'; an, V cc03 %oo cy.ap- 

■ iUon Motel) or 35214660, • i “"7 • , *' 3 ■ 6,G, 

Both m good shape, JJ75U. *- u “ “ "-'r 

733 36 M .11 neon or nt Cpm. cruise, ijjdd'*' . j 

. tutu, S.cunry, it, U, ,00,. 

" ■ i 

,,| a33 e.og.nn. 'cw »•-«••• .; i 

, ' f ctr^p;r,.eu * ^ig=Oimty Traders - 

! Call J6? -1231 

n.s.T.ri-i. • s- | >ii : "'” it Of* i! t'J'i.. 
I f-itia- •b> , st <»th‘<- 734 4 

'*rn ri.ii ' 1i::if :iri:i;rdl Cf 734 

tcer camper, broken * 
hitch snl-up lor I tail era. 
Jtd.eOU. Call 423-5385, . — . — 
lot!/- M.udu (V220U pickup, 
exc cond. 5000 miles, must 

uts'.'S bumper. 
M/FM stCfuo.i . 
i and real good , 

4 GMC uc-niili. :r.t 
*•'.’. ; 4.1 rV 7:1: 13 471*2 
i '-. ten Fold Custom. Af. 
tun. S30UO. 543-112] 4 ’ 

^0 Down & $ 219 °^Mo 7 4 O DowhTL $ 234 04 Mo. 
-.1982 Datsun 4X4 P.U. 1987 Subaru 4X4 Waqon 

#451 . Sale puce *9999. Unit sublet lo prior sale 
Terms 60 months. 1 3.99 % APR O.A.C. Total ol 
pnymeuls. *14. 042.40. No bolloon payments 
Soles ton in casK 




1534 Blue Lakes Bfvd. N., Twin Falls 


81 Jeep Wagoneer«oio5.. 5995- 4988 
84 Mercury Cougar«3ioi56995 5988 

84 Honda Accord cxu9.„7495 6888 

82 Ford Bronco «o,,5 9995 7688 

86 Buick Skylark #30130.... 8995 7988 

85 Mercury Marquis #3Q13Z 10,495 -8988 

87 Chev y S10supcrCab#40l7G:...9495 8988 
86Me rcury Sable « 3 oVi~i 1, 495^9988 
87 Chevy Camaro «:®7l0,995 9988 

88 Fo rd Taurus nam ./tt, 995 12,988 
87 Bronco II rs«n=r .....13,995 12,988 



<\YMOND V8^| 



243 BluoLakos Blvd. No. J 

33-5110 J 




— -‘Vision is the nr.L.of seeJng-UiJng% 

— 'jQXlslbteJ: 

! - — Jonathan Swift. 

* NORTH • M.A 

♦ A K'Q2 

▼ 97 
♦ A 9-7 3 

It took a Tarslghtcil "dcfcnso'tb "WEST 
•tjfat today’s no-.trump game. Fortu- ♦ 0 5 3 
‘nately Tor me, Jo Carol White of- V J 4 2 

IFortJ Worth, my partner at a recent. * 5 2 ♦ Q J 10-8 

duplicate, found the only play that +KQJ10 7 *63 

Iwouliaiiow me to cash the setti ng — —SOUTH 

" 'WcTcT'“ — *^-6 — : - 

•y. At most tables. South ducked two ▼. A K 8 6 3 ' 

iroundn of clubs, winning the third ♦ K 64 

.round and giving East-a -discarding. , ....£_A 3 . 2 . , 

^problem at the same tigic. Most Vulnerable: Both 
;Easts held on to their spades and di* Dealer: South 
;a'monds (correct)' and thrcw.ii low The bidding: •. 

: hcor,t ns n lenst-of-cvils choice.. S out h' ~ Writ Norf h -En? 

. . South crossed to dummy's spade - p as3 i 4 p-,^. 

ace to lead a heart to the ace, and ^ nt p ass • 3 nt- All 1 

- then- played a- -spndc-to -dummy's — ' : ; 

King for another heart lead past Opening lead: Club king , 

East. When East’s queen appeared, — WIT| , ZTT ArFS 

?oulh-Juck<!cl and earned an over-. ■ BID WITH THE ACES 

trick for his efforts; _ . . ... — 

“WhafdieTJb-Carordiscard on my — Soufh-hoid*-. ^ — - 

▼ A K 8 6 3 • 

♦ K 6 4 

+ A92 

j All Fold V* ion. 4x4. V6, 4 
apood. runs g ood, JlBOOor 
bosl olfor. 536-Z7B7ortonn 


. used corn, pickups, RV’3. 

SoorJlrTTOrOorrCor!e-at- — 



— . astfA'dd ison Avavr — 

- — - 7343541 

GMC 44 ton 4x4, .427 Dokkor 
onglno, PS, PB. tilt whool. 
sloroo. no rossonablo olfor 

.1987 Dodge 4 x 4. D-.150 TV 
ion pickup, V-8, 5 apood. 
-dark — rod — motalllc,— ooly- 
. 12.000 . . ro lloa. — New.. OYQL. 
*12.000. now *8850 . 733-5393. 
1988 -GMC S-15 Jimmy. 4x4. 
acT’ps; "Hor powot - 
dows, crulao, AM/FM 
ensaotto, loadod wilh «x- 

.ifl83_Bulck . Shylarh,_4_dr 
aodan, rod. good cond, 5 
spd. PQ, PS, good on 0“®- 
*2923r4»-tl763nttor 5 

$9 DOWN 

i rn av^inowmn— Mu 
Boat otlor. 726-9605.- 

fhlrd lead of club's? She wisely jetti- ^ 

Soned the heart queen. This far- 4 

sighted play made it impossible for 
South to establish his hcar.ts.’without North South 
giving me the lead, and instead of j 4 .... .7 ...... 

scoring 10 tricks. South was held to 
only eight ” ANSWER Tw 

In resp onse to m y gratcfpl 

♦ 52 

♦ K Q.J 10 7 

ANSWER: Two clubs, No time for . 
fancy- bIds_Jiaisc. thc_ clubs, .and- 

rol u sod . Ca ll 733-2679. 

1088 T oy ola Londc rulaor, 
good" body and Interior. 

- Tunmroai-MSOQ- 93ii4rHfi^i . 
1972 Ford' vi Ion PU. 4X 4, 4 
SDOOd, vory atiarp. 73 3-8 070. . 
1073 V, ton GMC 4x4 tlatbod 
with 454, runs good. *1400/ 

olfor. 4 36-570 0 oftor 5 

1973. 0ronco"*3 apood. V-fl. 
excollont condition,. *3200,- 
- — Ca ll 324-29 55. 

- Til 73 To r iT'-Tx "if" ^TonT? u ri s' ‘ 
good. *1200 . Call 7 34-2487. ___ 
1978* Joop CJ-5. V-0" bikini 

- and'tii'sibuck'ioprruircago- ■ 
roll bar, black wllh chromo. 
oxtras, looks and run* 
groat. *3300. Call 543-6774. 

1979 GMC7owb, Ti'Ton 4x4. 

- Irosh. 377/auto /tut, dual 

- inrtka /stooper: — Now— 9.00- 

10a. custom point, bosl of- 
fer. Call 543-8322 or 543-4001 
(Woatnrn Sun). 

1982 8Wvy B'h/or, * wheel . 
drivo; 4 spd.' 87,000 milos, 
coal nlco. *6000 or bosl of- 
fer. Call 862-3816. ; 

. 1953 Ctiovy- Silverado.— 4 
whool drivo, 4 door. 1 ton . 

- dually, -4 spd, now robullt 6.2— 

1 lno. C5.iHW mlloa^. 

'63 4J-lon Ford dlosol XL. 4 
spd, chromo Irlm bod.' 
lock-out hubs . 5 43-5214. 

■85. Toyota oxt cab, AT. am/ 

tm cass. oxc_C9nd,.3i0pq_ 

ml. *70007otfor 738-0990 ' 

1970 Cadillac- 4 door.-ruiw. 
good, body & Intorlor good, 
power ovorylhlng. Noods a 
lltllo TLC. *700. 734-6660 .' 

i4ft^Antlque Autos 

1937 2 door Chovy moslor 
sodon, noods compiotod, 
for dotalls : Androi^3244l55<^ 

_156— Jbjioi^Chryalor — — 
lira Chryslo’r LoBaron Town 
"x cdunl ry~s tation-wagerr- 
Loodod with ovorv avalloblo 
option. Coll 734-2805. . 

, 1040 Chovy. 4 door sodan. 
*600. Call 326-5231 , ' , 

I 10'40 Ford ’2 door body-basL, 

15&-^Autos- Chevrolet 

1957 Chovy, V8. AT J 2 door 

1957 Chovy " slotionwogon, 
*1 200/oflor. Call 734-9144, 

1957" Chovy Bolnlr, 2 door 
hardtop, V8, 4 apood, *4500 

o r bo at off or. 0 81132 6-5231. 
1982 CSaiirflcr«'doorrFloot-: 
wood, top condition. *1950. 

Call 326-4939. _ . 

’50 Plymouth. 4 dr apodal ; 
deluxe sodan. cxc. ccnd, 
tow ml, 733-4657 or 733-6207. 

Root sharp 1974 Comoro, 
custom point on? strips,. 
atlich upholinory. now tiros 

antlflms. *3 500. 423^ 554. 

1007 Chovy 4 door Novo. 
*473-Cnn- 324-3031 or -324-i- 

4249 (Rosa Iniorprlso ). 

1968 Suburban, noods aogio 

work. *600. Call 543-5951, 

j 971*0 Cnffllno. 726-557 6. ' 

1976 Ch ovotlQ an d 1968 VW. 
BotHln vory goocTCChdlllon 
ond run p ood. Call 93 4-4645. 
1981 Malibu Classic. 4 dr._ 
AC, PB, PS, crulso. now 
llroo. excollont Intorlor ond 
oxtorior. Call 734^184. 

Mazda 323 
$0 Down-$1 28 84 . 

•• ■ /fzaEEtv 

“My heart queen was subject to cap- — • 

tar. anyway, ma»h« I -could do aaSAKS- 
something for your hand If 1 unload- , U mp«i mwilop* for reply. 

0<J "It.** c®pjii|kt. mi. UniiTd r«t«r» arrami* 

*10.000. Coll 862v3616. 

1983 Chovy Suburban 

<42— Import Sports Cara I Hl-lmport Sports Gara I 1«-lmportSpoiuCdrs 

197 4 Corvo Ho .J726-557G. _____ 
1974 Porcho 914' 2.o", ox- 
collont condition, Konls. 
map whoof3. much moro. 
mochanlcally sound, sharp. 

* 4900. Call 343-8293. 

1974 foyotn Corona, pood 
— cond, ooo to appreciate. 330. 
Elm. 736-2245 aak lor Jowol. 

1 974 260Z. Call 726j578. 

1975 Chovroiot Corvotio. 
... . 67.000 otlnlnal mtlos— new. 
"" tiros, -^Crapar whools, piuo 

originals. Call 734-6022. 

,1963 Toyola Supra, fully 
loadod. oxtra cioan. low 
milos. Soo at -lorry's Gas 5 
Points TF or call 324-2431 . - 
1984 Hondo Accord LX. llQhl 

bluo. roducod lo *5000 


1984 Nissan" 300ZX tgrborT- 
tofF.-lmmoculaio. mako oi- 
ler. Call 733-2819. 

1966 Subaru' fully equipped. 
Toko— over — payiriunt.-- uau. 
734-9050 or 734-8.101'. 

8000 mlloiy AC. 5 apood. 
Transloroblo 100,000 mllo 
war r a inly , *10, 2 00. 734-4957 
'69 Toyota Corona, hard lop, 
50,000 original miles, new 
rodiaio. brokos, & mullior. 
S nc r 1 1 1 c 0-S450 . 4 23-4728. _ ^ ' 
’80 Datsbn SX. 'apocial pkpr 
nroy.-AC.-auntQOl.runs exc, 
*1 500. Call 543-8322 ovos 
84’ AUDI SOOOS. AT. crursd. 

SllvoViido 4x4. (t. 2 diosol. 
93,000 nilfos. "uxc. cond: ST 

vory-clean.— Ira llor— lowing— 

pkg. *10.500. Call 324-5458 or 

324-8652 ask lor Dot. _____ 

19B4 _ Chdvy T~1on."sorvlco - 
bod. 350. 4 spd, lock-outs, 
dual tanks, sliding window, 
AM/FM. Call 543-8322 or 
543-4001 (Wo6lorn Sunk; — 
1985 Nissan king- cab; 4 x 4. 

5 apoed, AM/FM atoroo. 
38,200 m ll oa. Call 934-5330. 
t986 Foid-Bronco-XLT-load-_ 
od._ Til, 500/bo st oiler. 

EvoninQS 788-9652 • 

Poopia witn somo:bin<j ta soil- . 
and people wno wont to buy. 


3 to Choose from - 1000 lbs. Payload Packaoc, 5 
Speed Manual Tiansmission. 3 /3 Optional Axle 
Ratio, And Much Mote! Retail Value $8,240^00 

now $6,689®^ 


Mazda 626 

*0 Down-5217 99 , 

Porfocti *7800.’ 837-63 13: 

tH 'iiiY. H 

| 1 75-AutoPfMto f" 175— Auto Dealers 





1988 Eagle Premier 

Save s 2000 on any new 
Eagle Premier-in stock 

-^ryouKpboieo ol-S?50-Fectory-Robaie or 

8.8 Financing for up to ?2 Mo, 

Volkswagen Jetta 

$0 Down-$206 32 .,u 


1981 Pontiac LeMans SW 

, Automatic, air conditiong, super buy I 

1987 ToyotaTercel 

5 ^ r^ ^ t ^oir ^ m^o^g^owor stooring, AnVFi 





TOYOTA - Jeep ^ Eagler 




_ a H 1 B »T; ! 3 B a i I • L* 



#3263 Ail Condi lioninrj. Automatic. All Season Steel 1 

Beli al Rd ii idi s & Muo i toon^taarvainirsii 3 S 6 i) 0 ', 

i '1 Ford LTD wagon. 1400. [ -\ rnM DA I II 09 

C.I.I 934-4738 ovoa, and days . CARS I OUN rAULUo 

Ors^40?#aiRorrB{_ _j -j • ■ »Cnovfoloi*Poniiac 

V'-j-Pord ^orror Afr-PSr “WILLS MOTOR'CCT - ! • ._' -, GMC*rnici:3 -- 


■32i#O w ' l ™ ,r “?3W5S5' 



.1 Cougar LS, oxcop- ■ 
l«'.:i*l(lly well-carocJ lor. «a 
-Lu-utllut- — groy • - molallic i” - 
fi .. 'I. maroon valour Inlorl- ■ 

-< — -AC-all— power, -VS- lor — 

(:■ > 009 mlloago. 52,000 ■ 
r.. i -fully drlvon mlloa, ash- _ 

I. • 10405. Call 735-6418. ■ 

- Topaz. 4 dr, slondord. ■ 
li I . • l bl uo. 17000. 934-4982 , 

; t ;s— Autos - Oldsmoblle § " 

Is. Olrlsmobllo Omogo. VC. | 

A" AC. Cliasollo. 734-2601. _ 

4 door Omoga, loodod. ® 
v,- . cluan . .... . . .'. 733-3981 | 

V.’ i-> gray iiogoncy BR. 4 dr. 

3 • EFI. loodod. ono ownor, ■ 
2.:.l’00 .miloa.lolLon. loclory a 
vrrromy: — low — miicr — nit — ■ — 
pi. '.or. always garagod. ■ . 

I si. 734-6708 or 733-8889.- " 

. 1 1 ' 2 — Autos- Pontiac . 

ft idiirly-can' I drive anymore! | 

1 — FP7iilnr~Pnnomrr~A C.-- -^ — 
A f PS, 50,000 mllos, gronl ■ 

Coll 423-4609. _ . 

3;e n9B0~pb nnmrSTrrr — 
SHOO. good condition ■ 

C.i 124-5510. • _ 

70 vw 

f 3 RAG 

J^cciiomical — 



Kolly leo'a Lawn Semico 
. Qua lily work. Froo oals. .. 
Hoasonoblor 734-9124. — 

Sprlnhlor repair and Installa- 
tions. GNG Sprlnklors. .ash. 
for Allan Gomoz. 324-1204. 

Pormo-Glazo. Balh & slnha 
ronowod lor fraction ol 
- roplacomont cost. 736-3939.- 

✓ Power Steeling" 


Polio, stops, walk, 
drlvowaya. Hoody mix. 
- Jim Newman 324-8805. 

Olllcos, h omos, boolnossoa 

discounts. ...pall 324-8805. 




Leatham& Associates 

Professional Lawn Sorvlco 
Froo Estlmatosl 734-5525 



Ron Yaloa 738-0870 TF 

Roiotllllng and powor lawn 
raking, will do gardens & 
. lots. 733-5792. Arnold Mein. 

men service 

t if WAGON 


✓ Automatic Transmission . 

✓ Vacant Ready 



✓ 5 Speed Transmission ■ 

✓ Fion! Wheel Drive 

Delivered— for — drlvowaye;- 
parhlng lolo. Otc. You can 

haul . ioo._C«ll. Northwest. 

Crane & Rigging. 733:3234.. 

»:Maaler~Tr«e -&-Y«d-C*r*. 
* Duality work. Roasonablo 
prices. Froo ost .". . . 734-1 32G 


GjUMnum **r* 

S Air Conditioner 



1 OC TOYOTA . / Power Moon Root 



✓ A>ATM Cassette 

✓ Cruise Control - 

198872 Escorts 

- Was s 7.586 ' 

N0W $ 6,388 - 

$1 QQ32 

or Idfc a month* 






‘E trnHctl { 

Ol uri/^ffpuiatuwt C 


H la. C pm w mlmmm 




AYMOND'^aR/ Saturday 

\ 8:00-3:00 

'Where quality and value won't cost more' 733-5 1 1 0 
1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. No., Twin Falls, 

m ■ 


For Over 34 Years The Easiest Place In The World To Buy A Car 

701 Main Ave E. Twin Fails 733-7700